Sunday, October 3, 2010

A Few More Pictures (Belatedly)

Ailsa and Jess In Melbourne

Ailsa and Julie in Sydney

Wilsons Promontory in the distance (from Sandy Point)

Venus Bay from above the clouds (4500 ft)


Hello Everyone,

Business commitments and a flurry of birthdays and relo's visiting have taken me off the Jessaholic landscape for a couple of weeks.

I did commit to posting these pictures of Ailsa with Jess and Julie so here they are.

The lovely weekend weather was perfect for a fly across to the Prom and I thought I would attach a couple of those pictures as well. Its not too often that I get to fly above cloud (it depends on the ability to see the ground through the clouds - which I could).

I look forward to hearing from all of you.



  1. Hello Jonathan
    Thanks for the new post, we always love to see "Brag Photos" and these ones of Ailsa with Jessica and Julie are great. (Thank goodness Ailsa didn't post any Collinwood photo after their GF win on Saturday).
    Wilson's Prom would be one of our favourite places, we have camped there, and done extended hiking throughout the Prom and it is good to see these photos from the air.
    A great big hello and hugs to everyone.
    Cheers from Faye and Max.

  2. The pictures are great Jonathan.
    I love the cloud and by the looks of the surf it was indeed a beautiful day. hoo Roo ☺☺☺

  3. Lovely pics of Ailsa with Jessica and Julie ... wonderful memories of an amazing time that brought us all together.

    Your pics from the air are beautiful Jonathan, well done!

    Cheers to everyone.

    Fay, (HomeSweetBoat) Gold Coast

  4. Fantastic photos, Jonathan. I think Ailsa had even a bigger smile after the Grand Final this past weekend. Thanks for the post. It's great to hear from you.


  5. Wow!

    These are fabulous photos Ailsa and Jonathan!
    Thankyou, and it's terrific to hear from you.

    Lovely to hear from you as well Fay, Mark and The Bartlett Family of course!

    After 7 months alone, Jessica sure has had a good helping of 'smile for the camera' and 'say cheese'! She still amazes me with her
    charisma and coping mechanisms.

    Again Max and I are in the early stages of planning a get-together in November and we're hoping to arrange a day/s a little different so please stay tuned!


  6. Hi everyone!

    GREAT pics, Jonathan! Thanks for sharing! :)

    I'm s-l-o-w-l-y rejoining the wider world after a busy and hectic time leading up to and then the actual, daughter's wedding!:)

    Hmmm ... I wonder what Collette and Max are up to? Secret Jessaholic organising going on by the sounds of it! Haha!

    Just popping in to say G'day and making an attempt to get life back to "normal!" :)

    Cheers .......... Soldier's Mum :) xxx

  7. A warm hello to all Jessaholics!

    How about these magnificent awards Jessica is being honoured with!

    The Sporting Hall of Fame!!!! That is extraordinary!

    If Jesse was a racehorse like her fellow recipient, we all would have been on to a good thing!

    But we were anyway....and I am sure Jesse and Andrew et al would never have dreamed of such ongoing recognition.

    Hoping you are all well and happy,


  8. Hello to Everyone!

    Ailsa -- SO good to see you with Jessica and Julie! A year ago, who would have guessed that we bloggers would actually be photographed enjoying some special moments with our girl!? Way to go Ailsa!! (BTW - you're looking great!)

    Jonathan - Thank you for keeping up the blog! I have gotten behind in viewing it this fall (fall in the US!). Last year it seemed there was only one blog to check --Jessica's, and now there are several that post interesting things about Jessaholics and Jessica. I really appreciate that you take the time to post updates. And I always like your lovely aerial photos. Here's hoping you will keep this going........

    To everyone -- THX to all of you for posting. Your notes are fun to read....almost feels like one is keeping up with family news!

    I think of you all often! May your days be filled with sunshine and good things!

    Take care now.

    Janell in Oklahoma, USA

  9. Hi Aussie members,

    Tonight (Tuesday 26 October) SBS One is advertising a program called Deep Water to be shown at 10.00pm.

    It is described as "the story of the first non-stop, single-handed, round-the-world yacht race initiated by Britain's Sunday Times newspaper in 1968.

    My reference to "Extreme Sail" by Oliver Dewar states that this race was referred to as the Golden Globe race. Only one competitor out of eight entrants finished and the race produced "a catalogue of disasters, capsizes and a mid-Atlantic suicide". At that time fewer than ten private yachts had rounded Cape Horn.

    The successful entrant was Robin Knox-Johnston, then aged 28,

    This reference further states "While modern ocean racers can speak with their families ....on satelite phones etc. Knox Johnston and his fellow yachtsmen depended entirely on unreliable radio sets with patchy coverage for communication and human contact .......those onshore following the race could only guess whether the sailors were alive, the competitors had no idea where their opponents were and, finally, the situation provided an opportunity for foul play".

    It was a wild ride and I expect this 'doco' will be largely based on Knox-Johnston film coverage of the event. It ends at 11.45pm accordingn to the television program. I will be watching!


    Tony L (Mt Martha VIC)

  10. Hi Tony...thanks so much again for that tip...I was absolutely glued to the telly....

    What an A M A Z I N G story with terrific footage....absolutely astounding.

    (hi to everyone)!!!

  11. 'Tis me again!

    We are making good progress in organising our Jessaholic Luncheon in Geelong Sat 27th November. In fact, arrangements should be finalised by the end of this weekend and I am getting the feeling it will become something pretty special.

    We are really excited to have interstate Jessaholics confirmed starters as well as our loyal 'regulars' here in Victoria.

    If anyone out there would like to join us,you are most welcome so please do not hesitate to make yourself known to us and we will pass on the details.

    Remember...the more the merrier!

    Toodles for now,

  12. Hi Guys, Great photos as usual Jonathon. I have been off the radar with study and down sick with diverticulitis. I went to visit my beautiful grandson who is now 6 months old and a very adorable little chap. I found out my son who boards with his sister and her partner is a very hands on uncle with the exception of nappy changing.
    Great news on Jessica winning the Queensland section of the young Australian awards. I know I certainly nominated her for the award. Our little Jessica has proved she is one special woman and a credit to all young Australians who want to get out there and give it a go I am so proud of her.
    Happy birt6hday to Annie.
    Evie (

  13. Hi All,

    Partied out,(Jessaholic weekend).

    Report soon xxxx :))