Friday, August 20, 2010

Jessica - Gold Coast Book Signing

Hi All,

Fay (HomeSweetBoat) from The Gold Coast sent some really nice pictures of the book signing event there. It also puts a face to the name of another Jessaholic.

Here they are !

Looks like Jess' brother Tom is sitting behind her in the third picture.



  1. Hi everyone

    Good on you Fay......
    We just love these "brag photos". So pleased that you could meet Jessica and have some time with her, Jesse has certainly responded to the Jessaholics.Thank you for sharing them with us.
    We really came on tonight to say that Jessica's Documentary was replayed tonight on Channel 1HD. Our daughter text us to tell us, so we didn't worry about Geelong V Carlton, we watched Jessica again. We don't like admitting it, but it was just as emotional this time around.
    Cheers all from Faye and Max.

  2. Agree Jonathan...Hi Fay...thanks for sharing these wonderfull pic's, its so great that we all have made the connection with Jess, and it's all been surprisingly easy, for some of us it has been more than once know one of my favourite musicians is Neil Diamond, I have followed him throughout his life since I was 12 years old...I would like to meet him one day but I sooo doubt that I ever will....and the thing is for so many that followed Jess and have been swept up in this Jessica magic will never get the chance to meet her in person...well, I'm not sure where I was heading with all that...but suffice to say that we all have been privileged for the chance to meet her and Max has actualy given her a hug!...I think I have that on Video...anyway all good stuff, its just gone 2:12am I'm not making much sence.

    Keep the pictures coming

    Night folks...

  3. Great pictures, thanks Jonathan.

  4. Fay, I'm so pleased to see you at The Oasis signing....a good turnout again for Jesse's booksignings. Thanks for the photos.

    This time next week we Melbournites will be sipping and supping the (quote Clint) Jessica 'magic' once again.

    Thanks Miss have created a sub-culture...and a great group of friends.

    Richard, it's kind of you for dedicating a page on your blogsite to baby EPL...Tony is very deserving of it.

    Soldiersmum..thinking of you on this sad day.


  5. Hi Fay,
    Great photos and don't you love Queensland in the winter!!

    All still T shirts and light clothing....WOW what a climate.Here in Melbourne we have had the icy Southern Ocean blasts from Antarctica lately.

    You look very happy to have had the chance to chat with Jessica and get photos too.Thankyou for sharing them from sunny Queensland..
    "Beautiful one day...perfect the next".\(*v*)/

    I spent my early childhood enjoying the out door life in Graceville near Brisbane and loved it!!
    I'ts great Jesse brought her brother along too.They seem to have a terrific relationship and are very close.

  6. Thank you Jonathan for putting up the pics.

    And, thank you Faye (with an e!)and Max for encouraging me to take the pics, Clint, Magpie, Collette (would still love to meet you next time you are on the Gold Coast)and Sally (always LOVED your contributions, you are so talented!)

    Yes, we are so blessed to be living on the beautiful Gold Coast, having moved here from South Africa 10 years ago!

    It's so great to have "met" all you lovely people. Jessica certainly has brought us all together - she is SO sweet and unaffected.

    Love to you all!

  7. No worries Fay, we just like to see others have the same enjoyment that we had in meeting Jessica.
    Only 4 more sleeps until our Jessaholic Luncheon on Saturday, it will be great to catch up again with all our new friends, no doubt a comprehensive report of our day will be posted. ***watch this space ***.

    Cheers from Faye and Max.

  8. Hi All,

    Jessica is now officially on holiday - but sailing in the Audi Hamilton Island Race Week on a 6.1m Laser SB3. The SB3 is a one-design open Sports Boat designed to be sailed by a crew of three, which basically means all the boats competing are identical and not of varied shapes and sizes as can occur in the handicapped events in ocean racing.

    The boat is sponsored by Panasonic and is named Lumix Panasonic. It will be skippered by Matthew Jones and crewed by Jessica, Mike Perham and Sean Lindsell. They will sail against another highly regarded ocean racer, Rod Jones, who also sails from Mooloolaba Yacht Club and against Lauren Calder who will sail with an all-girl crew.

    The International SB3 World Championships for 2012 will be held in Australia on Corio Bay, Geelong, hosted by Royal Geelong Yacht Club.


    Tony L