Saturday, March 6, 2010

New Friendships - Inspired by Jessica

Hello All,

Jessica's latest blog is as good as it can get. On one hand she speaks of "nothing glamorous or exciting to report" but on the other, the description of her "non routine" is so interesting and educational that I for one (not being a sailor), always thought that light winds and calmer seas meant having the opportunity to sit back and get some downtime. Little did I know that the frequently shifting, albeit light winds, required constant adjustment to maintain heading and track !

The picture of her dinner is as cute as it can get. If she ever decided to stop sailing (I think the moon will turn green before that happens !) she can manifest her skills in the culinary arts. Excellent presentation !

The Vics got together for lunch today and we had a wonderful time getting to know each other and enjoying each others company. During the time we were at the restaurant, we could see this massive storm cell move in and in a few minutes, the sea built up and we were all thinking of Jessica and how incredibly brave she is.

To Ailsa, Tony, Collette and your partner Peter, thank you for a very nice time. Each of you in your own way exude positive energy and most of all you are very interesting people. I for one, look forward to Sydney. Bruce, we did miss you.

I have included a picture of the Vics at todays lunch. Left to right : Tony, Ailsa, Peter, Collette, Jonathan. Oh, and I almost forgot ! Jessica's First Mate - Teddy (thank you Ailsa) !



  1. GREAT pic!

    Glad the lunch went off nicely ... you all look dashing! :)

    Teddy looks like a secret agent in his sunnies! :) Fits right in with the rest of you scallywags! lol

    Cheers .... Soldier's Mum in SA.

  2. 03-06-10 @ 04:19
    Hi everyone,
    Now that’s a fine looking crew, I hope you all enjoyed your dinner, and I was glad to see that Jessica’s first mate made it to the dinner. Did he get a special pass from Jessica or is he A.W.O.L…..Oh my.
    Yes, Jessica’s last post was very educational and I agree with you Jonathan, Jessica is skilled in many fields.

    Cheers to all,

  3. What a great idea!! Maybe some of us Queenslanders can do the same? I'll check it out. Thanks for the post and pics
    Tim and Rosie

  4. Hi everyone,

    I've been trying to post a comment here for 2 weeks without success. With the help of Magpie, Tony and Jonathan, calls to Telstra and 24hrs of fiddling, it looks like we're up and away again!

    Get verification word is 'winwin'!

    Our lunch last Saturday was sensational, and we were all lucky to be inside looking out at THAT storm.

    Welcome back Soldier's Mum, hope all is as well as can be with you.

    Michael, what happened to the pic of your cat? Everything has gone a bit woopsy all over the place.

    As for me, I think is ended up blasting some 'cookies'...i'm not entirely sure.

    Will try posting now so wish me luck, and I promise to include more Jesse-talk next time.

  5. Hi Michael,
    In answer to your question about the address of Jessica's publisher - Hachette - they are a Sydney based publisher with a website at If you look at this site you will find the information you want and I think you will be able to obtain a copy direct from them or their selling agent. Go to "About hachette" and then to "Contact Information".

    I hope this is helpful.

    Tony L (Mt Martha VIC)

  6. Hi again
    The Hachette website misbehaved and lost itself. It is

    Tony L

  7. Hello everybody, I hope you're all well.

    Thankyou Jonathan for posting this photo. Nice to now be able to put faces to your names and what lovely faces they are too. I love the cool Ted in the middle with his specs on. :-))

    I'm glad you all had a good time together despite the storm but that must have been a site to behold, I bet. Unless of course you Melbournians have grown blase (accent_e) about that sort of thing. Hahaha, just kidding. :-))

    If I'm a sandgroper, what are Melbournians again?

    @Collette...Thanks for persevering in your efforts to post comments on my blog "Voyage Art" I appreciate your very kind words of support and encouragement. I'm looking forward to meeting you and.....SHOPPING!!! :-))

    Take care and bye for now...Sam

    PS. What do you think of "Sail of the Century" for the title of Jess' book? Too corny? :-))Apart from that, I got nothing so far but will keep my thinking cap on...

  8. 03-08-10 @ 12:07
    Hi Everyone,
    Good to see that everybody is still hanging in there.
    @ Collette:(Beautiful Lady) My cat is on Abby's blog and Voyage Art but I couldn't get it on this blog..??? But I still have her.
    @ Tony, thanks for the up-date and the link.
    I intend to make good use of that.

    Cheers to all,

  9. Ok now Jessica is looking for book titles, I reckon we should go for the jugular also, lol.

    These are mine:
    (It's weird that I can't seem to get these titles published on her site)
    ♦How to stuff up a blog in 1 go.
    ♦100 ways to remove blood stains from carpet.
    ♦Alone and un-assisted...Yeah, right!
    ♦The quest for a record that's not.
    (Tongue firmly in cheek,) Bye ☺☺☺

  10. Good evening friends,

    @Sam...hehehe, love "Sail of the Century"!

    @Magpie...very're a gamer man than I am!

    @Michael....that's a cat-astophe!

  11. 03-10-10 @ 22:20
    Hi Everyone,

    @ Collette: You do have such a way with words…lol…
    Much to my regret I will not be able to meet all you lovely ladies and fine gentlemen, as I won’t be able to travel to Sydney. I’m not very happy about the interruption, but I guess everything happens for a reason. I contacted Jonathan and filled him in on the details. I do hope you all have a good time and get to see our hero, “Jessica”. I had really wanted to see Australia,
    so maybe sometime in the future I’ll be able to get down there. From all the movies and different pictures that I have seen I believe that Australia is a very beautiful country, also has some beautiful, strong minded and dedicated women.

    @ Tony L: Thanks for the info, I logged it in my computer and when it’s published I’ll contact them.

    Cheers to all,

  12. Dear Michael,

    Now, this IS a catastrast...catdast..wait...catastrophe...
    I'm lost for words now,quite dumbstruck, and incredibly sad that you are not able to join us. This comes as a great shock, but of course your decision must have been made after much difficult deliberation and consideration.

    I am honest when I say that Jessica's homecoming won't be the same without you on board. Would you mind holding for a second while I get a tissue......

    I don't wish to jump to any conclusions, but I hope with all my heart that you are not experiencing ill health.

    You will still be with Jessica and her 'holics' all the way, and I will continue to look forward to reading your posts regularly.

    My fondest regards to you dear Michael.

  13. Hi Michael

    It is sad that you will not be joining us in Sydney. We will miss your physical presence among us, although we know you will be with us in spirit.

    Through this blog and Jessica's blog we will know your thoughts about how Jess is going, and after she arrives we will send you photographs so you can see something of her arrival in addition to the press coverage.

    Look after yourself and your cat.

    Tony L

  14. Dear Michael,

    :-(( Such a sad, sad turn of events this has been, that you won't be gracing us with your presence on Polaris in Sydney. I was very much looking forward to meeting you and sharing some laughs.

    I dare say, I'm with Collette in hoping you're not ailing. As you said, things happen for a reason so I can only hope it's a short "interruption".

    I really hope you do get to come down under sometime in the future as I know you will love it. Shame it can't be this time.

    Thinking of you and looking forward to reading your posts, as always.

    Take care and bye for now...Sam

  15. Hi hezakiah299,
    I don't know you as well as the others, lol.
    i'll go with what everyone else is saying.
    Who am I going to pick on now?
    This is not fair!
    Hang on?
    ♫♫"Life is unfair"♫♫ (Malcolm in the middle)
    Hoo Roo.

  16. You can always bounce off me Magpie, I can take it. :-)) You're such good value and always worth a laugh. I promise not to scream 'though I may squeak a little sometimes. :-)) Have a nice day.....Sami

  17. 03-12-10 @ 11:53
    Hi everyone,
    @ Collette: It looks like you got your tongue caught in your eye teeth and couldn’t see what you were saying….lol… I’ve been there.

    Thanks for the kind words, and don’t be concerned as there is nothing major wrong with me. My Dr. had even given me her blessings and said that I was fit to travel, but to be cautious. Then I realized what I went through when I just went grocery shopping, it would wear me out, so having to make a trip through the parking lot (which is quite long) and then thru the terminal, all the time lugging my suitcases, would be a little to much for me. I know that sounds like a wuss, but that’s the way it is. I wouldn’t want to travel that far and then be a ‘basket case’ for the remaining time that I was there. I did discuss this with some friends who are frequent fliers a they said how much of a strain it was on them, and their in their early 50s.

    Hey Tony, how’s the model coming along, I’ll bet it’s going to be beauty. Good luck to you on that.

    You all take care, I’ll still be around, I’m going to follow Jessica into Sydney Harbour and cheer her in.
    So Magpie, If you’re not gonna pick on me and you’re gonna pick on Sam, a word of caution. She may ‘squeek’ a little bit, but when she screams……SHE HAS THE ROAR OF A LION….LOL…

    You guys are the greatest.


  18. Michael,

    I’m so sorry that you won’t make it to Sydney. I know how much you were looking forward to going. Practicality can sure get in the way of fun, can’t it? I totally understand. I’m still resting up after just five days in Arizona. Your heart has been with Jessica every mile of her voyage so I know that those who will be there will be representing you in their celebration. I can’t imagine that there are any supporters who have been more loyal than you. I want to go so bad that it’s really killing me not to make plans. But I just have too many reasons to stay close to home right now. I do know that between you and me and some others, we’ll be cheering so loud from the U.S. when Jess sails into Sydney Harbour that they will probably hear us. I don’t know if any of the local Sydney TV stations will stream live coverage of her arrival on the internet, but as the day gets closer, if I come across any info, I’ll let you know so we can experience it as much as possible.

    Thanks for the link to Jessica’s publisher, Tony. Like Michael, I’ll contact them unless I find her book available immediately in the States.

    Sam, it’s nice that you volunteered to take the shot’s from Magpie. Something tells me that you can take the heat.:-))

    Hope everyone is doing well. It’s always a pleasure to hear from all of you.


  19. 03-12-10 @ 17:31
    Hi Saltydog,
    Thanks for the kind letter, I feel that we both suffer the same disappointments. I know you’ve had your hands full lately and life isn’t all that good for you (somewhat) but I know you are a strong individual and you will overcome the obstacles. I do hope your brother is doing well. I don’t know if I missed it or not, but what is your brother’s name?

    I hope we’ll be able to see her arrive in Sydney, that would be awesome. I think I’d raise the roof off my apartment when she crossed the line.
    I’ll be in touch if and when I find out something as well.

    You might want to be careful of your throat when you start whoopin’ and cheering, I know how loyal and faithful a follower you have been also.
    The girl is just amazing, I can only wish her the best in her life, and I do believe she‘ll have it.

    You know Mark, I’m beginning to feel sorry for Magpie…lol…

    Cheers to all and take care,


  20. Hello Michael, I hope you're well,

    I'm sensing a little animosity from you of late as I suspect others would be too. It saddens me because I have enjoyed some good laughs with you in the past as I continue to do with Magpie.

    I'm even more sorry now that you won't be in Sydney so that I can apologise to you in person for whatever it is I've said or done to upset you.

    If you've just been joking around and I've taken this all entirely the wrong way then forget this conversation ever happened and I shall shutup now and go away. :-(( But please stop with your digs because you're giving me a bad name.

    As Jessica Rabbit said in "Who Killed Roger Rabbit?", I'm not bad, I'm just drawn that way.

    I'm very sad. :-(( Because I do love you!
    I love all of you. Have a good day...Sam :-((

  21. 03-13-10 @ 04:00
    My Dearest Samurai,
    Your letter upset me very much, there is no animosity between us that I’m aware of, and it saddened me that you would even think that there was. The only remarks that I could see that you may have misconstrued as “digs”, were that you can ‘roar like a lion’ and when I told Mark that I ‘felt sorry for Magpie‘. Meaning that, if he messed with you, he had a tiger by the tail, however he teased you, you could give it right back to him. You even mentioned that yourself. That was all ‘tongue in cheek’ humor. Just plain fun loving humor amongst friends. No harm intended.
    You have done nothing to upset me, but I’m curious to know what it is that I have done to upset you.
    You are not a woman to be trifled with and if someone were to step on your toes, you would let them know about it, you stand up for yourself.

    The letter bothered me because it brought back to mind how we stood up and supported each other on different occasions when bloggers got a little out of line, and yes, we have had many a good laugh together.
    I honestly hope that was the trouble area and that I have explained myself, but if I’m missing something, or there is more to this please drop me an e-mail.
    If you recall, we had a similar misunderstanding a few months ago, just a misinterpretation of a sentence, and we got that straightened out. I have no desire to cause you any sadness or to give you a bad name.
    Now I’m gonna get sad….lol..
    So lighten up and put a smile on that pretty face, I love you too and I don’t like seeing you sad.

    Have a good day and smile,

  22. Hi Special Friends....

    Phhheeeew...glad that's sorted out...was uncomfortable. FRIENDS???...YOU BET XOXOXOXO

  23. 03-13-10 @ 20:13

    To plagiarize your line Collette,


  24. Hello everybody,

    Friends??? Hell, yeah!!! XOXOXOX
    It wasn't my intention to change that. In fact, I believe the true test of friendship is being able to air differences and remain good friends.

    Have a great day, take care and bye for now...Sam

  25. Hi to all fellow Jessaholics,

    Exciting to receive Jessica's latest blog, she has an amazing knack of being able to lift me up off my office chair and levitate me onboard where I can share the visual delights. The mirrored sea reflecting the stars in utter silence must have been out of this world.

    Now for some folk who have gone AWOL...I hope you are well @Bruce Watt and @Nutralady, please drop us a line to say hi.

    @Tim09,I will be in SE Qld from 30 March until 5 April (my brother lives at Kings Beach and my son co-ordinates Surf Rescue from the NSW border to Jumpinpin via Surfcom)... so another Jessaholic lunch would'nt go astray! I suspect everyone is already committed for Easter though.

    Jonathan, you must be flat stick settling into your new premises....any change is almost always exhausting just because it is!

    Michael, glad you still have Leeloo, my darlings are Missy Moo and Gonzalez. They earned their names due to one being an absolute cow, and the other is very speedy when he needs to be!

    Sam, is your profile photo of your pet cat?

    That's plenty from me for now, so cheerio to you all.

  26. Sorry I haven't checked in I have been reading. I'm here just battling with a few health issues and being busy with "life". x

  27. Hi everyone, I hope you're all well.

    1845hrs in Perth and we've just had the most beautiful pink sunset against a mackarel sky! Shame I didn't have my camera with me.

    Hi Collette, I was just reading your entry and the word Jumpinpin caught my eye and I must say, what a great name for a town. Yes, that's my pusscat, Lady. Sadly she is now in heaven but I just love that picture of her, I can almost hear her purring when I look at it.

    I just saw the latest news section on Jessica's blog and it appears they're starting to gear up for a "Welcome Back Jessica" campaign with their primary sponsor, Ella Bache. I imagine the events would take a considerable amount of planning at the three locations and probably wouldn't be held in Sydney for at least a few days after Jess' arrival, in which case I would more likely be back home and even back at work by then. We'll just have to wait and see, I guess.

    Hello nutralady2001, nice to see you again. I'm sorry to hear you've been unwell and sincerely wish you a speedy recovery. You've been gone for a while but not forgotten. I've always enjoyed reading your very warm and endearing comments to Jessica, which I've missed of late. I do hope everything goes well for you. XX

    Mark, (SaltyDog) I must say I'm more than impressed with the enthusiasm with which you've taken to some Aussie delicacies. I love the idea of "Frequent Pie-ers" :-)) Have you tried Sweet 'n Sour, jam (jelly to you) on Vegemite. It's good, especially on crumpets. :-))

    Hello Jonathan, I hope you're progressing well with your current project and taking care not to exert yourself too much.

    To everyone else, I hope you're all happy and healthy.

    Happy days and cheers! Love...Sam XX

  28. Sam,

    I’ll put Sweet and Sour jam on my shopping list. It might help the Vegimite slide down a little easier. And I really did enjoy a couple of Aussie feasts over the weekend. I’ll fill up my Frequent-Pier card real quick.

    Have a great day, everyone.


  29. Mark,

    No, not sweet and sour jam. I meant the sweet and sour combination of a layer of vegemite then a layer of jam on the same piece of bread or crumpet or whatever, preferably toasted.

    Sorry, I should have explained it better. I hope you understand now and enjoy it.


  30. Boy, I got a good laugh over my own stupidity on that one, Sam. I even looked at my local Aussie supplier's website for some Aussie Sweet and Sour jam. You just made it a whole lot easier for me. Thanks for straightening me out. I'll try it.


  31. I haven't checked the blog yet but got an email from Ella Bache have used their products for years, 3 places where you can meet Jesse

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