Saturday, September 24, 2011

Jessaholics Luncheon in Historic Bendigo, Saturday 27 August 2011

Hello Everyone Around the World,

Our fourth Jessaholics luncheon was held in Bendigo, a historic town in the state of Victoria, Australia. Bendigo is considered one of the leading provincial towns in the state and has a history spanning more than 150 years. Bendigo was built on the foundation of its key industry - gold production and deep reef mining.

As a group, we had another good reason to choose Bendigo. Evie, who has been through a lot lately, lives there and we all wanted her to be a big part of this, yet another, special day.

The group converged on Bendigo on Saturday the 27th of August by various means of transportation, including a "private air charter" (Clint and Jonathan). Brian flew in from Tasmania and Faye, Max, Ailsa, Sally, Collette, Pete and a very special couple from South Australia drove up to Bendigo for the weekend. We even had Evie's daughter, son-in-law and grandson join us.

Evie organised a private room at the Bendigo RSL (Returned Services League) Club and it turned out to be a great location. The courtyard of the club even had an old WWII Spitfire on display amongst other vintage hardware.

Ailsa had a nice surprise for us by bringing and playing her banjo and accompanied by the groups varying vocal skills, we managed to belt out a few old tunes.

Good food and great conversation made it a very enjoyable afternoon. Even the notoriously fickle weather in these parts was kind to us and we had sunshine and mild temperatures.

The atmosphere was one of warmth, friendship, happiness and familiarity. It continues to fascinate that a singular common interest, young Jess, has created a strong and enduring bond within the group. And we are just getting warmed up ! There is much more to come !

                                  Evie and Ailsa

                                  Ailsa, Faye and Clint

                                  Standing L-R : Max, Faye, Ailsa, Clint, Colette
                                                        Pete, Evie's daughter and son-in-law
                                  Seated L-R : Brian, Evie, Sally, Jonathan

                                             Ailsa !

                                  Relaxing and enjoying each others company

                                  Varying vocal talent !

                                  Clint and Jonathan arriving on "private charter"
                                  (Jonathan flew in with Clint)


  1. Just lucky it wasn't a Magpie Clint.
    Great photos ☺☺☺

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  3. Hi Jonathan,

    I didn’t forget about your blog. It’s just that I haven't been able to post comments recently. I finally found out that Blogger doesn’t support my old version of browser, so
    I updated and voila!

    Thanks for the photos of the luncheon in Bendigo. I’m envious. It seems like the Jessaholic luncheons just keep getting better. And you say that you’re not done. I can’t wait to see what next.