Saturday, August 28, 2010

Melbourne Jessaholics Luncheon No. 3

Clockwise from left : Chris, Tony L, Clint, Jonathan,
Faye, Max, Sally and Ailsa
Don't miss the spectacular views from Kirks of
Mornington (thanks Faye and Max)

Enjoying each others company !

Faye and Ailsa share a light moment !

Faye, Max and Sally

Hi Everyone,

The Melbourne "chapter" of Jessaholics had our third luncheon today and it was a very enjoyable event.

We had Faye, Max, Clint, Ailsa, Chris, Sally, Tony and Jonathan and sorely missed Collette and Peter (Collette wasn't well).

Sally made pink Jessaholic badges for all of us and lots of pictures, DVDs and stories were exchanged by all.

We are already talking about our next luncheon and it looks like we are all going to Geelong, perhaps a little further out to Torquay.

Here are a few pictures of todays event.



  1. WOW You're quick on the draw Jonathan!!And what super photos too! Wasn't it a lovely lunch! <('v')>Mmmm delicious meal too.Thanks Max and Faye for arranging the day.I'll definitely go back.

    It was great to meet you Jonathan (finally) for the first time today but somehow I feel we know each other a little bit already from sharing conversation on the Blog.

    Chat was lively and discussion centred around the Documentary and True Spirit as well as the book signings which we had recently been to.Max had been busy with DVDs which I can't wait to watch when I get a quiet moment.Thanks a million Max you're a treasure.

    Clint's having technical difficulties with his set up but we know what that's like and appreciate his frustration with it all...hang in there Clint.\(@v@)/
    We missed you....Collette and Peter and hope you are feeling better soon.
    Great catch up everyone and thanks Jonathan for sharing today's photos.
    Sally and Chris

  2. Hi all

    Just confirming another great luncheon with 8 of us attending, unfortunately Collete and Pete pulled out at the last minute.
    Collette and Pete had put together their DVD of our time at Lane Cove covering our time at the Caravan Park,out on Polaris of Belmont. Jessica's arrival, and the Jessaparty afterwards. There were distributed to those that had not already received them. All in all a great day and we look forward to our 4th Jessaholic Luncheon in Geelong.
    Thank you Jonathon for posting the photos and to Sally by the Bay for making our rosettes.

    Cheers from Faye and MaX.

  3. Hi everyone,

    I am really sad I couldn't get to the lunch yesterday. I've had a small medical dilemma which culminated in an unexpected general anaesthetic in Friday. Suffice to say I woke up on Saturday feeling like I had the mother of all hangovers! I couldn't even keep water down. Honestly, it was really gross to say the least!

    Enough about me though..the photos look picture perfect, and again I'm so sad I missed out. I'd been looking forward to the get-together for what seemed like months. I thought about you guys all day...and what a gorgeous sunny day it was. Again, the water views look beautiful and are reminiscent of Jessica's voyage.

    Thanks Max for organising the day, you did a top job.

    Looking forward to the 4th lunch then!


  4. Hi everyone,
    Twas a lovely afternoon for sure, sorry to hear that you weren't well Collette in fact it sounds pretty lousy...I do hope you feel a lot better now...

    You know how I was talking about composing emails and making sure that things like spelling and just words including "names" were correct before sending stuff.....well my humble apologies Jonathan but I left your name out in my latest post on Jessica's blog today...boy you don't know how much that frustrates me!!...sorry mate if I could delete the message and resend it I would but as we all know Jess's blog arrangement doesn't allow for it...Jonathan picked me up on the way to Kirks, he met and gave mum a little gift and was most impressed with mums paintings, many thanks indeed in fact we were in deep discussion and missed the turn off to Kirks but we cut through Mt Martha and arrived with time to spare, anyway it was a great afternoon...we have to do it again sometime.



  5. Hi All,

    Clint, no worries mate. The main thing is that we all enjoyed ourselves.

    Faye and Max, "rosette" was the word I was looking for and couldn't get off the tip of my tongue. Yes, the pink rosette's were a great touch Sally and it was very nice to finally catch up with Chris and yourself.

    Collette, hope the fuzzies have worn off and you are well on the road to recovery. Look forward to luncheon no. 4 in Geelong.

    Ailsa, I'll bring my guitar if you'll bring your banjo to the next luncheon and we can try a bit of blue grass with an infusion of folk rock ! Neither Jerry Garcia nor Crosby Stills and Nash would mind if we syncopate a bit.






  7. Hi to all -- YES! It is true that a group of USA Jessaholics will be having 'dinner with Jessica' in New York City on the evening of September 8! Bill Fambrough (Georgia Guy) has worked tirelessly over the past two-three months to get everything arranged to make this possible. It will be a quiet affair --no TV cameras, no radio, no videos....just an 'at home' kind of across-the-table fellowship and conversation. Meredith and I are meeting Michael (Hezakiah299) and Mark (Salty Dog) at JFK airport and going into the city together. There we will meet up with about 15 other dedicated Jessaholics. You would be familiar with their blog-names, I'm sure.

    And, I can assure all of you, there will be plenty of photos. Perhaps I can do another online album so you can see exactly how we spent the evening!

    Many thanks to Bill F, Andrew, Hatchette, and Jessica for making this happen!

    As Collette would say, this is going to be fantazmigorrigle!!!

    Janell in Oklahoma, USA

  8. Hello everyone

    Thanks Jonathan and Max and Faye for those lovely photos. How great it is to see you all enjoying yourselves and reminiscing about Jessica's amazing voyage.

    I am so happy the faithful followers from America will be meeting up with Jessica soon. YAY!!

    Collette, please get better soon ... I can imagine how frustrated you must have been missing the luncheon.

    Take care everyone!

    Fay from the Gold Coast

  9. We also are just thrilled to hear that the American Jessaholics will be spending time with Jessica at your own special dinner. Jessica must really appreciate the support you from overseas have given her throughout her voyage into history. It must be also thrilling for you all to finally meet each other, and in the presence of Jessica. Have a wonderful night, take lots of photos, we mean lots of photos, we can't wait to see them. It will be a sensational night for you.

    Cheers from Faye and Max.

  10. I'm so happy for you folks over yonder, what I'd give for an opportunity to sit down at the same table over dinner and be able to express to her the emotion I have felt, the emotion we all have felt following her around the world, honestly you guys are very very fortunate.....

    We wanna hear all about it okay!!!


    Clint - Melbourne Town

  11. I wish that all of you could join us, Clint. Wouldn’t that be amazing to be able to get all of the Jessaholics from around the world together at the same time to visit with Jess. This really will be a dream come true for me. There will definitely be a lot of emotions flowing and we’ll do our best to represent all of the Jessaholics as well as all of you have in Oz. I know that you’ll all be in our thoughts and conversations. I’ll be getting up at 2:00 am Tuesday morning to head to the airport. That is, if I can get to sleep at all on Monday night. I’ll definitely be running on adrenaline. Janell, I can’t tell you how nice it is of you, Meredith and Michael to wait for me at JFK. I’m sure looking forward to meeting all of you. And as Faye and Max would say, there will be lots of “brag” photos.


  12. Hey Jonathan,

    Great pictures and I so appreciate your posting them.

    Looks like a good time was being had by all.

    Collette, you get better and don't do that again ! Ya hear?

    Best to all


  13. Hey Sir Salty Dog may be onto something there. We could get all the Jessaholics together in a way.

    We just need a webcam which most of us have and a Skype link to the room near times square.

    I wonder if the Jessaholics could set up a coputer on the table?
    Now that would be something.

    ☺☺☺ Dreaming of a Howdy doo ☺☺☺

  14. I won't be taking my laptop with me since I'm still trying to figure out how to carry the 10 pounds (4.5 kg) of Tim Tams that I have onto the plane. So far the best solution to that problem is to eat half of them before I get to the airport. I working on it.....


  15. Soldier's Mum says ...

    Greetings everyone! :)

    WOW! The Melbourne lunch, which sounded, and photos show, was another delightful gathering, and now ..... the mates in the USA are gathering to meet Jessica! How fabulous!
    I know I don't need to tell you to have fun, because that's a given! :)

    Oh, and please say G'day to Jess and Andrew from me! :)

    Hope everyone is well, I've been a wee bit out of the loop, but haven't dropped off the planet. Just attempting to stay afloat here under what has been challenging times. Intend to set time aside on the weekend and read up on all the blogs etc.

    Hope everyone is keeping well and now that spring has arrived, here's looking forward to getting out into the great outdoors and enjoying some life giving sunshine and warmer weather!

    Sending all my warmest wishes ....

    Cheers, Soldier's Mum :)

  16. Hi Jesse-pals...

    I feel a little guilt for not being around this wonderful site for a bit longer than usual...truth is that the NYC Jessaholic dinner has been hijacking my attention for a week or so.

    Congratulations to all our American friends, your loyalty and support of Jessica is not only appreciated by us here is Ozziland, but also quite clearly by Jesse herself as well as Andrew, her management team, sponsors and family.

    It has also become evident to me that we Jessaholics tend to have our posts published on Jesse's blogsite as a matter of priority by Jesse's family. That, in itself, speaks volumes.

    Oh, BTW....we Melbournites must work on another date for a luncheon....ANNOUNCING....

    ANNIE (as in Bluefin) IS THINKING OF COMING DOWN FROM QUEENSLAND!! (sorry Annie for stealing your thunder)!...but I'm very excited about that prospect.

    Also, a delightful Jesse fan in Tassie would love to join us 'if given a very good reason' next time we all get together. This person wrote one of the most memorable blogs to Jesse that I ever read. So I personally would like to see this happen.

    How fortunate we are to have all been brought together through 'just an ordinary girl'...


  17. And with a bit of luck we might be able to persuade someone from Bendigo also. Wouldn’t that be a great gathering !!!!

    Cheers from Faye and Max.

  18. Can I say that in my own way I love all you 'guys'????

    'cos that's how I feel...true xxx

  19. Collette -- DITTO from the US!

    Janell in OK

  20. Let's make this a big "Love Fest."

    Ditto that.....


  21. LOVE it!!!! How blessed we all are.

    Fay, from the Gold Coast

  22. With all this mushy stuff that has been going on, I glad the footy is on tonight !!

    Cheers from Max.

  23. What a lovely lunch we had with Collette and Pete at Geelong yesterday. They took us to the Geelong Football Club for a very pleasant meal and a chat. Of course we spoke about all things Jessica, and all the Jessaholics must have had their ears burning. Lovely meal, lovely venue, lovely company thank you so much Collette and Pete, we had a great day.

    Cheers from Faye and Max.

  24. Dear Faye and Max...and ALL Jessaholics..

    Honestly, it was one of the most enjoyable days we've had in a long time.

    Lovely meal, fine wine, great company, no stress....purrffect at The Cattery!

    The last thing we spoke of as we parted company was that it was all made possible thanks to Jessica!

    We are 'putting the feelers out' for interest in a Jessaholic luncheon in late November-early December. We'd like to get an idea of how many are keen, as we hope to be able to welcome Jessaholics from farther afield for our next get-together. Geelong area is a likely venue, but all suggestions are welcome.

    Looking forward to hearing from you all,