Tuesday, January 12, 2010

I'm A Jess-a-holic Blog for Jessica Watsons Loyal Followers

Hello Fellow Jess-a-holics,

I have created this spot for all the Jessica Watson faithful who are interested in travelling to Sydney for her homecoming this May.

This forum allows for a more visible communication platform and all ideas, suggestions, comments in regard to Jess' homecoming can be viewed and responded to by everyone.



  1. Thankyou Jonathan for coming up with this great idea and taking the time to set it up. Well done! "Fellow Jessaholics"... I love it!

    Here's my idea, just a thought, mind.


    Cut and paste to your browser as I don't know how to hyperlink it.

    Kind regards..."samurai" Sam

  2. Thanks Jonathon makes it much easier.

  3. A great way for us to communicate. Thanks for setting this up. great to hear that "Samurai Sam' and Nutralady2001 are having some input. Anyone from Brisbane?


  4. Thats a nice video clip Sam....cool shade of pink and yes, its a great idea. The clip also gives us all a feel for Sydney Harbour.

    I have already engaged a couple of my overseas suppliers to look at sourcing a smaller quantity of Tee's. Pink caps are no issues as I have them in my inventory. All we have to do is embroider them with anything we want to including our individual names.

    Thanks all for the comments ....... keep them coming.

    Realistically, we will have a few obstacles and challenges to overcome in our quest to organise this but I am more than game to exhaust all avenues.

    I will have a word with Andrew from Jess' media company again and on one of my regular trips up to Sydney, I will ask to meet him and/or anyone else if our idea to get up close and personal with Jess is of interest.


  5. Sam the boat looks great. Unfortunately the clip cut out before they put up the costs.Do you know how much it is and what the seating capacity of the boat is?

    Am in the process of looking for places to stay, is the CBD the best place do you think? Have always stayed in the CBD when in Sydney before am keeping a lookout on wotif for some good deals.

  6. Dear nutralady2001...sorry I don't know your name.

    Yes, unfortunately the clip does cut out before costs are mentioned. I believe the company has a fleet to accommodate different numbers. I guess at this stage it's just a matter of tossing some ideas around until we find out exactly how many will go for the charter boat idea.

    As for accommodation, the CBD sounds good to me as I plan on doing a Sydney Harbour Bridge climbing tour as well while I'm there.

    I've not been to Sydney before except for one time when I flew there to pick up a boat from CYC to sail (deliver) back to Perth. I don't know my way around Sydney at all as I simply went from airport to boat to sail away.

    BTW...I've set up a blogspot for myself which is dedicated to Jessica Watson's Voyage Art @


    Take care and kind regards,



    Check it out! :-))

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  8. Deleted my last comment ........as a teacher in my previous life (I am now 62 and retired) saw too many typos LOL

    My name is Meleese and I live in Adelaide. I have 3 children DS aged 33, DS aged 26 and DD aged 23. DS 26 has just returned after nearly a year living and working in Canada, bringing a "souvenir" with him, his French Canadian girlfriend LOL

  9. Jonathan and other Jess-a-holics

    One good option for getting a boat on the day we need it to meet Jessica out by the Sydney Heads and travel with her back to the berth would be to contact the Dive and Charter boats that are listed on the following websites.

    There is a large range of vessel size and package types on the sites listed.



    They maybe more flexible on the date we need the charter because they are aware of the importance of what we want to do. they may also be open to a little/lot decoration of their vessel on the day.

    One thing we won't have much choice of is the prices they will charge because so many will want to be part of the homecoming.

    Another option would be to contact the Sydney Commercial Fishermans Co-Operative that I think is part of the Sydney Fish Markets http://www.sydneyfishmarket.com.au/
    to see if they know of or have contact details of a fishing Trawler owner who would be prepared to do a charter on the day we need it. fishing trawlers range from 20ft to 100ft plus so would have room for as many Jessica fans we get.

    I've known of trawlers in the past who have taken private parties to sea but that was years ago and the licencing rules may have changed for commercial fishing boats.

    I think it would be worth the price of a phone call just to see if it's possible.

    Anyone going would need to at minimum pay a deposit in advance to whoever does the organising so no one ends up out of pocket or gets stuck on dry land when the day comes because of non arrivals of passengers.

    The use of a Paypal account may be a good way to collect payments because they are secure. It would stop anyone worrying about their money being lost.

    I'm on Bribie Island North of Brisbane so a bit far away to do organising of a Sydney charter so if we have a volunteer who wouldn't mind making some phone calls to start the process let everyone know on the blog.

    As I write this at 4.50pm Wed I have a feeling that Jessica is somewhere on the Eastern side of the cape. I did a few calculations from the post Jesse made this morning, the distance she had left and the wind speeds I got from the maps at http://www.passageweather.com/

    I am so impressed with this girl and what she is achieving it's going to be an honour to go and see her complete her voyage in Sydney.

    I just hope a few of her generation get some inspiration from what she's doing and get their arse off the lounge and become someone. they don't have to sail around the World to be noticed but just do something that would make their parents proud.

    We need more people like Jessica Watson because they become leaders and make us older people confident we're leaving our Earth in good hands.

    Cheers to all

  10. Sam and Meleese and all,

    Sydney was home to me for 10 years so I am quite familiar with the lay of the land.

    Theres heaps of different types of accommodation and one way to go is to rent a serviced apartment with 2-3 bedrooms which the girls in the group can share. This falls much cheaper than looking at individual accommodation. This is just one option though and given that Jess is returning late Autumn, fortunately it is getting on slow season for hotels and we may be able to pick up a good deal.

    Sam, the Sydney Harbour Bridge Climb is quite an experience and apart from the view, you get to marvel at the sheer size of this icon up close and personal.

    I will also start snooping around for good hotel deals and let you all know how it goes.


  11. Hi Barry,

    Thanks for the detailed information. I'll have a look at the information and make a few calls and write some emails to these parties.

    As I mentioned in one of my blog responses, the youngest member of the flying club I belong to is 17 years. She went solo after only about 15 hours of instruction and is now one of our best pilots. Our young today are so much "with it" and smarter than, at least, I ever was at that age.

    Jessica's achievement so far is monumental. I call her a modern pioneer. Her realm of discovery is both external with the elements and internal with her exceptional spirit, courage, maturity, humility and true intellect.

    I am starting to think about life after May this year !


  12. Hi Jonathan, and others,

    It’s good to see ideas coming in. I consider getting onto a boat that can be taken outside the Sydney Heads, to become one of the many that will undoubtedly accompany Jessica in through the Heads and to wherever she will berth, will be the best way of greeting Jessica, and acknowledging her successful return.

    I would suggest, (as I already have in an email to you and Sam (Samurai)), that her parents and brother and sisters will join her on board EPL as soon as she has crossed the line marking the end of her voyage and then she will return to Andrew Short Marine on Middle Harbour near Spit Bridge, unless she is persuaded to do a ‘sail-past’ to the Opera House and under the Bridge.

    Hiring a boat may at first seem a good idea but a quick look at the boat hiring scene on Sydney Harbour reveals a few difficulties. Hiring from most or all companies is done on a time basis – you hire for 4 hours (half day rate) or 8 hours (full day rate). In addition to the hire fee the hiring company requires a returnable deposit, like the rental car hirers, to cover costs of repair if you prang the boat.

    The major problem with hiring a boat is that it will not be possible to know an accurate time of her expected arrival until she is less than 24 hours away, and even then her arrival may become engineered by her major sponsor and possibly delayed. From memory both Kay Cottee and Jesse Martin wanted to get home but were asked by their respective sponsors to delay their arrival. Hiring a boat in advance and having to pay a non-refundable deposit or something similar would be obviously undesirable.

    Probably what is needed is someone in Sydney who has a boat capable of taking people out at rather short notice, and who is prepared to be part of the gathering that will go out through the heads, weather permitting, to accompany EPL in. I wonder whether some member of the Cruising Yacht Club of Australia would be able to help?

    The photo in Kay Cottees book between pages 186 and 187 shows the situation as it was when she arrived. It shows a lot of yachts under power rather than sail, some Sydney Ferries, possibly for Sponsors, and many small power boats and large (probably) commercial catamarans.

    For what it’s worth I have sailed on Sydney Harbour on a number of occasions, and I am familiar with Middle Harbour and going out through the Heads etc., and still have a Chart Book for Sydney Harbour. It would be great if even a small number of us could join the flotilla that will greet her.

    Tony L (Mt Martha VIC)

  13. Hello Tony, Jonathan and others,

    I'm not sure if you got this, just another bit of information, in an effort to throw some ideas around. It seems there are some companies like this (see link) who have daily rates. I don't think $1390 a day for 21 people is too unreasonable. What do you think?



  14. That seems OK Sam roughly $70.00 each. BTW love your artwork for Jesse's rounding of the Cape :)

  15. Hi everyone,
    I hope you don't mind but I took the liberty of initiating contact this company.


    Here's what I said...
    Hello, the date I entered in this contact window is approx only. My name is Sam and I am currently following Jessica Watson's voyage around the world. She is due to arrive back in Sydney on/around mid May. A few of us, her devoted followers, are wondering if you could extend us some flexibility with booking a date with you to coincide with her return. As you know, and hopefully appreciate, we can't give you an exact date until Jess is virtually about to enter Sydney Harbour. Ideally we would like to be able to sail out to her and be part of the fleet of spectators escorting her back in to her final point of disembarkation. Would you be so kind as to let me know if this would be at all possible. Thanking you in anticipation and looking forward to hearing from you, Kind regards, Sam

    You never know, we may get lucky. I'll let you know the moment they contact me.

  16. Thanks Sam that is fine.......I'm clueless when it comes to boats/hire and all that goes with it.

  17. Hi Sam,
    Good job! I have looked at the website you suggested and would suggest that a catamaran is better than a half boat as a viewing platform, so we will have to wait and see whether they come back with a favourable answer.
    Tony L (Mt Martha VIC)

  18. To Jonathan, Sam and fellow Jessaholics,
    This afternoon I decided to send an email to the one boat owner in Sydney that I know of. I bought his Adams Traditional 36 before he bought his current boat “Polaris of Belmont”, a well-known, Sydney–Hobart and Lord Howe Island competitor over many years. It is a 43ft Peter Cole design which I presume is still moored at the Castlecrag Marina on Sailors Bay in Middle harbour – a short distance from the West side of the Spit Bridge. Andrew Short Marine is on the other side of the Spit Bridge. It’s owner is Chris Dawe, formerly from Melbourne but now living in Sydney – I think he was born a Kiwi – sssssh.

    Chris sent me a reply almost immediately stating:

    “Hi Tony,

    Re Jessica; yes of course, I am sure that we could work something out. Amongst the fleet here there will probably be more than a few looking to intercept her and be part of the welcoming committee, and I’m happy to go along with the event. Please put me down as being willing to take a group out for the occasion – I understand the vagueness of the timing but it shouldn’t be a problem.

    Please stay in touch and let me know what your plans and requirements are as the time approaches.

    Polaris of Belmont”

    So – you will find photos and information about Polaris of Belmont by googling it. I think we could be on a winner here! I certainly hope so. I would suggest that when the time comes I will arrange for some, or all of the group of us to go out with him and would recommend some payment be made to Chris and/or any other private boat owner to cover their expenses.
    Tony L (Mt Martha VIC)

  19. You can see a large number of photos of the abovementioned yacht “Polaris of Belmont” at its own website http://www.polarisofbelmont.com

    The site also has a lot o information about the boat.
    Tony L (Mt Martha VIC)

  20. Hi everyone,

    Hahaha!!! Tony L, I've never heard of a monohull being refered to as a "half boat" before...makes sense. :-))

    Following is the reply I received from my contact with charteroz.com

    "Hello Sam
    I am afraid we are closing our operation in Sydney Harbour & won't be able to help you.

    Back to the drawing board. :-((


  21. Hi Tony L, Sam and our intrepid group of Jess-a-holics,

    Thanks for the great follow up on the boat etc. Tony, it looks like you have something there ! I am up in Sydney on 23 Jan for my brother-in-laws 50th. My other brother-in-law is a sailor and I know for a fact that he has some pretty good contacts in Sydney as well. I'll pick his brain and let all of you know how I go.

    I'm also working on getting all of us Tee shirts and caps. At this point I am going to need tee sizes (email them to me if you like). I was also thinking of each of us draping ourselves with a flag which I can provide at no cost. Of course, the McGraths flag will be the "piece de resistance" if they join us.

    Sam, your picture is superb and what its also done is give us some profile with Jess' media company.

    All, please think about the tee design - Sam, I can't help but think that you are the go-to person for this with your creative edge !


  22. Hi Jonathan,

    I tried to post a comment the other day but unfortunately it didn't make it. Regardless just wanted to let you know I am still keen to be part of your contingent.
    Loving all the ideas that have been thrown around and so nice to hear from people who have been there all along.
    OMG, I don't think our flag will be the "piece de resistance" though. It is a pretty simple design but his being made with a lot of love.
    After Sam's beautiful picture to Jess (which I want a copy of by the way), I think we should try to convince her to do one.


    Jacquie McGrath

  23. Hi everyone, I hope you're well.

    The theme I keep coming back to for our t-shirt is "Elegant Sufficiency". ie, A pink t-shirt with our blog names in white letters on the back and a full size image of Ella's Pink Lady on the front. That's it. What do you think?

    I'd like a picture of Ella's Pink Lady showing her sleek, clean bottom and Jess waving to her parents' plane overhead. Any ideas as to how we can get a hold of one of those?

    Take care and bye for now...Sam

  24. Hi Sam,

    I think I may be able to help with your photo request and will get in touch with you via your email address.

    Tony L

  25. That design sounds good Sam......less is more.........Meleese x

  26. To Jonathan and other Jessaholics,

    May I offer a few suggestions with regard to this “I’m a Jessaholic” blog page.

    Firstly this blog provides an identity for a sub-group of the very large world-wide group of people who follow and contribute to Jessica’s Blog. We have adopted the suggested title “I’m a Jessaholic”, and have become members of this group by our interest in participating in some form, or forms, of celebrating Jessica’s return to Sydney.

    Within this sub-group there may be two groups of people – one with an interest in participating in Jessica’s Homecoming by getting on board a boat and participating in the spectator fleet that will greet her, and the other with an interest in participating in the production of a celebratory flag or banner to be hopefully somehow presented to her as a gift from the world-wide(?) blog group.

    As I see it the boat group arose out of a suggestion by Sam that chartering a boat would be a good idea after Jonathan put forward the idea of forming a group that could meet in Sydney to celebrate Jessica’s homecoming, and the flag/banner group arose out of a suggestion by the McGrath family.

    This blog could provide a convenient ‘meeting point’ for both those groups, and a possible third group of people who might like to gather together at some vantage point such as North Head from which they could observe the action when Jessica arrives.

    Then after Jessica’s arrival has finished it would be good to all meet somewhere for a celebratory get-together and reminiscing about Jessica’s voyage – could be a long night.

    We now have what I would regard as a definite boat – Polaris of Belmont – capable of taking a group out to meet Ella’s Pink Lady and participate as part of the welcoming flotilla.

    To facilitate communication in the future it may be desirable to have a less casual arrangement such as is provided by the blog and I would like to ask Jonathan and anyone else to make some suggestions about how we might achieve something better.

    Have a think about this and send us your thoughts.

    Tony L (Mt Martha VIC)

  27. Hello Tony,

    Out of interest, how many people is Polaris of Belmont able to carry?


  28. Hello Sam,

    I have phoned Chris and asked him the question. He replied that if we went outside the Heads between 10-12 would be an OK number. I confirmed that it would be desirable to go outside the Heads and that since people would want to take photographs and video it would be best to restrict the number so people were not falling over each other.

    We also discussed the timing and he is well aware that Jesse Martin and Kay Cottee were stalled by their sponsors, and that it is likely Jessica's entrance will be similarly choreographed.

    The timing will not be a concern for him and I know he will nto let us down.

    He also told me one of his crew owns a boat and he thinks it could also take people out if numbers require it.

    Polaris is a beautiful looking Alan Payne designed boat taht has done well in the IMS section of Sydney-Hobart Races over a long period of time. 10-12 of us wearing your T Shirts would look like a good team on board!

    Tony L (Mt Martha VIC)

  29. Hello Jonathan
    Thank you for this blog spot. I too am following amazing young Jessica on her journey and am also keen to be included in your group to welcome her back to Sydney.

  30. Hi everyone,

    If you have time to visit me at "Voyage Art", you'll find my idea for a t-shirt design.



    samurai (Sam)

  31. Hi Sam,

    You're doing such a fantastic job with your artwork, very creative! I would wear any design you come up with, more than happy with what you do.

    For Tony L (Mt Martha), I really appreciate all your input and please don't think me presumptious by mentioning I would like to be part of a group on a boat if at all possible. I appreciate numbers will have to be capped but hopefully something can be arranged.

    I do love the idea of everyone meeting at a nominated venue. That would top it off to be with like-minded people following Jesse's dream.

    I'll keep checking the site to see what we come up with.


    Jacquie McGrath

  32. Hi Sam,

    Did you receive the photos I sent you via email yesterday (Saturday 16 Jan)?

    I have looked at your T shirt design. To my eyes the picture you have used looks distorted - the mast height is far too short and I think it is taken from an original video source set for widescreen 16:9 ratio instead of the 4:3 ratio which would make the mast look taller. I have also blwon up this photo and it is not clear....

    The photo you used for your "10,000nm Congratulations" is excellent apart from a sloping horizon - which can be corrected by rotating it 2.4° anticlockwise and then cropping it appropriately. It is also a much better photo colour-wise.

    May I suggest you use that (10,000nm)photo with suitable Youngest Round, Solo, Non-stop and Unassisted congratulatory wording similar to your 10,000nm design - which I seriously think is your best yet.

    With thanks for the time you have already devoted to this.

    Tony L

  33. To Jacquie McGrath,

    You are not being presumptuous at all. It would be great to have you and the banner on board - in fact there could be not better way. To meet Jess and EPL at sea with the banner strung up on the mast and the agng dressed in Sam's T Shirts would be worth thinking about.

    And I do think it would be worth gathering together after the even.

    Tony L (Mt Martha)

  34. Hello Everyone,

    Thanks Tony..great feedback and my thoughts exactly - a celebratory dinner in Jess' honour. I will start looking at venues etc and come back with some suggestions. Thanks also for organising the boat(s).

    Sam, another source for nice pictures is a link from Barry Clements blog comments today. One of these links points to a series of pictures taken as Jess was leaving Sydney and these pics have decent resolution and perspective. The overall design idea is very good.

    Tony, I agree that there are the subgroups but in essence, so far I think all of us here upto this point have expressed interest in travelling to Sydney.

    In regards to tighter comms, maybe its time to crystalise some elements of who will do what by way of setting up mini teams. Once these teams are formed, it will be much easier to accomplish the various jobs at hand and comms within the team can be over the phone or email. Progress can be reported by each team on this blog. How does that sound?

    Jacquie, I second what Tony says - we are very happy to "have you on board".


  35. Hi Ailsa,

    A warm welcome aboard.


  36. Hello everyone :-)) I hope you're all well. I must say I'm starting to feel like I know you all and am so looking forward to meeting you in person in Sydney. A dinner would be fantastic.

    Dear Tony, yes I did receive your email, thanks and have replied. Thankyou for your input on my t-shirt design, I do appreciate it and take all suggestions on board. I agree with you about the 10,000nm picture being a much better quality. The reason I picked the one I did is mainly because I find the grey background makes a nicer contrast on pink as opposed to the blue (too loud, I think) on the 10,000nm pic. I would much prefer a better quality picture with a grey background of EPL looking tall and slender as opposed to short and fat. :-)) I definitely agree with you on that point. I'll look at Barry Clements' pictures, thankyou Jonathan.

    Furthermore...I'm worried about violating copyrights, that's why I steered away from the latest pictures from all the newspapers of Jess rounding the horn.

    PS to you again Tony, I asked a question in an earlier post about the number of people Polaris of Belmont can carry. Thanks for your reply. The reason I asked is (putting my hand up...hint, hint...) pick me, pick me?! :-))

    Have a great day everyone...Sam

  37. Cooeee all from South Australia!

    WOW! Great minds think alike! I was thinking how great it'd be if the bloggers could gather to welcome Jessica home! And here you are... already plotting and planning! How wonderful!

    I'd LOVE to be able to join you,however, we have our daughter getting married this year and it's costing an arm and leg!! :-/

    I hope you are able to pull it all together and bring it to fruition.

    Best wishes for success!

    Cheers from the retired nurse, and proud mother of a serving Aussie soldier! in SA! :)

  38. Hi everyone, I hope you're all well, as I am.

    I feel the need to clarify my intentions, or lack thereof on the subject of our t-shirts.

    The entry in my blogspot under "My T-Shirt Design" was orginially intended simply to share my ideas on a DIY t-shirt.

    In keeping with the idea of elegant sufficiency I feel that if we all go with a common or uniform theme, as per Paula's (Amazedbyou) original suggestion of white writing of our respective blog names on the back of a pink t-shirt, that would be fantastic.

    I think it should be left up to each individual to put what they like on the front, or nothing at all if they so desire.

    As someone else recently suggested, we each have our own taste, which is great. Nothing wrong with that as it makes things interesting. I know I would certainly enjoy looking at everyone's individual designs in Sydney.

    I apologise if I've misled anyone as my only desire was to share ideas on DIY's.

    As for the design of the flag or banner...I feel that is the McGrath's pet project which is very exciting and I'm looking forward to seeing their final spin on it. I'm sure it will be beautiful and most appropriate for the occasion.

    My kindest regards to you all. Take care and bye for now...Sam

  39. Hi Sam,

    I believe your ideas are great and I for one love the fact that your thoughts and ideas flow freely. The hallmark of a truly creative person. My philosophy is that all ideas have value.

    Keep the ideas flowing through.


  40. Gee is this where everyone hangs. The problem with the boat is that once you go under the bridge and sail towards the heads, it can become quite choppy. So that may not augur well for those who are prone to seasickness. I would not be surprised if one of the Harbour ferries will be offered to take people out to greet EPL and Jess. I also lived in Sydney for 10 years during the 90's and this is what they did during a tall ships armada arrival.
    Bruce Watt
    Rosebud (Vic)

  41. This is aside from the plan of getting to Sydney. I read all the postings that people from all over the world have put up on her blog. 99% are great, supportive and encouraging to young Jessica and I know she appreciates them. However a few have snuck through which are negative, and I have seen fit to complain to Andrew about them. This is the latest which I complained about to-day.

    Anonymous said...
    Alone in a storm.
    No one to hear you scream."unquote"

    Right from the start of her voyage I have been against allowing people to post anonymously, but not winning on this. Although Andrew to his credit has deleted the 2 earlier postings I complained about, lets see what he does here.

    Jess and her support teams as far as I know has not put a foot wrong on her voyage thus she needs to be rewarded with comments which are on the postive side.

    Bruce Watt
    Rosebud (Vic)

  42. Bruce,
    while appreciating your sentiments regarding people not posting anonymously ... for certain reasons, some of us are bound by things not necessarily of our own choosing*, which dictate we remain anonymous.

    Please understand this.

    With respect ... Soldiers* Mum in SA.

  43. Hi Soldiers Mum
    Perhaps my posting could have been a little better phrased and exempted situations like yours. I was taking aim at those who use the word anonymous to hide behind and make negative comments about Jess. Andrew tells me 4 comment have sneaked through to date, but since deleted but more have been caught in the first read by Jessica's team. Meanwhile I apologise if my comments caused any offence, given your particular circumstances.

    Bruce Watt

  44. G'day Bruce,

    I appreciate your reply, thanks.

    I guess there's always going to be those individuals who are like a snake hiding under a rock, who will post and cause problems.
    Thankfully Jessica's team appear to be on top of those lowlifes and remove their posts or prevent them from being published.

    No offense taken, Bruce. I just wanted to [within the limitations which bind me] try and explain why in my own case, I post anonymously.

    I've tried to post on Samurai's site, but there's no provision to do so anonymously.

    So Sam ... if you read this, GREAT artwork! Thanks! :) I'm also a [retired now) nurse. :)

    Cheers from Soldiers Mum in SA. :)

  45. Hi
    I am Carole (Mackay) QLD (sorry I could not upload a photo successfully).

    I am keen to join in on the homecoming celebrations aboard a boat to greet Jess in Sydney Heads.

    I am in Mackay and will fly down and stay 1 night. As an ex travel agent I can possibly assist with accommodation requirements, however the www.bestrates.com.au; www.quickbeds.com.au; etc etc websites should have some good deals as another blogger mentioned it should be the low season. Alternatively 2 or 3 bedroom units could be a cost effective method also.

    I will keep checking the blog, so count me in on whatever you are organising (just 1 person).

    Kindest regards to you all.
    Carole (Mackay) qld.
    ps my email is lasolana@mackay.net.au

  46. Hi Jonathan and fellow bloggers...geee, I sort of feel like I know you !!

    From "the beginning" I have planned to travel to Sydney for Jessica's homecoming, and thought I was being rather eccentric or maybe obsessive, it even scared me a bit! But ha!...I found you guys, and what a find it is! It's a wonderful feeling being among like-minded folk.

    I would be sincerely grateful to be included in your plans in some way, although at this stage I have no advice or ideas to contribute (besides the fact that you all are doing a superb job and no less).

    I do not have enough words to describe my admiration of Jessica.

    Collette Cole

    ps..I posted earlier, but it doesn't appear to have been a success...?

  47. So Michael, you’re going to make it to Sydney. Fairdinkum, I’m gobsmacked. (I’m trying to learn to speak a little Ozzie, Sam.) That really is great. I wish more than anything that I could catch the same flight out of LAX and travel with you, Michael. Unfortunately, I have two trips in the next few months that I’m already committed to. One is to see my oldest brother in Arizona. He has some serious health issues, and this might be the last time that I’ll get to see him, so there’s no way I can reschedule that trip. I would so much like to meet all of the Jessaholics. It’s been more of pleasure than I could ever say to tag along on Jessica’s trip with all of you. If it is at all possible, it would mean a lot to me if I could be included on the McGrath’s flag. Jacquie, I would be more than glad to send a contribution to help with the cost of the flag. I haven’t totally ruled out the possibility of making it Sydney, but right now my chances aren’t looking too good. Keeping my fingers crossed, though.

    (my parents didn’t really name me SaltyDog)

  48. This comment has been removed by the author.

  49. 01-28-10 @ 12:14
    Hey SaltyDog,
    Sorry to hear about your brother, hope things work out well for him.
    That would have been great to fly down to Sydney together. That’s a long flight, and thankfully, Jonathon is helping me get lined up for the LAX to Sydney portion and I can fly out of Pitt to LAX. Like you, I’m still working on different things so I’ll be able to make it to Sydney. Have to get a passport but that shouldn’t be a problem.
    Take care mate, I hope we both can make it. Sam said I would be a ‘square’ if I don’t make it. lol… She’s pretty cool.
    Michael from Kingwood, WV

  50. Hello everyone

    Just found this site well well well lots of support here for jess

    Dusty from dubbo

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