Saturday, April 24, 2010

Heres to Amazing Progress by Jess (and Amazing Sunrises !)

Hello All Jessaholics, and I mean ALL Jessaholics,

Our Jess is more than halfway across the Bight and before you know it she will round Tassie.......I'll leave it at that for now as we need to start rationing out the excitement lest we go overboard (cliche ! cliche !). What !!?? Who am I kidding ??!! We were overboard from day one of this voyage !!

What strikes me about this community is how much positive energy everyone has and more importantly shares with everyone else. Just think about it......if it were not for Jessica, none of us would know each other or have the opportunity to share experiences of all kinds with each other. One of the really special things about this community is how well we respond with words of comfort and encouragement if needed !

On a personal note, please forgive me for not checking in more often than I should. My warehouse move got put back by a couple of weeks due to my ankle injury and since I got back on my feet, I have been pushing myself very hard to get everything set up the way I want it. The good news is that its almost done and consequently, you will see me more often here.

Lastly, I have included a picture of sunrise in Melbourne on 22 April 2010. I just happened to lift the blinds on my kitchen window at the perfect time.....ran to get my camera and squeezed off about 10 shots....this is the best one. I hope you enjoy it.

Good luck and warm wishes to all,


Sunday, April 18, 2010

Hi Everyone,

I've just had a look at Jess' latest post and it looks like she's quite the fixer-upper and has done so well to get Ella's Pink Lady shipshape for the last and exciting leg of this incredible adventure.

It looks like all of us Jessaholic landlubbers have been busy as well - getting to know each other and celebrating Jessica's adventure by meeting for lunches and dinners. This is number two luncheon for the Vics and although, much to my regret, I was unable to make it, I was thrilled to see that the Vics have grown in numbers.

Back west, Sam organised dinner for Jessaholics in the Perth area and they look like they had a ton of fun !

Here are pictures of the two groups.

Vics Luncheon Picture 1 : L-R Chris and Sally by the Bay, Bruce, Ailsa, Faye, Tony L, Max, Peter, Collette and Clint.
Vics Luncheon Picture 2 : Jessica's crew

WA Dinner Picture 1 : L-R Tony, Sam, Jo and Paul.
WA Dinner Picture 2 : "Starboard Tack"

Good luck everyone.


Monday, April 12, 2010

The Excitement Grows (Project Tony L - the Latest and Greatest !)

Hello Everyone,

Our amazing Jess is in Aussie waters ! The excitement grows ! Lots of speculation as to her arrival date which adds to the suspense of it all.

More exciting news : Here's the latest picture of Tony's project. Its so real that its unreal ! I can't wait to see mini EPL with mast and all !

Good luck all !