Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Jessica - Less Than Three Weeks to Cape Leeuwin !

Hello Everyone,

Its nice to be back to see the tremendous progress Jess has made. By all accounts she should be passing Cape Leeuwin about the second week of April and consequently, passing the heads at Sydney around the second week of May (Tony, you are correct).

Here is a picture of Tony's EPL project and it looks just fabulous (even though Tony says it is a rough paint job) ! I can't wait to see it with sails and all. Well done Tony !

I will be finally taking this weekend off for some R&R.


PS Tony sent me another updated picture and requested I replace the one above with the new one but Tony, please indulge me if I just add it in as opposed to replacing it. We can then see how much amazing progress you have made with the model ! You can now see Jess' Toughbook, her Nav station and other little bits and pieces. Well done !


  1. Tony, I am absolutely gobsmacked! I love it! It's soooo cute! I'd love a remote controlled one of those. I can't wait to see it finished. You've done such a great job so far, I can't wait to see it all rigged up with sails and everything. You are soooo clever!!!

    Ok, I shall dream about it now. C-ya...Sam

  2. 03-24-10 @11:33
    Hey Tony,
    That is really looking great,I'm looking forward to seeing the completed project. Keep up the great work.

  3. Jonathan,

    You sure deserve a little R & R. I hope you have a great weekend and thanks for posting the picture.

    Tony, what a fantastic job on the model. I compared the picture of your model with some photos of EPL including one picture of the boat while it was on the Travelift. The accuracy of your model is astonishing. Very impressive, Tony.

    Collette, sounds like an outstanding trip. It really would be fun to meet you. I make it to Las Vegas several times a year for a quick dose of insanity, so you never know. I could possibly find you there when you pass through.

    I hope everyone is doing well. Take care, all…….


  4. Hello all,

    Jonathan, thanks for popping in (on your own blogspot)!!! It's great to have you 'back in the fold' and I sincerely wish a wonderful R&R weekend....and many more after that as well.

    Tony, your model of EPL continues to evolve within the realms of superb-ness, you truly are a master of your craft. And having had the pleasure of meeting you, it never crossed my mind to expect anything less than perfection.

    Like Sam, Georgia Guy, Sally and orer talented blogsters, you will forever hold an exquisitely special place in Jesse's memoirs. I, on the other hand, will be remembered for making the cheesy platters!!hehehheh...

    HI MICHAEL...I'm so happy to hear from you. I thought my little literary 'aside' might trigger a 'howdy' from West Virginia and so glad it did.

    To you and SaltyDog, that particular trip will only be 3 months, and we prefer to cover most of our travels by rail, almost 'winging' it as we go. We have the most fun that way, not restricted by schedules or timetables. That mode has never failed us though all Great Britain, Europe several times, Vietnam etc. One gets to see things at ground level, and it provides some interesting times! I'm so excited about going to the good old U.S of A!

    Sail on Jesse, we will keep the home fires a-buzzing..and cheerio to you all for today form me xoxo

  5. Hello everyone,
    I think of Jessica every day out there on her ocean. What an inspiration she is.

    Jonathan: Glad to hear you will have some R&R.

    Tony: the EPL model is magnificent

    Michael: so sorry you won't be joining us. Maybe when I wander over to the USA to hear the bluegrass I'll see you in West Virginia.

    Collette: I love to hear about your travels - past and future plans. You too are an inspiration. One only gets one chance at life so you have to do 'it all' now.

    Sam: Love your pictures. You are very clever.

    Hope all is OK with Bruce. Haven't heard from him for a while - unless I've missed his blogs.

    I'd love to know more about the story of the lobster workers abandoned on St Paul Island that Jessica told us about. I wonder if one of the two survivors ever wrote a book.

    Every mile Jessica covers brings us all closer together. Looking forward to it.

    Cheers for now.

  6. Hello All,

    Its very good to be back reading all your interesting entries.

    Collette, cheesy platters are a fine culinary art form and I for one love a good one. I suspect you are very good at it so I can't wait ! You will thoroughly enjoy your trip to the US - it is truly an amazing and diverse country. If you have some time, I highly recommend New Orleans, if not for anything then the Jazz and Blues music. Nothing like Washington DC and its surrounds for understanding recent American history. George Washingtons home in Virginia is amazing and the Smithsonian and Air and Space Museums......need I say more!

    Mark, Michael, Sam, Sally by the Bay (I'm so glad you are back !), Nutralady, Ailsa.......and who am I forgetting?? Just kidding.....Tony of course - hope you all have a good weekend. Me? I'm off to see the Carole King and James Taylor concert tonight !


  7. Jonathan, I AM SOOOO JEALOUS!!!! Good on you, that's what I call pristine R & R. And thanks for your tips on Big Sam Land, I wholheartedly trust your judgement.

    Hi Ailsa, I'm rapt to hear from you.. hope the home sale/purchase is not too can be a horrid experience no matter with whom (or which trusted agent) you entrust your entire life's love and devotion. My thoughts are with you babe xoxo.

    Big love to all other Jessaholics...

  8. Hi everybody!
    Fighting with connections...

    But finally the little "comment" wondow accepted to show its nose!
    Tony, that's a wonder! Fantastic job! Baby EPL looks so much like her Mum!!!

  9. RichieParis,

    I had trouble yesterday getting the “comment” box to show up on Abby’s blog. Since Abby’s blog and I’m A Jess-a-holic blog are both on, it might have been due to a temporary glitch with Looks like we’re all back in business now. Take care, Richie.


  10. Hi all ... just a quick note, I'm back home again. Need some quiet time for a few days and will catch up later once I've caught up on things here.

    GREAT boat! Looks fabulous, Tony!

    Until next time .... cheers!

    Soldiers Mum

  11. 03-27-10 @ 21:00
    Hi all you Jess-Aholics,
    Glad to see everyone is still in motion,
    Ailsa, Yeah, I’m pretty bummed out about it. Everything happens for a reason. But that would be great if you ever made it to WV. There’s a number of family oriented Bluegrass clubs throughout this area.
    Collette, I believe that’s called ‘entrapment’ but I loved it….lol…
    Jonathan I would love to trade places with you for that concert, Carole King and James Taylor are some of my favorites, I have a collection of them going back to their much younger days,(with the LP’s). Enjoy yourself and then some for me.…
    Hello Soldiers Mum, glad to see that you’re back. I would imagine you need a little time to gather yourself after these trying days. So relax and take care of yourself for awhile. Your definitely a friend worth having.

    Cheers to all,


  12. Happy Easter Jessaholics!!!

    I'm on hols in Queensland and not online often cos of the beautiful SUNSHINE, SURF AND FOOOOOD!

    To me Jesse seems to be preparing for home...lets keep our fingers crossed.

    Fondest thoughts,


  13. HAPPY EASTER to all the poor adopted addicted clipped on bloggers!

    @Mark, Thank you. I got some improvement for a short while, but now I am deprived of the comment window again on Abby's blog. Blogspot Europe seems to be responsible for the bug and working on it... but during the Easter week end, I doubt it will be fixed!

    I think we are going to live Jesse's home coming like a Hitchcock's movie... one look to the boat, one to the clock, one to the blog, one to the chart, one to the clock...

    Tony's EPL is gorgeous, every time I look at her, I am amazed!

    Merry eggs!

  14. 04-05-10 @ 00:05
    Hi everyone,
    Just thought I'd say hello, seems like everyone is busy doing their own thing.
    Some one's gotta keep this blog
    Collette, hope you're having a good time, but I think you're getting spoiled, SUNSHINE, SURF AND FOOOOOOOD...LOL...ENJOY!!!!!
    Happy Easter to all,


  15. G’day everyone,

    It’s not quite Sunday morning in my part of the globe since I’m towards the tail end of the time zones. So for some this will be belated, but “HAPPY EASTER” to you all.

    I hope the issue will be resolved for you soon, Richie. It sounds like the problem is inconsistent throughout I’ve only experience what you described a couple of times, but nothing recently. Your comments are certainly very much appreciated by so many, so I hope things get ironed out for you.

    Jessica is getting so close and yet still has such a challenging stretch ahead of her. I can’t help but think that the support by all of you who have been so faithful to her will be I big help to Jess in her final weeks. Although she has continued to be so upbeat, words of encouragement can only be beneficial to her as she gets close to home.

    Hope you’re all doing well. Best wishes to you everyone…….


  16. ..............................?................................................
    Hi everyone....I'm wondering where Sam got to???
    Sally in Melbourne by the Bay


    Sally, I also have been wondering if Sam is ok. Haven't seen any posts by her in awhile.
    If you read this Sam ... hoping all is well with you. :)

    Our easter is coming to it's close for another year. It's been a quiet one but we managed to go out and do something pleasant every day. Hiking on friday, to the beach on saturday, a bbq with a friend on sunday, and today we're heading out to lunch. Not too shabby for a pair of oldies. :)

    Jessica will be sailing in through the heads before we know it ... how I wish I was joining you all in Sydney! Never mind, you'll just have to have a glass - or two! :) - for me and some of the cheese platters and other goodies. I'll certainly be there in spirit that's for sure!

    I've recovered my energy after what has been a busy couple of months or so. I've come to better understand how, when we give of ourselves to others, it's very important to take stock and regroup and nurture ourselves as well.
    I've also learnt that devouring a hamburger and then an ice-cream while sitting by the ocean and just watching the water, sky and people, is an excellent nourishment! lol

    Enjoy the rest of your easter folks!

    Cheers from Soldiers Mum in sunny SA! :)

  18. Wow the model of Pink Lady is looking fantastic!

    Had a bad fall nearly 3 weeks ago and am still hobbling around. Still not sure of whether I'll make Sydney or not. Haven't had it xrayed yet but doesn't seem to be improving as much as I'd like so might have to bite the bullet and do so......Meleese x

  19. Nutralady2001,

    Sorry to hear about your accident. Please heal quickly. I’d hate to see any of the faithful Jessholics miss a chance to celebrate Jessica’s arrival in Sydney.

    Hope everyone’s doing well.


  20. 04-07-10 @ 00:55
    Hi everyone,
    Soldiers Mum, glad to see that you are replenishing some of your energy. You don't feel it until it's all over and then it finally catches up with you. That hamburger and ice cream sounds
    Sorry to hear about your fall Nutralady2001, I don't mean to nag at you, but you should get it xrayed so it can be treated properly and you won't suffer with it later on in life. You could have a hairline fracture...Please!!!! I sure would like to see you make it to Sydney.
    Hey Collette, are you still enjoying the SUNSHINE, SURF AND

    Cheers to all, and I hope everyone enjoyed Easter.


  21. A warm hello to you all....

    Yes, Michael, I was indeed still enjoying all of that. Trouble was I had difficulty saying goodbye to my son so took another two days, just flew in this afternoon. I must add that I most sincerely appreciate you's very kind of you.

    Nutalady, it's wonderful to hear from you but I agree, you must have xrays dear. THEN you may be able to heal in time for Sydney.

    Also Soldier's Mum, lovely that you are now home and getting some good old R&R yourself.

    Im off now to catch up on Jesse's have no idea hoe excruciating being away from it has been, but family comes first.

    Love to all,


  22. @ Naturalady2001 ... sorry to read of your misfortune, hope you're soon better and are able to make it to Sydney. I definitely recommend an X-ray!

    Hi all, just thought I'd pop in and say hello. I've hit a wall, and am in the doldrums like dear Jessica was. Same as Jesse, I too will pull out of this place and feel better soon. Life's like that sometimes, especially when we've been a bit physically and emotionally challenged and stretched.

    Jesse is closer to home every day, and it's wonderful to see her achieving her dream. A young person who is a sterling example of grit and determination. An inspiration to all, especially the younger members of society. She deserves every success, happiness and accolade.

    With ANZAC DAY close, we need to pause and remember and give thanks for the freedoms we enjoy in this magnificent country. It's those freedoms, born out of enormous sacrifice, which make possible the opportunities afforded us to pursue our dreams, yet all too often are not given a second thought.

    It saddened me greatly the other day to see occupying a tiny section in the bottom corner and slotted on page 3-4 of the newspaper, a small reference to yet another of our soldiers being wounded in Afghanistan. He too is someones precious son, brother, cousin, maybe husband or father.

    The scant announcement in the paper is yet another example of how the media only seeks to promote and acknowledge that which is sensationalistic. [I don't know if this is even a word, but I'm using it!] :)

    And again today, in the media, they've made big of Jessica's being in the doldrums and set their focus on that aspect of her latest blog. Anything to promote the negative or make it sensational. Little mention about the positive aspects in her blog.

    Little wonder I hold almost no respect for the media!

    I'll cease now and say goodnight.

    Please stay safe and well and give a thought to our boys and girls serving our country both at home and overseas.

    Cheers from Soldiers Mum

  23. G'day Colette! :)

    Nice to *see* you! We must have been posting at the same time. :)

    Glad you're home safe and sound and I can totally relate to how hard it is to say goodbye! ((((hug))))

    Goodnight again! :)

    Soldiers Mum

  24. Hello All,

    Its been another long-ish break but it looks like falls and injuries are like a virus (Meleese hope you are recovering well). As for me, I was at the hangar at Tooradin a few days ago, having a chin-wag with one of my pilot mates when I lost my balance and severely pulled a tendon in the instep of my right foot. Long story short, I was on crutches for a week. Anyway, its all good and about 80% healed.

    Its great to see everyone in such good spirits - I can see the excitement build up in anticipation of Jess' homecoming.


  25. @ Sally in Melbourne by the Bay...

    I am wondering if you can help?

    I notice you are the only one allowed to use <br> and quotations (" ") on Jesse's blog.

    Do you have any idea what is going on?

  26. Hello everybody,

    I'm back as you may have already gathered. Sorry about the rather abrupt leave of absence but I couldn't help it as I would have missed the boat otherwise. I was away SCUBA diving, playing "Dory" and trying to find "Nemo". I actually found hundreds of little "Nemo" fishes and had a magical experience. Shame I did't have an underwater camera but luckily the weather stayed in our favour although a little on the nippy side.

    Hi Tony...I'm so looking forward to seeing another picture of your EPL model.

    Hi Jonathan...sorry to hear about your injury but glad it's on the mend. I'm sure you know how lucky you were because it could have been a lot worse. Be careful.

    Hi Soldiers Mum...nice to see you back, I hope you're well. I know exactly what you mean about the media....damn piranhas aren't they!?

    Hi Meleese...sorry you had a fall. Three weeks of hobbling around may be causing further stress to your injury and you should really have it x-rayed if you want it to get better sooner rather than later. I'll give you a bullet to bite on if you like :-)) Good luck.

    Hi Colette...Edam or Gruyere? :-)) Welcome back, glad you had a good time. I'm also trying to organise a get together here in Perth on Saturday 17th April to celebrate Jessica's passing under Cape Leeuwin. Andrew will be in Perth (on business) then too and says he'd love to join us and will try very hard to make it.

    By the way everyone, Andrew seems to be quite adamant in trying to get Jessica back for the 2nd May. Obviously that's very much weather permitting so probably not a good idea to get all excited about it just yet, so he says.

    Hi Sally...thankyou so much for the very cute little pusscat you made for me, I love it! I love all your work, they always make me smile and sometimes, laugh as they're sooo kewl! :-))

    Hi Ailsa...I hope you're well and thankyou for your kind words. I couldn't do it without inspiration from our Jess. I'm not really that clever but I am very trying :-))

    Hi Mark...I hope you're well. How's your brother doing? I often think about you guys you know and sometimes wish I could "nanu-nanu" myself over there for a visit. Go well my friend and thankyou for all your support.

    Hi Michael...are you well? It was lovely to hear from Granny and Grandad Watson, wasn't it? But how did you know about their wedding anniversary? How impressive is that hey? 51 years!!!

    Hi RichieParis...are you well? That champaign was a very nice drop, thankyou very much. :-))

    Ok, I've taken up too much space now so I'm outta here. Take care everyone and see you all at Jessica's.

    Fondest regards.....Sam XX

  27. Hi all..Sally here.....<('v')>
    Just dropping by to say "HI" and in response to the comment re:" The blog site is a &^%$^&*(^%$#@!!@#$^&&*(&^%$ mystery to me. To tell you the truth I have no way of knowing when the pics are going to work out so I just do my best to guess and then press publish and hold my breath till I see them in print...which can be quite agonising.{'~'} However the thrill of success is always worth the horrible wait and stress levels.
    I have been on school holidays and had more time lately so if the pics. don't work out I'm OK to try again.School goes back next week so the pressure is building all round.I teach casually in local Primary schools so I'm on an on call basis which just means my life is a "Happening" where any day could bring anything???? I'm grandma on Wednesdays so that's my home FUN day.Ah!!!! Unpredictable life???
    Keep safe all and try not to hurt yourselves....I'm also keeping up with Molly the Owl in San Marcos and loving the fast paced Twitter.
    If you love nature there's a lot of entertainment on the Owl Box.@v@
    Excitement and tension builds as Jesse nears Sydney.
    Well done Sam for organising the gathering in WA.Hope you have fun.
    Bye for now and good luck with the ????????WEBSITE ?????????
    PS I also get outside to enjoy walking my two dogs each day along the beach .Lovely sunsets are my fav. also.
    Sally in Melbourne By the Bay

  28. OUCH! Jonathan ........ hope the remaining 20% of the injury soon heals. Just imagine if you were wearing high heels like some women do!! lol but seriously ... do hope it's resolved soon.

    G'day Sam, Sally and everyone. That scuba diving adventure sounds wonderful, Sam. Glad you enjoyed some R&R away from the coalface.

    I don't know why, but last night I was restless worrying about Jessica. The MOTH [Man Of The House]- retired naval man - sowed the seed of worry by telling me how rough it can be coming across the Bight. I spent a good deal of the night praying for Jesse to be safe. Unusual for me because I do normally sleep quite well. Am keen to read her next blog.

    The weekend's here and so I wish everyone a safe and happy and relaxed couple of days!

    Cheers .... Soldiers Mum :)

  29. 04-09-10 @ 21:07
    Hi Everyone,
    WOW, It looks like a grand reunion, glad to see all the Jess-aholics gathering again. Except now we have another casualty, at least Jonathan, you’ve got it under control at 80% healed, so hang in there and finish up the other 20%. Pulling a tendon is almost like breaking a bone.
    Meleese did you get an x-ray yet,….please!!! I hope you did, and I hope you won’t be in agony with it any longer…..(I will nag on you until you do…. lol…)
    Good for you Collette, it’s difficult to say good-bye when you don’t see them that often, so stretch it out when you can. Chin-up lady, Chin-up, enjoy the memories……….

    Soldiers Mum, I’m glad that you’re coming out of the doldrums, it’s not easy, and you have been emotionally challenged and stretched. That was really beautiful, helping your friend out in her time of need, but you paid a price also. God never puts more on your shoulders than you can handle, but it does get heavy sometimes. God Bless You…..

    Yes Soldiers Mum, the media strives on sensationalism, just look at Hollywood, the worse they are the more coverage they get. I agree with you 110%, they don’t give credit where credit is due. Ann Murray sang a song entitled “Sure Could Use a Little Good News Today” many years ago but it sure said it all. I always enjoyed that song.

    Cheers to all,

  30. Hi Sally by the Bay,

    I have a little query and you may be able to help. Would you mind contacting me by email asap? I would appreciate it. taa.

    GO JESSE GO!!! I seem to have a little 'something' in my eyes this morning as Jesse sails into Aussie waters. What an achievement. Finally in only a matter of days within a month we get to view awesome young woman and her pretty pink boat sail into home port.

    Fond regards to all,in a hurry as usual


  31. G'day Everyone,

    Stopped by to see if there had been any more progress with mini EPL.

    Tony, I'm a little late but would like to add my accolades to the others on your remarkable project.

    I was wondering how you were coming along with the rig & sails?


    P.S. @ "all the walking wounded"... get well soon!

  32. Hi All

    Just back from a quick and unscheduled trip to Europe for a friends wedding.Sorry about missing the luncheon. I am in tipping competition on Jessica's arrival date with a caravan forum I belong to. I picked 28th April, but now think 13th May looking good..

  33. Hi everyone I just left a comment on Jesse's blog I had been keeping up just not posting.

    My ankle is much better! It seemed to decide to improve last Thursday, still a little swelling and am still wearing the strapping when I go out..didn't get an xray in the end but would only have been another day before I did so before all of a sudden it decided to start coming good, the difference between Wednesday and Friday was quite dramatic .

    If Jesse arrives first week of May then not sure I'll make it to Sydney..... mainly a $$ issue had been hoping for a few more weeks to get it together LOL. Might check out airlines. Know Tiger is cheap but also know people who have had flights cancelled with Tiger and missed concerts because of it.... can probably manage with carryon luggage if it's only 2 nights I'm not known for "travelling light" but also never use everything I take anywhere either and always wish I'd packed less.

    We'll see what happens. "They" (the newspapers) are talking first week of May but see Bruce is estimating 13th.......Meleese