Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Jessica - Less Than Three Weeks to Cape Leeuwin !

Hello Everyone,

Its nice to be back to see the tremendous progress Jess has made. By all accounts she should be passing Cape Leeuwin about the second week of April and consequently, passing the heads at Sydney around the second week of May (Tony, you are correct).

Here is a picture of Tony's EPL project and it looks just fabulous (even though Tony says it is a rough paint job) ! I can't wait to see it with sails and all. Well done Tony !

I will be finally taking this weekend off for some R&R.


PS Tony sent me another updated picture and requested I replace the one above with the new one but Tony, please indulge me if I just add it in as opposed to replacing it. We can then see how much amazing progress you have made with the model ! You can now see Jess' Toughbook, her Nav station and other little bits and pieces. Well done !

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

A Pause for Respite and Catching Up with the Jessaholics

Hello All,

Its nice to be able to step back (temporarily) after a very intense fortnight, working through two weekends and late into the night ! Its all good though and very exciting setting up the new facility exactly how I want to. Another two weeks to go before the set up is complete.

Jessica is making excellent progress and is a third of the way across the Indian Ocean. I'm already thinking past April when she passes through the heads at Sydney and wondering how we are all going to cope. Its been one of the most memorable experiences I have had in recent times and one that I will personally treasure for a long time to come. I'm sure all of you feel the same way.

Good luck everyone and keep those posts coming !


Saturday, March 6, 2010

New Friendships - Inspired by Jessica

Hello All,

Jessica's latest blog is as good as it can get. On one hand she speaks of "nothing glamorous or exciting to report" but on the other, the description of her "non routine" is so interesting and educational that I for one (not being a sailor), always thought that light winds and calmer seas meant having the opportunity to sit back and get some downtime. Little did I know that the frequently shifting, albeit light winds, required constant adjustment to maintain heading and track !

The picture of her dinner is as cute as it can get. If she ever decided to stop sailing (I think the moon will turn green before that happens !) she can manifest her skills in the culinary arts. Excellent presentation !

The Vics got together for lunch today and we had a wonderful time getting to know each other and enjoying each others company. During the time we were at the restaurant, we could see this massive storm cell move in and in a few minutes, the sea built up and we were all thinking of Jessica and how incredibly brave she is.

To Ailsa, Tony, Collette and your partner Peter, thank you for a very nice time. Each of you in your own way exude positive energy and most of all you are very interesting people. I for one, look forward to Sydney. Bruce, we did miss you.

I have included a picture of the Vics at todays lunch. Left to right : Tony, Ailsa, Peter, Collette, Jonathan. Oh, and I almost forgot ! Jessica's First Mate - Teddy (thank you Ailsa) !