Monday, May 10, 2010

Converging on Sydney for Jessica's Arrival

Hello Everyone,

Looks like its all coming together. Travel safe everyone and have a wonderful time in Sydney.

You couldn't want for better weather, especially up in Sydney, so make the most of it !

Cheers and Good Times



  1. Yee ha, first to comment on Jonathans .....

    Hi All,
    Good to hear you've arrived safely to Sydney Faye and Max and looking forward to the Jessaparty. Fantazmagorrigle. Can the Macquarie Dictionary keep up with all these new Aussie words? According to the tracker thing Jessica's certainly wandering up the east coast of Australia pretty quickly.

    Exciting. Exciting. SuperJessicaciting. There, I seem to have also been afflicted with this Jessicawordaholic thing.


  2. Hay Sally...yoo-hoo...where are you??? Would you be so kind as to design a trophy for our Ailsa??

    Thanks Jonathan, we are flying on the 13th, so we will be grateful for all the 'safety' tidings we can get!!

    You will be joining us, yes?


  3. ....................*.......................

    Here she is FIRST on the Jonathan Blog!!!!!!
    SHE'S an .........



  4. ABSOLOODLE!!! Nice one Sally! Onya ailsa!!

    3 sleeps to go till we go from toodle-pip to toodle-pop!

    It would be nice if Jessica posted one last video and photo on her blog just to keep us going until she gets in.

    Toodles.....Sami xx

  5. @ Collette Cole
    WARNING TO Circumnavigators...
    CAUTION CROWDS Cruising close can cause chaos catching colds causing coughing . Conversation could cause consequential contamination.
    Hope you've packed your bags Collette ....Tell those nasty cold bugs to stay at home back in Melbourne!!!
    Hope you're feeling stronger .
    Sally by the Bay

  6. ..................................................
    MAY 15TH 2010....WELL DONE JESSE

  7. @Sally by the Bay,

    ... thanks so much for your funny aliteration, I shall attempt a reply in assonance??......

    Still sipping sugary cidar since salty syrup smells sus, so should save several severe sneezing sessions sometime soon. hehehe.

    It's a beautiful trophy, and yes...I'm packed!!


  8. Hi Ladies,
    I see that you are already in the mood... Would you have started drinking champagne? :-)))
    Joy is irradiating from your comments.
    Happiness is a contagious disease. Please go on and contaminate everyone!
    This Saturday is going to be a milestone. I hope that the large mass of the population will feel it too. Mmmm the last hours, waiting for the white sail printed "Ella" to appear... The binoculars... The TV pictures on the screens... The sail growing bigger... Our princess appearing, waving. Wow. That's too much, everybody will be crying.

  9. Hi all,

    In honor of the homecoming, I am going out and buy a 6 pack of good Australian Beer after I do some research. Morning on Saturday in Sydney is evening here in Atlanta on Friday but I will pass on celebrating by cooking a Kangaroo steak although I believe there is one place here that sells it. A nice filet mignon, baked potato and salad will do nicely.

    For all of you who will be there, have a blast.

    Georgia Guy - USA

  10. Hi Richie and Bill, it's great that you've dropped in to say hello..

    No champers yet Richie, I think we are bubbly enough at the moment in anticipation of Jesse's safe return.

    I guess we should go breathe on everyone so as to contaminate as many folk as possible!

    fffffhhhaaaaafffffhhhhaaaaaafffff..ok, done!

    Bill, a fillet mignion sounds scrumdidilyumptious...I don't like the thought of eating out native wildlife.

    Thanks very much for thinking of us and for the good wishes guys on this momentous occasion. And yes, there will be tears..


  11. G’day Everyone,

    The countdown is on. I was sure excited when I found out that there’s an Aussie/Kiwi pub about an hour away from me that get’s TV coverage of some Aussie sports. But then I found out that their sports channel is a British channel that they get by way of Canada. Not OneHd out of Sydney. Oh darn. I’ll be glued to my computer though.

    I’m not a doctor, but I have been dealing with a bad case of Positive Attitude Syndrome for quite some time. I have a feeling that most of you also have a case of PAS, so I would recommend that you don’t fight it and let other people know that they have nothing to fear if they catch it from you.

    On to Sydney and have a GREAT time everyone.

    Thinking of you all,

  12. Hi All,
    Well done Jonathan 100+ commnts on the last poast, lol.(By the way,I have been incrrectly spelling this last week as a protest of NAPLAN testing being used as a comparison for schools)

    AND a
    Ripper poodie and a fangdoodily for Ailsa on getting the top prizzze!!

  13. Have a fantastical time everyone going on Saturday! I'll be sitting here watching on TV so am telling myself I'll have a front row seat LOL. Will be able to watch it all..... so pleased Channel 10 is doing it live don't have the luxury of HD TV... can't even begin to imagine the emotions of Jesse and her family and I honestly cannot believe it's been 7 months that we've been meeting on her blog travels everyone......Meleese x

  14. Hi Janell and Meredith,

    Welcome to Australia! I hope you continue to enjoy every day as much as you've enjoyed today. I'm looking forward to meeting you in 2 sleeps time. :-))

    I just saw on the evening news a moment ago that 5 people have died after a series of twisters struck rural Oklahoma today with widespread destruction to a marina, homes and businesses. I didn't catch where exactly but i'm sure you will hear more about it soon.

    My thoughts immediately went to both of you and I'm hoping it didn't affect any of your loved ones. I hope also that I have not spoilt your stay by giving you this news.

    Take care and see you very soon.

    Love, cheers and toodle-pips....Sami XX

  15. Hey @Sally, I taught Kindy today and thankfully I had a student teacher. I'm going to bed I'm exhausted, lol.
    PS. If anyone wondering, I think I've been watching the same TV shows as the Blogmeister. Fair Dinkum! It's like the planets alligning for me. As soon as the shows finish I check the site and 5 minutes later BINGO. too funny ☺☺☺

  16. HI, Fellow Jessaholics!!

    I submitted the following comment before going to bed at 2:00 a.m., but at the end of 136 others, and when I woke up this morning, I see this new update from Jonathan. So, since I don't know how many of you would go back and read the older blogs, I want to copy it here. If it doesn't make sense, or if there are typos, I apologize, but at that time of the morning, (and, since there have been a couple of hundred nights like that these past almost 7 months) it's hard to be very sharp. And, these eyes need cataract surgery, so can't even proof-read what I've written very well!!! At any rate, it follows:

    Carol Florida U.S.A. said...

    Hey, all you Lucky Jessaholics!

    I'm positively green with envy!! I know you'll all have a wonderful celebration, and {{{ HUGS}}} all around!!! I'm going to wear my pink shirt, so I'll be celebrating from afar!!! I can just see it now . . . a sea of blue, and then a bigger sea . . . of pink . . . pink, everywhere . . . pink flags, pink balloons, pink shirts, pink hats, pink hair (probably), and hopefully pink fireworks, and a beautiful pink sky . . . later in the day!!! Oh yes, and don't forget the pink champagne!!!

    Have a wonderful welcome home party, one that will last your whole lifetime . . . remembering this very special, very unique, time when Jesse was the catalyst that brought all you amazing, talented, people together, . . and, she managed to do it while circumnavigating, this beautiful planet!!! I have no doubt that you are all, now, life-long mates who will forever continue to appreciate and support one another!!! Thanks for letting me tag along in my own smaller way.

    Would love to be there to help you all celebrate, but will have to do the next best thing. I know that there is a webcam that shows Sydney Harbour, but it's on some sort of a delay, and it's from a distance, so probably won't be able to tell Ella's Pink Lady from all the other boats. I'll be watching for the Polaris too!! I'm not confident that there will be coverage here in the US, since we haven't heard anything yet . . . even though a couple of us have written requesting that they report on Jesse, and her progress . . . so far, nothing! Very disappointing!!!

    I can really almost feel the party mood you're all in right now, the euphoria is another thing that's contagious!!! Have a gobsmacking good time, and don't forget to report back to us unlucky ones, tellings us all about it when you return!!

    If possible, I hope someone will take lots of pictures and post them. I know Sam, you said you'd be doing that, but hope to see you in some of them too, so, the more the better! Also, hope that someone will be able to take a photograph of the flag that the McGrath's are planning on presenting to Jesse!!

    Only three more sleeps . . . or is that only three more nights when I don't get much sleep!!! (Actually, it'll be at least four more, because I'll be up "watching" the festivities on the web, and your days are my nights!!! Live it up!! Make it memorable!!! Give Jesse a big hug from the rest of us!!!

    Good Night you Gorgeous People!!

    Toodle Ooo, Pip-Pip!!!

    Carol Florida U.S.A.

    MAY 11, 2010 4:15 PM

  17. Hi all, Oh my gosh what an absolutely positive vibe from everybody. Yes it is so exciting, I feel like I have a hundred things to do before we leave for Sydney. I want to bake a couple of cakes to share, make sure we have everything we need and I've just finished adding some more names to the flag. I feel bad not putting everyone's name on it but to do that I would have needed one of Jesse's sails. Not to worry I'm sure she'll get the message how many bloggers love her.

    For all of you that live overseas I'm sure photos or video will be posted somehow. If by chance we meet Jesse or her family (you never know,) I'll make sure she knows that you all send kisses and hugs.

    It's hard to believe it's almost here and I have to thank Jonathan for putting up this blog in the early days. Without it I wouldn't have the chance to meet or chat with some of you. It really has been a fantastic ride hasn't it. I think I said very early in the posts that my housework has gone by the wayside. Sounds weird but I'm looking forward to getting back into it. May as well cause I'm sure gonna miss this blog, including your beautiful artwork Sally.

    Anyway everyone, have a wonderful week and I'll catch up soon.

    With love, Jacquie xx

  18. Carol, there will be a lot of us in the U.S. celebrating with you. I wish we could all get together for the big event. I’m sure happy that Janelle was able to make the trip. I haven’t heard of any live coverage here in the States. I emailed CNN suggesting that they have live coverage. I will check them out on TV, but I really doubt that they will broadcast it live. I’m still checking around, so if I find any coverage on TV or the internet, I’ll post it here.

    Thank you Jacquie and Jim for all of the work that you’ve done on the flag. Like you said, even if you weren’t able to get all of the names that you would have liked on it, it will be a great tribute to Jess on behalf of all of her fans. I’m sure that you and all of the Jessaholics will represent the rest of us well. Those of us not able to make it to Sydney will be thinking of all of you who will be there.

    Take care and have a great time everyone.


  19. Hello everyone, I hope you're all well, as I am. :-))

    I just wanted to say that it hasn't been easy to supress my excitement about going to Sydney but because I value the friendships I've made in this blog as well as in Jessica's and my own, I'm reluctant to express much more of it for fear of offending (for lack of a better word) those of you who are not able to be in Sydney at this time.

    Of course I could be completely wrong in feeling this way but just know that I am sensitive to your feelings of sadness or envy or whatever because I know I would feel exactly the same way if I was not able to make it to Sydney myself. And as you know in life, (generally speaking) it's quite normal that, while experiencing such feelings of sadness or envy, the last thing we need is someone constrantly "rubbing it in" to us about their good fortune.

    Having said that, I also want you to know that your good wishes mean a lot to me and I would not be able to go happily to Sydney without them.

    So, I thank you all from the bottom of my heart, not only for your kind thoughts and wishes but also for all the kind words of support and encouragement you've extended me throughout the past 7 months. I've been humbled by each and every one of your comments and am ever so grateful for having experienced such an abundance of warmth and friendship throughout Jessica's entire journey. A journey which in turn inspired each and every one of us in the most positive ways imaginable.

    It has been an honour, a privilege and my greatest pleasure to have been on this "ride" with each and every one of you.

    I will be thinking of you all while I'm in Sydney and you can be sure that if I do get a chance to give Jessica a hug that it will be representative of a group hug by all of us "Jessaholics" absent and present.

    I have two more Voyage Art pieces with commentaries ready to go but have left them in "draft" and will post them from Sdyeny at the appropriate times, probably Sunday or Monday.

    Look out for us at the Opera House if you get a chance. I think it's safe to say that I suspect you will see Tony, if no-one else, as he presents Jessica with his model of Ella's Pink Lady. If you do happen to spot any of the rest of us and you see us waving, you can be sure it will be to all of you back home.

    Take good care of yourselves and bye for now.

    My sicerest and warmest regards to you all.

    Love, Sam xxxxxxxxxxx

  20. Hi Everyone,
    EXCITEMENT BUILDS as loyal followers gather to welcome Jesse home. I can't express how much I have enjoyed tracing her steps around the world.I now know a lot more about yachting, geography and the power of electronic communication.

    Thankyou so much to Jonathan for making this site available for my little ASCII pictures which enabled me to complete my wish to draw for Jesse till she arrived home.

    Dream for me.............. FULLFILLED...*.*.* \(*.*)/*.*.*

    Although I will not be in Sydney my thoughts are with everyone who supports Jessica and know she will feel the warmth reaching out to her from the SEA AND SHORE AS WELL AS THOUSANDS who are there in thought.

    Even Janelle and daughter coming all that way to welcome EPL home.FANTASTIC!!!!!
    I look forward to seeing Jesse when she comes to Melbourne and then there's the" BOOK".

    To say I am blown away by the enjoyment I have gained over the past months is a HUGE understatement but the best I can do so ....
    a huge



    Well done Jacquie and Jim for your idea of a banner and then making it happen.Can't wait for the photos of the day.
    There are many others who have also contributed to making her arrival a fantastic one!!I'm sure Samurai has something special in her laptop.Also of course Tony's incredibly detailed model which looks like a treasure Jesse will be amazed by and love.
    Bye and thanks and ocean full!!!!
    Sally by the Bay

  21. Hello Jessaholics

    Now that the Photo Gallery is completed and we have nothing to do ( !!) our next thought is to produce a DVD of Jessica’s arrival. This would be in the form of about 50 or so photos, and would take about 10 minutes to run through. What we are looking for is people that will be in Sydney and willing to share photos. We should get some great photos from on the water, but we probably won’t be able to have photos from when Jessica arrives at the Opera House. Is anyone interested in sharing photos ?

    Cheers from Faye and Max.

  22. Hi, Sam,

    Have a safe trip! I don't feel at all like your "rubbing it in" . . . love hearing about all the plans to get together, and love to live vicariously through hearing your own excitement! (I'm thrilled to hear that you're going to do the book of Voyage Art, I do hope that you'll look into having it published (not just having one bound for yourself, or to present to Jesse) I have been especially disappointed that your graphics have not been able to be posted on Jesse's blog, since it was changed. So very many people have not been able to see all the work you've gone to, and how clever you've been. Do you know if Jesse accesses your blog and is able to see each of your creations, or have you been able to e-mail them to her??? (or, is the book being done to give to her??) If you don't plan to go into having it published . . . why not at least looking in to a limited edition of them, and find out how expensive that would be. I know I would pay dearly for a copy!!! (and feel a lot of others would too)

    @Faye and Max,

    Great Idea!!! I'm definitely interested in getting a copy of the DVD that you produce, so put me on the list!!! It's going to be exciting just looking forward to seeing them!! Let me know how I can reimburse you for it!!!

    Have a royal good time on Saturday (and, in fact, all the while you're in Sydney), as I'm sure you'll be getting together with all the other Jessaholics!!!

    @Sally by the Bay . . . Love your Huge Thank You, very clever, as usual!! I've enjoyed them all!

    @ Salty Dog. I've heard, somewhere, that Fox has a bureau in Australia, so you'd think that they wouldn't have any problem having a live feed from there! As I've mentioned, there is a webcam focused on Sydney Harbour, but it's kind of far away, but I'm going to check it out anyhow!! I just googled it, so you might want to try it ahead of time to see it for yourself. Obviously regular coverage of it would be better, but I'd like to try to see it while it's happening (as I'm sure we all would all hope for Thanks, for your comments, Mark, and please let me know if you have any good news about where we might be able to see it)

    Well, all, best get some sleep, it's another one of those 2:00 a.m. nights. (but then I hear that you, Sam, are up until 4:00, so I guess I can't complain! (Besides, why would I want to complain, when there are so many wonderful things going on . . . and to look forward to!!! (Isn't that the way we PAS sufferers are supposed to react?!!! )

    Hope everyone has a safe trip there, and back!!! Will keep you all in my prayers!

    Toodle Ooo, Pip-Pip!!!

    Carol Florida U.S.A.

  23. May12, 2010

    Hi, again! (This is to samurai and any other nurses in our group)

    By the way, Sam, I want to wish you a Happy Nurses Day. I understand that today (the 12th) is International Nurses Day, so it’s not just celebrated here in the states. I believe we have some other nurses on Jesse’s blog, so I’ll post it there as well!!! I’ve worked in hospitals for many, many, years, but not as a nurse. When I was still in school, I didn’t think I was smart enough to remember all that anatomy and physiology necessary for becoming a nurse, but I really do appreciate all the caring and dedication that each of you nurses put into your work! I’m sure it’s often a thankless job, but we are thankful for you, and the others that are willing, and compassionate enough, to do it anyway!!!


    Carol Florida U.S.A.

  24. Cooeee fellow Jessaholics! :)

    WOW! you've been a yakkety yakkety mob again haven't you??!! lol WONDERFUL to see! :)

    @ Sally... another great drawing! thanks to YOU dear lady! Have so enjoyed seeing yuor creative pieces.

    @ Faye and Max .... put me down for a CD/DVD whatever too please! Excellent idea! I'll happily pay! :)

    Jacquie .... have fun as I'm sure you will and can't wait to see a pic of the banner! I'm sure it's a beauty! :)

    @ Mark and Carol, Bill and Richie ...... I hope you're able to see the homecoming, it's so disappointing that the international media is showing little/no interest.

    @ EVERYONE ...... :)
    .... here's cheers to our amazing, inspirational, wonderful darling princess of the seas .... JESSICA!
    Hip Hip Hooray!
    WELCOME HOME you little beauty!

    To all of you lucky ducks who will be there in Sydney on saturday .............
    Have fun fun fun in the sun sun sun!
    And ..... be sure to give the TWO THUMBS UP signal and BIG waves and HUGE smiles @ the cameras for the rest of us watching on the telly, ok??!! :)

    ENJOY ENJOY ENJOY!!!!!!! ..........

    Take LOTS and LOTS and LOTS of pics for us too, please?! :)

    Wishing you all a wonderful day and I'll be there with you in spirit! When you feel that soft breeze pass across your faces, that'll be ME! :)

    Stay safe too, ok?! :)

    Looking forward to hearing ALL,about it afterwards.

    Cheers from Soldier's Mum xxx

  25. @ Carol .... THANK YOU for your kind words for us nurses [and retired nurses!] for we never really retire! lol

    I add my warm wishes and thanks to my fellow nurses and former colleagues too. It's a privilige to serve our fellow humans and [hopefully] make some small difference in their time of need.

    @ Carol ... I'm sure you'd make a great nurse! :)

    Cheers ........ Soldier's Mum -[ and retired nurse] :)

  26. Thankyou Carol, so it is. Sorry that I forgot all about it but I've been on holidays and missed out on the usual celebrations at work.

    Happy Nurses Day to you too dear Soldier's Mum. Your blood is worth bottling as are all nurses. Happy Nurses day to us all.

    Will be thinking of you in Sydney and taking lots of photos.

    Take care and Toodle-pip.....Sami XX

  27. Plenty of love in the room.♥♥♥ Toddle Pip ♥♥♥

  28. Hi Folks...just stopping by briefly, Jonathan is spot on the weather on Saturday is looking to be just great...Sam I'm holding you to that Hug...if you get a chance that is!....

    Happy Jess you all

    Clint - in Melbourne!

  29. Sam and others please don't think you are "rubbing it in" for those of us unable to attend if you express excitement. I am 62 years old and have dealt with cr*p you read about in the newspapers and come through the other side so not being able to get to Sydney pales in to comparison.

    Please be as excited as you want because I'm unbelievably excited sitting here. I think I'll cry on SSaturday as i watch Jesse come through the Heads. Have the greatest fun and enjoy !!!!..........Meleese x

  30. PS Faye and Max a DVD sounds great count me in please happy to pay for it and postage ! Sorry for typos in previous entry told you I was a perfectionist! ....Meleese x

  31. Hi Ya'll,

    Gee, I don't know why everyone is getting so excited. I mean all she did was to just take a sailboat out in the ocean for a sail, and stayed too long, did not know how to turn around and come back home, and ended up sailing around the world. Big deal. Anybody can make a mistake sailing. Calm down, give her a break and contain yourselves ! !

    Now, on a more serious note *** BEER CHOICE UPDATE ***

    I have decided to try Tooheys Beer to go with the filet mignon, baked potato and salad as we await the entrance into Sydney our time Friday night. I have found a store that sells it here in Atlanta. That appears to be the only other choice besides Fosters which is brewed in Canada by Molson, and not imported from down under.

    Hey Collette - no Roo steak for me either !

    Georgia Guy

    PS - Did you hear? Magellan has been stripped of his around the world sailing accomplishment by the WSSRC.

  32. I looked at Passage Weather to check Jessicas forecast for the next few days. It seems to be rather little wind and waves west of Tasmania, but a gale with 5-6 m waves east of NSW. King Neptune is not nice to her. For the arrival at saturday 00 UTC is seems nice with 20 knots at the coast, but a little bumpy. Jessica is now an old salt who has seen everything, so no problem. Hope it is OK for the spectators.

    I wrote om Jessicas blog that the Volvo Ocean Race is not round the world, since is does not start and end at the same point. It starts in Spain, and does not cross its own path, since the last part goes from the US to Ireland and then Scandinavia. It crosses all longitudes and the equator in between but that is not enough.
    /Ben, Sweden

  33. WOW - the warmth emanating from this blog is just amazing - and the excitement mounting! We have arrived home from our (softie) cruise and I am SO grateful that we will be able to watch Jessica come in (on TV) after all ... YAY and YAY again!! To each and every one of you enjoy this special moment in history and thank you to each and every one of you for making the ride with Jessica so special. Safe travels to and in Sydney please to our supporters going there and ENJOY, we are with you all the way. LOVE to each and every one of you. Fay from the Gold Coast.

  34. You're right, Ben. Mother nature just had to give her one last blast. Here's an excerpt from today's Daily Telegraph:

    Jessica's pleasant cruise up the coast was interrupted by a strong southerly change, with a thunderstorm and wind gusts in excess of 35 knots pushing the teen north.
    The conditions were in stark contrast to the light, warm winds and small seas that Jessica had been in until the change.
    The resilient 16-year-old was handling the change of pace with her usual aplomb.
    "It's nothing I can't handle. It's not as bad as some of the weather we have had," she told The Daily Telegraph yesterday.
    "I'm just so excited about being so close to home. I could put up with anything."

    Now I hope that her last couple of days at sea can be pleasant. She certainly deserves it.


  35. To Faye and Max

    What???? Nothing to do? \(*.*)/

    A DVD of the arrival seems like a flash of brilliance...I'd buy one.Then I could put on my Talistream CD by Grant
    photos by Max and others,and have my Jesse" fix" whenever I wanted.Oh! I would have to have a notepad nearby to doodle my little pictures on of course.We sure are going to miss the BUZZ Jesse gave us as she journeyed on.
    What will she get up to next????

    Go for it Max you are great with photos. "smile Jesse!"

    Hang there a copyright on selling photos which include certain images? At my other addiction site MOLLY the Owl there have been warnings about copyright of images taken from the web site and a lot of people are UPSET about the way it was handled.I guess if the photos are your own then there is no problem.

    Sally by the Bay
    ha ! ha! verification word was" DIDDLE"

  36. HAPPY NURSES DAY for yesterday 12th all you lovely kind and caring people.
    My son is a nurse at the Royal Children's Hospital Melbourne too. Although he is now in admin in patient Safety. Big things are happening with the move to a fantastic new building coming up.THANKYOU to VICTORIAN GENEROSITY and the GOOD FRIDAY APPEAL .Just reward for the wonderful work there.
    Hope you all had a great Day .
    @Georgia Guy WSSRC..I think you have a point there!!!!. LOL
    Sally the bay

  37. .......*.........|>......*...[.SYDNEY].....*...........*..
    ./O\./.../....|....\.....[..].....[..]...[..].. [..]........


  38. Here's some sydney news articles about our girl over the last week.

  39. NEWS Just in...Look what's just turned up at the finish line.Manly Daily

  40. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
    LOVE IT!!!!! Even the sea creatures know Jesse is on her way!!!

    Thanks for the NEWS items Magpie.

    Quote of the day from BLUEFIN 14.5@8.44am
    "Don't cry because it's because it happened"
    Now back to the serious and exhausting (but rewarding)job of teaching the next generation.
    I'll be watching tomorrow and maybe we will catch a familiar face in the crowd.
    Sally by the Bay

  41. Cooeee Sally and Magpie! .........

    more great work there, Sally! Thanks.
    Thanks also for the Nurse's day wishes. :)

    Thanks Magpie for the links, wish we were there too, don't you?! :)

    Nevermind, we'll enjoy it on the telly! :)

    Thinking of Jesse in these last hours at sea, I'm sure she's full of anticipation and mixed emotions.

    Giving a shout out to our mates @ the caravan park @ Lane Cove! Are ya having fun??!!
    I'll bet you are! LOL

    Cheers ......... Soldier's Mum xxx

  42. Hey guys, I'm not exactly sure but did I see Sam and Collette and was that Faye on camera in tonights Channel 7 News???...a little hard to tell as it was only spilt second shots, Channel 10 had a good spot with Dick Smith taking Julie and Rogar and Emily out by Helicopter to see Jessica, its going to be full on tomorrow...

    15.5 hours to go!

    Clint - Melbourne

  43. Yes Clint ... our girls are movie stars now! LOL

    I emailed the link, so hope you received it ok.

    Cheers ....... Soldier's Mum :)

  44. We who want to see the arrival on internet videos live: On there will definately be videos, and possibly live broadcast. I will set my alarm clock to 3am my time, which is 11am Sydney time. Hopefully there is something on the net then.

    Ben, Sweden

  45. Hi Ben,
    Did you see these two. Our Jessaholics are now TV stars.


  46. Hi Jssaholics

    Our sincere apologies, while we are having the time of our life here in Sydney, we have not been posting anything on Jessaholics.
    Well today is J Day. Jessica comes sailing proudly into Sydney Harbour and the hype around Sydney is enormous.
    It's 7am, a beautiful morning, only about 10 degs C, no wind, not a cloud in the sky and it is all go for Jessica today.
    We have had a few changes for today, we will tell you about them later.
    We will be leaving in a little over half an hour to go sailing.

    More later, cheers everyone for now.

    From Faye, Max. Sam, Collette, Pete, Janell, Meredith, Tony, Jacquie, Jim, Ailsa.

  47. Faye, Max. Sam, Collette, Pete, Janell, Meredith, Tony, Jacquie, Jim, Ailsa.

    What a bunch of posers, lol.

    I'm just jealous. Netball and Nitro circus for me. I've got the green eyed monster real bad!!!!
    I can see her on the Horizon now. Well I can see Bruce's Catamaran. just.Toodle Pip.

  48. Have fun everyone ! I've woken up with a headache verging on a migraine :( but am watching TV coverage as I type...everyone have a wonderful day !! xxx

  49. This is fun even from the far side of the earth. I'm tracking Jess on the live marine traffic AIS website and it looks like she is still almost 4 miles off the Heads with a small coast guard boat nearby. I think that she might be just a tad late to the party, but I don't think anyone will mind. Have a great day everyone and GOOD ONYA JESS!


  50. Hi SaltyDog,
    Gr8 to see you've a heap of well earned praise on Jess' blog.
    It is pandemonium at the Sydney Heads there are 100's of yachts it's terrific.
    She'll be about 2 hrs late.
    The southerly is keeling her over and the swell is high.
    It's amazing. She has at the present time, Bruce's Catamaran, 4 water police craft, 2 army dive troop craft and a channel 7 yacht surrounding her while still a few miles off the coast.
    It's getting emotional.
    The funniest thing is seeing all the female reporter's hairdo's being smashed by the breeze, lol. Toodle Pip.

  51. Hi Salty Dog
    Right on...Jesse is late as she was blown too far North.We have had live interviews with parents Julie and Roger as well as Jesse Martin.The sea is very rough and Jesse has been blown North further than she would have liked in order to keep to schedule.Just like a bride she will be late!!!!But really we can wait...just slow down on the champers,wine or whatever is your toasting preference.LOL
    Keep in touch.
    Sally by the Bay

  52. ETA 13.10 or 1.10pm to entrance of Sydney harbour as just reported.

  53. Hope Ailsa took those Sea Sickness pills....It's rough even in the harbour with huge white waves crashing against the tall rock faces around the Harbour.Jesse has spoken today about being concerned with Jelly legs or land legs when she steps ashore. She could be quite wobbly!!!Especially since mother nature has chosen to give her a final shaking.Typical of jesse though she is out on deck in shorts and still loving it!!!Sally

  54. Following her on the AIS map too, loving every minute of this. Hope our representatives are having the time of their lives !!! <3 ....Meleese x

  55. So funny,
    A couple of news reporters on the water have had a throw already.
    Jessica is showing them what it takes, lol.

  56. Thanks much Sally and Magpie. Since I don't have any TV coverate to watch, I'm listening to TripleM radio out of Sydney on the computer. They have a boat just outside of the Heads giving reports. I was planning on waiting until Jess made it through the Heads before I had my first nip to toast her, but I might have a short one since she's late. It's about 7:38 PM Friday evening here, so I guess it's officially happy hour. It's fantastic to hear from you guys. We'll all be chatting alot tonight and the next couple of days I'm sure.


  57. They just interviewed Tony and we saw the Pink Lady model it's absolutely fantastic! ..... Meleese x

  58. What a lovely interview with Tony and the model looked fantastic BUT ...I can't believe Tony just said Dunny on national television. What an Aussi classic.I had a big laugh..
    This was his answer to where is Jesse on the model EPL.How's the headache Meleese? HANG IN THERE!!!!

  59. Oh theres my name on the banner being held up by Collette,,,thanks guys...Yes I can see Sam too...who else...ummmm

  60. I'm recording all this guys including the Channel 7 was great to see Tony being interviewed with baby EPL...good onya mate!

  61. I tried to see the names but was hard they were being blocked by people...

  62. Well done Jacquie and Jim interview in front of your banner.Also saw Max, Ailsa,and others in pink hats and shirts....looked GREAT!!!

  63. We've just seen some beuatiful picture of a younger Jess...she's just so great!...oh..tears..

  64. Hi Clint..I think we will all have a headache from the tension following this session.Not long now...Sally

  65. This is gr8 for Jessaholics, lol.
    With this delay everyone back at the Opera House is getting some TV time.
    All the networks have to fill and you can tell they're starting to scramble.
    The sky writing plane is having to write JESSICA quite a few times in this breze.
    Now the exclusion zones are being extended as more are turning up.
    Jess is causing pandemonium.
    I love it. Toodle Pip.

  66. I think I'll cry when the hooter goes off and the water sprays start :) .... Meleese x

  67. Mike Perham (solo circumnavigator from Portsmith) is giving a great interview. He has given us a personal insight into Jesse and her readjustment that she will go through.He is about to join Jesse Martin on EPL.
    Roger has a necklace of large pink flowers around his neck and looks every bit the proud dad.What happy parents today!!!Julie says Jesse will go onto some of her other plans whch include some activities Roger says are dangerous.OH BOY!!!!

  68. I've had my chin do a quiver or two already!...I think folks State Side have gone to bed??...pity there isn't TV coverage over there...

  69. TISSUES READY>>Meleese>>>Clint>>>magpie>>>>Mark ...everyone.........

  70. LOL can't get on Jesse's blog, heavy traffic......... wonder why?? LOL

  71. Could be a beanie BAD HAIR Day is my guess.It's a stuggle against the wind and the tide at the heads.Sally

  72. Mother nature gives jesse one more test just for good measure.Sally

  73. They've just started to interview a former world champ surfer, Layne Beachley?
    They've run out of sailor's to interview, lol.
    Poor BOB (weather) is copping heaps from Rob Mundle for putting her too far north, lol.
    Controversy is everywhere with our Jess.
    Toodle Pip.

  74. SHE'S HOME !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  75. We haven't all gone to bed in the States. It's only about 9:00 PM Friday on the west coast so I'm not going anywhere. As I'm typing this, TripleM radio is announcing that she is just about to cross the finish line. HIP HIP HOORAY!


  76. What about just one MORE Tack??????? And a lot of TV staff filling in time...Oppps Julie puts on lipstck but OOOH BAD HAIR DAY!!!!!Ten minutes to go now then customs.
    I feel seasick @L@ just looking at the boats heaving about.
    HOOTERS READY......YES!!!!!!!GO JESSE!!!!!!!!!!!! 2.53pm
    SHE'S HOME....Julie..."The sailor is home from the sea!"

  77. SHE IS DEFINITLY HOME!!!!!TEARS in my Eyes

  78. Still can't get on to her blog LOL

  79. 6 Helicopters overhead and a flotilla of watercraft testing the exclusion zone boundaries.

    Well done Jessica you did it.

    Mum's been drenched in spray, so many people happy and cheering, smiles from everyone.
    This doesn't happen everyday, lol.
    Toodle pip.☺☺☺

  80. You made it just in time.
    A lot of Aussies have to watch that footy.
    After all, It is Satdy you know?
    Time to go Too da loo ☺☺☺

  81. Oh my the first person she has contact with is a customs officer!!!!!Parents hanging for their first HUG!

  82. Doesn't the boat spraying all that water look sooooo coool!

  83. GO BOMBERS!!!!Seeya magpie...Good luck getting on the blog Meleese.
    Could be a bit choked for a while and I think there is no one home!!!

  84. I'm watching a live stream of the flotilla. What a sight. The emotions are definitly flowing.


  85. Andrew's on the "official" boat LOL ... some-one must be "home" as the message is up that the blog is experiencing very heavy traffic

  86. She's into the Tim Tams!...don't blame her!

  87. Jesse is eating non stop from a bag of goodies handed over to her.
    From orange juice,water bottles TimTam chocolate biscuits and topped off by a pressure pack of cream topping.... all the while laughing and joking with Jesse Martin .Her parents are wondering what she is up to and why she is below deck!!!!They'll find out!! Opera House very close now.

  88. The first thing I did when she crossed the finish line was grabbed a couple of Tim Tams. They've become another addiction to go along with Jessaholism.


  89. Just seen Tony giver her baby EPL...amazing!

    Good onya Tony!!!

  90. TIME TO PARTY.......Well done glad you were able to make your went really well and Jesse was fascinated and wanted to have a longer look at it but she will get more time later . It will take pride of place on her shelf I'm sure.
    Have a Party Everyone

  91. Thought of each and every one of you today ... what a thrilling day and Jessica looked really overwhelmed ... what a sweetie! Cheers everyone!

    Love, Fay from the Gold Coast

  92. I just love that Jesse giggle...watching the Press Conference right now....I think she's had a her shower!

  93. Hello Mad Bloggers...

    I'm not a regular "blogger" so I feel as if I'm intruding on your personal chatty space. But I just wanted to let you know about the most adorable post I came across early this morning on Jessica's last blog (Thursday 13th May).

    It may get lost in the sea of comments. It was from a school in Minnesota USA and they signed their message "Rio the Homework Dog". Their website is called "The Dog Ate My Homework".

    The kids from the school have written a song about Jessica and sing it on their web page. It's just so sweet, you really must have a look at it.

    What a WONDERFUL day it's been - like the moon landing (for all those who can remember). Enjoy the rest of your celebrations.

    ~ Julie J

  94. Hi Julie feel free to interrupt the more the merrier thanks for the link there have been so many comments I didn't see that one and now comments have been disabled. I imagine they will open again when the frenzy has died down.....Meleese x

  95. Hi everyone! :)

    What a day, eh??! Wonderful, just wonderful!!

    We taped it as well as watched it and switched between the different channels. Couldn't get enough of it!!! LOL

    I barely left the room to go to the dunny! LOL

    Wasn't it fabulous seeing Tony present "baby" EPL to Jesse? Also saw Sam and the group as they stood behind the reporter holding the banner.
    WELL DONE Jacquie and Jim!!!! The banner [well what I could see of it due to obstruction by the reporter!:(]looks terrific! Excellent in fact!

    Can't wait to see the photos the gang have taken! Hope they took lots and lots! :)

    What a special and memorable day! :)

    Wishing everyone all the best!

    Cheers .......... Soldier's Mum :)

  96. Julie J, your not intruding at all. And you're right that Room 401 and Rio the Homework Dog's new song are fantastic. When you go to their blog, you can watch their new music video to welcome Jess home and you can also click on January to hear their song from when Jess rounded Cape Horn. Both songs are priceless.

    This really has been a great day.


  97. Well...I'm absolutely elated for Jessica and her family, so incredibly happy she's home safe and well and the Television coverage couldn't have been any better, but I'm already suffering from Jessica blues, I've checked her blog a couple of times now and it's still cooling down from heaps of people trying to leave messages!

    But I feel like wanting to be with her, to shake her hand and say to her welcome home Jess, to find out what she thought about baby EPL, it's sort of not complete for me, not yet, strange feeling, I guess I'm a little sorry that I'm not up there with the guys in Sydney....anyways...

    Looking forward to the 27th of May when she comes to Melbourne...

    Have a pleasant evening you guys in well as everywhere else!

    Clint - In Melbourne

  98. ((((((((((Clint))))))))))

    I know how you're feeling mate!

    I'm SOOOOO wishing I was in Sydney with the gang!

    The broadcasts were really terrific! I take my hat off to the TV channels.

    Can't wait to receive the first hand reports from Sam, Faye & Max, Jacquie and Jim, Tony, Ailsa, Collette, Janell et al.

    Thinking of you folks! Just know you're having fun fun fun!

    Cheers .......... Soldier's Mum xxx

  99. Hi Jessaholics

    You all say that you had a fantastic day, well you should have been in the VIP area at the Opera House where Jessica walked past within a metre to say you had a fantastic day.
    Our plans were changed when Sam scored 12 VIP tickets for us Jessaholics which meant that we did not have time to greet Jessica at the heads, but we still sailed across Sydney Harbour in Polaris of Belmont to the Man O' Wars Steps of the Opera house, the sea was a bit "bouncy". We thought it would be better to be so close to Jessica's walk up the pink carpet to the official stage. We could still see Jessica's progress on the big screen directly in front of us. We were right in front of Tony and Jessica as he presented her with his model of Ella's Pink Lady.
    We were right in front of the stage for the speeches. We boarded Polaris of Belmont for the return journey as the sun was setting behind the Sydney Harbour Bridge.
    We all feel so privileged to have been amongst those who welcomed Jessica home.
    Our sincere thanks to Chris from Polaris of Belmont for taking us out for the day.
    All in all we had a fantasmagorical day !

    Toodle-pip from:-
    Faye, Max. Sam, Tony, Ailsa, Collette & Peter (Birthday Boy), Janell, Meredith, Jacquie & Jim (and Chris from Polaris)

  100. Lane Cove to Magpie, do you copy -- Over !!

  101. Hi Faye,Max and all in Sydney with you,

    Thanks for the update and WOW weren't you treated well.

    I thought there must have been a change of plans when I saw so many of you at the steps.Wasn't it a lovely day.One you will all treasure I'm sure.Once in a lifetime occasion...YES!
    Safe return home to you all and look forward to the photos.
    Sally by the Bay

  102. Faye and Max,

    Thanks for taking time to give us a report on behalf of the Jessaholics in Sydney. You all definitely had an experience of a lifetime and represented all of us who were there in spirit well. The action was hot and heavy for many of us too. There were so many news websites, emails, webcams and phone calls to jump between that I felt busier than a long tail cat in a room full of rocking chairs. And now today, there will be so much to catch up on via the internet that it will be another busy day to fill in the blanks. All of you who got airtime were absolutely fantastic and I felt extremely proud of every one of you. I was in contact with my brother and sister-in-law in Arizona via the phone and internet throughout much of the event and all of sudden he found a live stream of Jessica’s wonderful grandstand performance in front of the throngs of people at the Opera House. I can’t express the emotions that I was feeling but I don’t need to. You all know exactly what those emotions were. I might be suffering from a bit of dehydration today from lose of fluids from my eyes. Well, all of you have a great rest of your holiday in Sydney.

    Cheers to you all,

  103. I have watched all the entire 3 hour TV broadcast on

    It was great. The best is the last parts, from part 16 to 19. Mike interviews Jess onboard. She is so happy and makes an amazing impression. Jess steps ashore, with a big family hug party. There is a ceremony. She is given the replica boat, which amazes her. Kevin Rudd holds a speech, where he calls her an Australian hero. She says that she is ordinary, not a real hero, and there is a huge applause. Later she attends a press conference, alone with the press. She makes it very good. People who worried about her personal development being alone have been totally wrong.

    Swedish press and TV have had very little coverage earlier on, some at the departure, but almost nothing during the voyage. But today there is big coverage in TV news. So it seems the day today Jessica is the number 1 world star in sports.

    Ben, Sweden

  104. Hi Gang,

    Well, I have finally finished working my way through all 19 parts of One HD's reruns and have several observations regarding those.

    First, I felt the coverage was very well done and complete. However, as the arrival kept getting pushed back, I began to cringe knowing that the talking TV heads were fast running out of things to say. They did not disappoint. I know the job is tough when a reporter has to fill in commentary when the schedule grows longer.

    The only thing they did not talk about was interesting items like interviewing the trash man on the logistics of cleaning up the SOH grounds. I wish they had focused more on plain people who were there . . . such as our intrepid Jesaholics who were there.

    But finally it all happened and she crossed the line and made it to the Man - O - War steps and into the arms of family and friends.

    I was in awe of how she handled it all once she landed. To look at that crowd and the harbor traffic and to think, "My dream is responsible for this happening". To cop an often used Jessica expression "SIMPLY AMAZING".

    Jesse Martin is a nice kid but I hope he does not give up his day job to become a reporter.

    Gang, it has been a blast and hopefully, Jonathan willing, we can keep this small quiet piece of the blogosphere open and running going forward. Jessica brought us all together in the beginning. Our task in to preserve the bond.

    Fond thoughts to you all.

    Bill AKA Georgia Guy

    PS: One more thing. Watching the reruns I have come to hate Oasis Active Commercials. If I needed a date, and had to endure that again, I would go out and buy a dog.


  105. So pleased you all had a fantasmagorical day ! What a blast we were all with you in spirit.....Meleese x

  106. You're so funny, Bill!!! But, I'm sure we all agree with you after suffering through all those commercials! We could always boycott them, but then maybe we wouldn't get any coverage of special events such as this!

    I wonder if anyone in Australia had thought of how much Jesse has helped (and will be helping in the future) with their tourism! I'm convinced that a lot more people now are anxious to visit and meet the kind of people Jesse comes from. Hopefully, they won't come to find that Jesse is unique, but that the rest of us are pretty much the same all over!!!

    I've really enjoyed the spirit and the character of all of the blog family, (and their many talents) and finding out how compatible we all are!! Good people, when we have someone else's interest at heart, and we definitely all had Jesse's best interest our primary focus and concern, and with one desire: to encourage her, and to keep her from feeling alone, and to thank her for sharing this fantastic voyage with her!!!

    Bye for now you beautiful bloggers!

    Carol Florida U.S.A.

  107. This comment has been removed by the author.

  108. Sorry I missed placing a whole paragraph when I copied and pasted!....

    Good morning Folks, I've come down with a bit of a bug started about midweek, just tiring me a bit!...Looks like Jesse Blog site has melted down again...can't log onto it at all, although I've just been able to purchase the new Wall Poster...just heard a news article on 774ABC saying Jess has had a good sleep in this morning and is in a Hotel at Manly near the beach....bless her heart.

    I'm glad to have been on the emails to our US Folks yesterday too, I've had some very nice emails from you guys so yeah I was glad to oblige with a sort of running commentary...not a problem, so happy that Channel Ten have made available portions of yesterdays broadcast of which I now have watched as well, it's interesting to see the Lane Cove Group were featured more of on the internet portions because I don't remember seeing that extra footage during the live telecast...anyway the fog has lifted here in Melbourne the Sun is out and the sky is a deep Jessica blue...going out to enjoy the Sun....cheers

    Clint -

  109. Good morning dear fellow Jessaholics! :)

    Great to hear from you Faye, Max and all the gang in Sydney!

    SO glad you got to be up close and personal with Jesse! ... how good was that??!!! Excellent!

    What a day it was, eh? Just something special.

    So glad our US mates were able to see video clips and other snippets etc ... one thing with modern technology, we are able to be connected across the seas in some form or another! :)

    Well, same here as with Clint in Melbourne ... the sun's shining and the sky is blue. A lovely autumn day. So I too am going to go outside and soak up some warmth and gamma rays. Especially since I spent yesterday indoors glued to the TV and computer! LOL

    Continue to enjoy your time in Sydney everyone at Lane Cove, and safe travels home!

    Look forward to hearing from you in time.

    Cheers .......... Soldier's Mum :)

  110. I have just borrowed Jesse Martin's book "Lionheart" from the library to my shame I have never read it, yes knew all about his trip but something about Jessica enthralled me......because she was a young girl? because her boat was pink? No idea......... I think a lot was to do with the fact she was connected to us via the net and could blog and we could reply. Can't wait for her book........Meleese x

  111. What a day!
    I hope you all enjoyed it; I know you did.
    Tony, your replica was superb and it was a great time seeing you presenting it to Jessica. Jessaholics ahoy!
    I could finally watch everything live on a thumbnail screen on ninemsn, and the small size didn't spoil the huge welcome that Jesse had.
    Thanks to all the Jessaholics for this shared adventure!

  112. Bon soir Richie,
    So pleased you had the chance to watch Jessica's Homecoming.As supporters, the feeling that we were all emotionally reaching out to her, to embrace her and welcome her home was enormous...whether it was from near or far we all felt a huge sense of relief and pride in her safe return.
    Till next time..Au revoir
    Sally by the Bay

  113. Hi everyone... I've been a jessaholic from day one and now have a huge favour to ask. Much to my dismay I missed most of the live coverage on Saturday due to a well timed airport run! I left a tape in the VCR but of course it failed! If anyone did tape the day one ten or their HD Chanel I would be so appreciative if you could send it to me. Of course I would cover postage and associated costs, I live in Melbourne. If any one can help, please email me at thanks heaps, Suz.

  114. Hi all,
    Jessica just featured on 60 minutes.
    The interview after the festivities was amazing. She had only just got off EPL for goodness sake!

    I reckon the doco they're plannning will feature a few more of those insane shots from the 4 static cameras that were on EPL.

    What a great team she had. Jess is certainly set for life but I'm sure she's got more heart attack stuff in store for her parents.
    It will be a fantastic 18th when she's finally a grown-up.

    2 More years????lol.
    ☺☺☺ Hoo Roo ☺☺☺

  115. Ok, so from tomorrowish it's only one year.
    As Janis Ian sung..."I learned the truth at seventeen."♫♫♫ Toodle Pip ♫♫♫

  116. Hi Salty Dog

    Please no more long tail cat in a room full of rocking chair stories because Sam has just had an incontinence episode. ROTFLOL.
    From the Lane Coveians.

  117. You...Guys!

    To Suz "La Brujita"...Hi Suz, I recorded all of the Telecast from ONEHD on my Foxtel Hard Drive, I can copy to a blank DVD if you like, a little bit of editing might have to be done due to the the fact procedings were meant to finish at 2:00 my Foxtel box promtly stopped recording at 20 minutes past the hour, before I noticed I lost less than 30 seconds of the Jesse's arrival...I think we can live with that though...let me know Suz

    Anybody else that would like a copy onto DVD (PAL Format) just say so.


  118. I hope my long tail cat in a room full rocking chairs comment didn't cause too much of problem with Sam. :-)) It was a really exciting day though. I made my weekly stop at my favorite watering hole last night to bring the bar flys up to date on Jess. I'm starting to feel like the "Town Crier" because there are people at the pub who have never read a single blog or article about Jess who are starting to quote facts about her. It's hard not to appreciate her story.


  119. Hello All,
    I'm glad that people were able to see those recorded live feeds. Especially John, being a Queenslander!. I found them after I had been watching Jesse's AIS track and listening to Sydney rock radio for hours. I then started watching them until 6:00 am, and then thought , why not just drink coffee and start the day? I lasted until about noon, when I ate a sandwich and fell alseep for an hour on the couch. It made me appreciate the sleep deprivation aspect of JW's trip. I don't know how she did it. The day she came in, she was on two hours of sleep.
    I found an interesting article today that talked about the offers that Andrew is getting. Jay Leno and the Today show want her. I say Leno better than Letterman, even though I could easily go to New York and be in the Letterman audience. Actually, if she did the Leno show, the US Jessoholics could all fly to LA and see the show! After her book comes out, the biggy will be Oprah. If she did Leno, that would almost guaranty Oprah. Her story has universal appeal.
    On another note, Andrew said that he is protecting her personal and private space by rejecting offers from a woman's magazine to attend her birthday party.This is very encouraging, because you know how celebrity can become a curse. When she went to get a haircut with her best friend there were five TV crews ready!

    Richard W

  120. These are from the network

    good for the video:

    good for the video:

    Sailors will enjoy the video on this one:

    I guess he's good looking for a Pohm (that's Prisoner of Her Majesty):

    This guy must have caught Salty dog's PAS:

    Anti PAS:


  121. Lots of great photos & one truly amazing photo:

  122. Jacquie,

    Thanks for that story. What a thrill that must have been for you, Janell and Meredith. Just the icing on the cake to a great experience. Even though it couldn't begin to compare to being there, all of us overseas have had a huge amount of info via news stories, videos and photos so the past several days have been a lot of fun for us too. Your flag looked absolutely fantastic. I can't thank you enough for including me.

    Take care, everyone and I hope we can all stay in touch.


  123. Hi Jacquie and Jim

    There is only one word to describe your meeting with Jessica today and that is :- Fantazmagorrigle. Just how lucky can you be to be just there at the right time. looking forward to seeing the photos. Well you certainly deserved this good luck after the time at Lane Cove, and the work you put into your flag.

    Lovely to have met you both, you were just great.

    Hope you had a good trip home.

    Cheers from Faye and Max (Lane Coveians)

  124. Hi all Holics,

    I was just sitting here and thinking about an extraordinary contrast.

    One May 15th, Jessica Watson sailed back into Sydney Harbor after 210 days at sea realizing her dream of circumnavigation the globe. Australians now have Jessica Watson as someone representative of fulfilling a dream and setting an example for all her age.

    One the other hand, here in the states, we have Miley Cyrus who's most recent accomplishment, a few days before on May 12th here in Atlanta, performed a lap dance captured on video.

    Quite a contrast between the two.

    Georgia Guy

  125. Hi all,
    OMG what luck to chance by the EPL at the very moment Jesse came
    I guess good things happen for a reason and in a way it was just reward for the effort that was put in to making such a lovely banner and Janell and Meredith coming all that way....Couldn't have worked out better could it? Janell spoke extremely well (Collette too) on the video and they both look like lovely 'fun' friends.I'm so pleased they were able to make it for the homecoming.Can't wait to see more pics.
    Sally by the Bay

  126. Happy 17th Birthday Jesse......I hope you have the best day of you fact I know you will...


  127. Fantastic effort Jacquie,
    I'm so glad you got to see Jessica like that.
    You must've felt like the ultimate tourguide for Janell and Meredith.☺☺☺ Hoo Roo ☺☺☺

  128. I've noticed Abby gives a nice commendation to Jessica on her Blog...pretty good actually!

    Night all


  129. May 17, 2010 11:53 AM

    Jacquie said...
    Hi everyone, Just thought I would tell you that Jim and I took Janell and her beautiful grandaughter Meredith to see "EPL" at Darling Harbour today and just by chance happened to be there when "Jesse" arrived to pick up some personal belongings from "EPL."

    It was so great because she was right in front of us and Janell and I each had an opportunity to shake her hand and tell her who we were and when asked if she'd received our birthday gift and flag which we'd given to Andrew replied that she had and thanked me.

    I told her Janell and Meredith had come from Oklahoma USA to witness her homecoming and we spoke about Don McIntyre. It was just great and we quickly told her what a great job she had done. We were in prime position right next to the entry gate and watched as they removed the white and pink "Ella" sail and you could see quite clearly a big tear in it.

    They did a photo shoot with Channel 10 for a while and Jesse waved to the crowd when people were yelling out to her. A big round of applause went up and three cheers. It was just the best thing to happen and all just pure luck and timing on our part. ELLA looks battered and very small considering she is berthed next to a large submarine though.

    We had a lovely day and finished it off with lunch and then took Janell and Meredith back to their hotel about 04:30pm.

    I have dayshift tomorrow and then when we can we will post some photos of "EPL" and Jesse of course, to you all.

    To all the Lane Coveians, we had a blast over the weekend and so good to share it all with you. Something we'll never forget.

    Best regards everyone and drive carefully otherwise good flights for others.

    For overseas bloggers, I'm glad you had a chance one way or another to see or hear the proceedings, wait till you see our photos. 1400 from the group isn't a bad effort

  130. Jesse in Melbourne Central Thursday 27th.......
    Got my tickets e mailed to me yesterday....YES!!! I have a feeling it could be rather crowded so will try to get there nice and early.Chris may be able to make it also.Hope to meet up with some of you all next Thursday.I wonder if she will be on time...Can't use the WIND blowing her too far north excuse this time...LOL

  131. A warm hello to all Jessaholics....

    Wow wow wow wow wow was AWESOME !!!

    Firstly, humungous bunches of appreciation to Faye and Max for posting updates on behalf of the rest of us Lane Covians. A few of us had laptops with us, but no wifi darn it.

    Thanks to all you guys who posted links to outr media appearances. True, we got 'papped' by the papparazzi everywhere we went, and in the end began to decline interviews. Actually, I decided I would not get out of bed for less than 10 grand by Monday!! hehehehe...I wish!!

    The stay at Lane Cove was unsurpassed in that it has introduced me to some of the most warm, welcoming, intelligent and fun people I could ever wish to meet. And, boy...did we have fun!!

    The day on board Polaris of Belmont was breathtakingly exciting..Sydney Harbour is absolutely exquisite, a world-class attraction sadly overlooked by many, including myself until now.

    Zillions of kudos to Tony for arranging that for us all.

    And to be invited to spend the day as a VIP, with the best view, closest to all that was happening...well it's something one cannot adequately describe. Thankyou Sam for your expertise in communicating with Andrew and the benefits borne of it.

    No less important are the thanks I send to every Lane Covian. You guys and gals are so special to us. Pete and I thoroughly enjoyed your company and feel we have made lasting friendships with you all.

    It's 24 hours since I arrived home, and the enormity of this experience is only just beginning to percolate down into my very being.

    Not only have we shared the joy of a most unique and special young lady in Jessica Watson, but our own journey alongside her is now moored at high tide.

    Alas, between us all we snapped 1400 photos and hours od film footage, so slowly but surely we will share these with you.

    Yooohooo Jonathan.....can you hear me ???

    Cheers to all the Melbournians attending Jesse's meet n greet next Wednesday, Pete will be there for me, as I simply cannot take any more time from work as our N.Z holiday is only 5 weeks away.

    Collette xx

  132. Hi Jessaholics

    Is it quiet at Lane Cove tonight ! !
    The McGraths, Janell and Meredith left Monday, Ailsa, Collette and Sam left Tuesday, and Tony left this morning (Thursday) at about 7.00 am, so it is just us here now. We had a good day, went to Darling Harbour to see EPL, but no sign of Jessica or Julie.
    We are having withdrawal symptoms from you all leaving, so we are going out for dinner tonight with the couple in the caravan across the road.
    Thank you all for a fantastic week, something we will remember for the rest of our lives.

    Cheers from Faye and Max.