Friday, January 29, 2010

Jessica - Half Way Across the Atlantic !

Hello from sunny but cool Dubai,

I have read with interest comments from most of you and its really great that we are so protective over Jess. The good news is that we are all in a positive realm and moving forward with the very exciting Sydney trip.

To all first timers on this blog from near and far, a very warm welcome. We hope to see all of you in Sydney.

Sam, that spa idea sounds great but could be expensive in Sydney. I will have a talk to my wife who I am visiting in Dubai at the moment (she is here on a consultancy contract with a large hotel chain). I know she has an associate in Sydney who can point us in the right direction.

Tony, when I return on 8 Feb, I would like to meet you somewhere on the peninsula and Sam, I am in Perth on 11 Feb for the day only (on business) and if you have a bit of time, I would like to catch up to have a chat about the trip.


Monday, January 25, 2010

Australian of the Year?? What about Australian of the decade, or even the century !

G'Day to All My Fellow Jess-a-holics,

I couldn't be feeling any prouder of our intrepid, courageous and incredible Jessica Watson. I have this great sense that we are living history.

Jess has not only caught our imagination but has entered our lives in an incredibly profound way. She is the girl next door, an everyday Australian with extraordinary capabilities who not just thought and dreamt about doing something, she is actually doing it.

At age 52, I am a strong believer in the fact that life's too short and from a personal point of view, I have embarked on a few much delayed things that I have always wanted to do. But it pales in comparison to what this young lady is accomplishing.

I thought I would start a new string in tribute to Jess' accomplishments to date and I would like all of you to join me in paying tribute to Jess in your own personal and special way.

Bruce (Watt), Thank you for watching over Jess the way that you are. I am glad Andrew has responded well and deleted the negative responses.

As to some progress with the Sydney trip, I have a T Shirt supplier already engaged and will receive a quote in a few days. By all estimates, each T will cost no more than $10 each after printing on the designs and names/tags. You can imagine the retail margins on similar quality T shirts that sell for upto $50 and sometimes even go into the 3 figures if it is branded !

I understand some of the challenges we may face getting on a boat to greet her at the heads but lets continue to keep that idea alive and look at various ways to approach the issues.

I am travelling overseas from this Thursday until 4 Feb. Not that that will prevent me from checking in here and on Jess' blog every day ! I'll find a a way !


Tuesday, January 12, 2010

I'm A Jess-a-holic Blog for Jessica Watsons Loyal Followers

Hello Fellow Jess-a-holics,

I have created this spot for all the Jessica Watson faithful who are interested in travelling to Sydney for her homecoming this May.

This forum allows for a more visible communication platform and all ideas, suggestions, comments in regard to Jess' homecoming can be viewed and responded to by everyone.