Sunday, August 8, 2010

Jessica - Melbourne Book Signing

Clint, Jonathan, Faye, Jess and Max

A Beaming Clint with Faye's and Max's grand daughter and Faye looking on !

Max with Jess

Jonathan with Jess (Louisa Dear from Hachette Publishing looking on)

Hi All,

Faye, Max, Clint and I were at Knox City Shopping Centre, in Melbourne's South East this afternoon to get our copies of Jess' book signed.

Andrew Fraser from 5Oceans Media assisted with giving all of us the opportunity to spend a few minutes exclusively with Jessica.

After the event, we all adjourned to The Coffee Club to debrief and generally enjoy each others company. Here are a few pictures.




  1. Thanks, Jonathan, for posting these pics! You lucky ducks! :) Great that you were able to meet 'n' greet with Jess! Our turn on tuesday here in S.A.! :) Can't wait to meet her and to read her book! Nice you all could gather over coffee afterwards, that would have been a nice way to finish a terrific occasion. :)

    Greetings everyone! :)
    Hope everyone is keeping well.
    Apart from trying to keep warm here in this really cold weather we're having, helping our daughter move house, and a "million" other "to do" list things to accomplish, life here rolls along fine and dandy.

    Stay safe and well one and all!

    Cheers from, Soldier's Mum :)

  2. Hi everyone

    This girl - I tell you - is just sensational. The warmth and affection she showed towards Jonathan, Clint and ourselves at the book signing was amazing. We were able to spend quite some time with Jessica after the signing, and she was more than happy to pose for as many photos as we wanted.
    We were all on a real "High" when we had our coffee after it was over. It was just a fantastic day.

    We have some more photos coming so "stay tuned"

    Cheers from Faye and Max.

  3. Great stuff Jonathan,
    Clint looks mighty darn pleased he got his poster signed.
    ☺☺☺ Hoo Roo ☺☺☺

  4. Oh, you lucky people. You know that you have all of us on the other side of the lake feeling pretty envious. I'm sure Ailsa had a great time also at her trip to the book signing and Soldier's Mum will on Tuesday.

    Thanks for the photos, Jonathan.


  5. Hello All

    Thank you Jonathan for the lovely photos ... so nice to see you all happy and enjoying the occasion. Indeed, what a special young lady Jessica is. We can't wait for her appearance and signing here on the Gold Coast on Wednesday, 18th August - YAY!

    Best wishes to everyone and miss you all!

    Fay, from the Gold Coast

  6. Hi, Jonathan!

    What a thrill!! Great to see the photos of your opportunity to see Jesse and have her sign your copy of her book, "True Spirit". . . we're all envious of you!!!

    Thanks, too, for keeping your blogspot active!!!

    Carol Florida U.S.A.

  7. THX Jonathan for the fun pix! All of you look great and VERY happy! It is nice to see so many of you having opportunities to meet 'our' Jesse in various places. I'm guessing you are all on a first-name basis with her by now! ....You can be sure, we 'up & over' here are all envious to say the least, but we all share the joy of seeing you with her and hearing about her graciousness and generosity.

    I wondered what I'd do with 'life after Jessica' but time has been filled with more travels and the recent wedding of our first granddaughter. So life is good! But, I do still check all the blogs and hunt for articles relating to Jessica and her activities. She is a precious girl and a great Australian treasure!

    Here's a big "HELLO" to ALL of you! Sure do hope all of you will keep blogging. Reading your comments is somewhat like checking in with family....very special!

    Love you guys,
    Janell in Oklahoma, USA

  8. Hi Everyone!!

    Thanks Jonathan for posting these fantastic photos. Jesse indeed is one beautiful person in every sense of the word.

    MAX......where are the rest...waiting....waiting...PLEASE!!!

    I'm so happy to 'see' all you Jessaholics back after a quite a long break for us all, and look forward to hearing from you all again soon.

    As for we Melbournites, the 28th August has been put forward as a date for a get-together lunch...please RSVP here or email moi!


  9. Hi All,

    I have added another group picture - thanks to Max.

    Hi Collette - 28 Aug pencilled in.

    For our friends in North America, I believe Jess is visiting your neck of the woods soon.


  10. Well Hello all you Guys...I haven't posted on Jonathons Blog thingy for awhile now...but I knew something happened this weekend that would bring us all out again...and so it did!

    I've been leaving comments all over the Holics Haven spot...but I thought I'd better put my paw print here again...

    As you chaps know meeting up with Jess again was just an amazing experince, I still can't put my finger on why...I think I've given up trying....but it was great for me mum to meet Jess too, Mum has been reading the book and has told me tonight that I'm really going to enjoy reading what Jess has written so I just can't wait!...I'll be seeing the Doco before reading the book me thinks...

    I note we can Vote for Jess for the Homecoming as Australias Favorite Event...I'd vote but for some reason the Link doesn't work...I've notified Andrew so I'm sure he'll check it out soon...

    Thanks for the Pictures Jonathon and Max...all good stuff...looking forward to the Luncheon...


    Clint - Dandenong

  11. Hi all,

    To vote for the "Australia's Favourite Event" competition, use the following address

    Then type Jessica Watson into the 'search' box. This will take you to the voting box and enable you to vote.


    Tony L

  12. Hi, Tony!!

    There was no address in your comment! Hopefully, you can resend it!

    I'm sure that they are not going to want anyone from outside of Australia to vote in this competition, but I'd like to check out the "Australia's Favorite Event" website, anyhow!

    Just want you to know it was so obvious that you put so much of yourself into the planning, design, and creation of the wonderful replica of Ella's Pink Lady!! And you ended up with a very special gift . . . straight from your heart to hers!

    I'm sure that you must be feeling a little let down now that your labor of love is finished, but, hopefully, you will feel great just remembering Jesse's reaction when you presented it to her, and also know that we all still remember the awesome creation and our appreciation and our amazement, and awe, goes on . . . and on!

    I truly hope that a photo of you presenting it to Jesse is included in her book, but, if not, at least we have that picture permanently imprinted in our minds! And we can more fully appreciate it since we've been able to see the photographs while you were working on it, and see the fine detail you incorporated into it!

    I salute you, Tony, and will never forget such a thoughtful craftsman, and his amazing work of art!!!

    Carol Florida U.S.A.

    * * * * * * * * * *

  13. Hi Carol,

    I attempted to resend the above advice about voting with the website address included but it seems to have disappeared. The link on Jessica's website has now been fixed so the address is not critical.

    As you suggest, voting is only open to Australian citizens.

    The website for the organisation is

    Thanks for your comments re what Jessica calls Baby Pink Lady.


    Tony L

  14. Hi all

    I just voted a few times for Jessica's homecoming, and it told me to go away and come back later, how many times can you vote at the one time ??

    Cheers from Faye and Max.

  15. Hey everyone...
    Andrew confirmed the barring of International Voters not being able to he said "Bugger"...but he was informed that the "Jess Event" received the most Votes lets spread the word!

    Max...that's funny about it telling you to go away and come back

    I must try that!



  16. Hi All

    Have a look at the news in Don McIntyres Blog
    under a photo of Don sailing Ella's Pink Lady

    Fantastic, marvellous, wonderful ........


    Tony L

  17. Hi everyone. Well Jesse was in Adelaide today i went to the signing.She was running late so they rushed us all through and she didn't have time to add our names to her signature.Was lovely meeting her she's so sweet.

    I didn't worry about a photo although others were having their photos taken when she signed their books. It was all over in about 2 seconds but I'm happy :)

  18. Hi all
    Sometimes you can vote 5 times, and other times only 3 or 4 times. We are up to 28, how are you all going.

    Cheers from Faye and Max.

  19. Jesse's Book is No.1...Yay Fantastico!!!!!...So Happy for her....

  20. Hi all,

    I just sent an email to Andrew asking if Jessica's US schedule had been set and he returned an answer within minutes. He said that they would be heading to New York on Sept. 5 for a week and then possibly to Los Angeles after that. I was hoping for a little more extensive tour than that, but he didn't mention any other stops. Unfortunately, it sounds like the chance of many of us getting a chance to see her are slim. WOW, is that disappointing. I sure had my hopes up of meeting Jess. So all of your reports and photos are that much more appreciated. Andrew also said that he is negotiating right now to make the DVD of Jessica's documentary available in the US. Thanks again to all of you for all of your reports after your visits with Jess.


  21. Hi everyone! :)

    We had 'our' Jessica encounter on tueday! :)

    It went very well and the weather was kind.
    Jess is just a lovely lovely young lady!

    Please excuse my not posting a more informative blog, but . . . I'm mad keen to get my head back into her book! LOL

    More soon! :)

    Cheers . . . Soldier's Mum :)

  22. Jonathan,

    Many thanks for posting the pictures here.

    I enjoyed the Soldier's Mum email account of her experience at the book signing so thanks SM.

    To me it's amazing how very little Jessica news escapes this tight and alert group with most everyone "on the hunt" for bits and pieces of information. It does so much toward keeping all informed.

    And Kudos to Richard for consolidating all of it on

    Thanks Jonathan for keeping this section up and running.

    Georgia Guy - USA

  23. Hi All,

    I'm all dressed up and nowhere to go ! I was going to the airfield for a leisurely fly out over Westernport Bay but when I poked my head out of the door, the wind was gusting up to about 40 kt (70km/hr). I looked at the aviation forecast for Area 30 and 32 (thats the whole of Victoria) and sure enough "severe turbulence" was forecast for all of today and deteriorating later on in the day.

    The first principle of flying is : " Its better to be down here wishing you were up there, than up there wishing you were down here". So I have erred on the side of caution and kept my feet firmly planted on terra firma.

    Anyway, enough of the waffle. I just wanted to say hi to everyone and to tell you that I have just started reading "True Spirit". Our Jess is truly one smart cookie. She dispenses with the sea trial collision right up front so there is no further conjecture with respect to that occurrence.

    The language in the book is simple yet compelling and will make an excellent read for young people in their classrooms. Have a look at Jess' latest blog entry - there is a response from a group of school students that is very interesting........

    Can't wait to see the doco "True Spirit" on OneHD on Monday. I will record it and attempt to put it on a DVD.

    By the way, I have voted multiple times on the "Favourite Event" web page. I'll keep at it again today. Hopefully, it gets the most votes.

    Have a great weekend everyone !


  24. Hi Guys, I have finally found you all with the help of Max and Faye. Thankyou, I really did not want to lose contact with the Jessaholics we have had a close communication going for such a long time and I was certainly having withdrawls.
    I got to meet Jessica at her book signing In Bendigo, I found her to be such an incredibly inspiring young woman. What blew me away the most was the petiteness of the lass and her ability to handle a boat in such horrendous conditions.
    I was disappointed that the local news media did not find her so awe inspiring as they put comments on page 13 and 15 and the other paper had nothing. This young woman is such an inspiration for all age groups especially the youth of today and I felt Jessica should have had better coverage.
    I got to have a photo taken with Jessica when I met her but the person using my camera was a poor photographer and it came out quite blurred.
    I went home after the book signing and sat in my chair with a cup of tea and read Jessica's book for the next 4.5 hours; not putting it down until I had finished reading it. I went through many emotions reading it including having a good cry. After reading it I think our Jessica has another book she could produce, a photographic coffee table book of all the epic events during the voyage.
    Well guys hope to hear from you all again soon.
    Love and hugs
    Evie Neilson Bendigo (

  25. Hi Eve,
    Welcome to "I'm a Jess-a-holic" home, so glad you were able to meet Jess pity about the picture, I relied on Louisa the lady doing crowd control and making sure Jess was kept on Schedule, at least she was prepared to take photos for people, I was lucky just to get a poster I had signed...she said to me "we're only really doing book signings...but...okay"

    I haven't started the book yet my mum has finished it took a week, but its interesting that it would take 4.5 hours if one was to sit down and read it straight...that's excellent stuff and I teared up as soon as you mentioned "having a good cry"...its so strange the effect this one girl has had on so bewildering...

    Well like Jonathon says...I can't wait to see her documentary airing tomorrow night, I wont be able to see it straight away as I'll be out at a meeting I have to attend so I won't be seeing it until midnight!

    This coming week Jess is flat out with Talks and Signings up and down the Queensland coast before heading off to the States...I hope the guys over there are lucky to get a chance to meet her in person...

    Cheers all

    Clint - Dandenong

  26. Hi Evie,

    It's great to see you here. I love it everytime that I hear of another Jessaholic getting a chance to meet Jess. Jessica might be small but it was her mental toughness that got her through. Whenever I hear of anyone taking on an adventure of that magnitude, it's the person's mental toughness that I question. But Jess more than proved hers. Tough as Watson!

    Let us know how the documentary is, Clint. It sounds like it will eventially be available in the states on DVD. I can't wait.

    And Jonathan, your a wise man for always remembering the first principle of flying.


  27. Hi Mark,
    Firstly, sorry for typing Evie's name wrong in my last post...

    Yes I've heard the same thing about the DVD release in the States, I hope it'll be before Christmas!
    Otherwise I'm recording it here of course in PAL Format but if anyone wants a copy I can burn a copy much easier than the recording of the Homecoming which was over 5 hours of live television I still haven't managed to make a copy without the adds but its taking up valuable space on my Hard Drive in the Foxtel Box...I need to finally sit down a burn to Disc the Homecoming I know there are folks out there patiently waitng...I'm getting there!



  28. Hi Evie ...welcome aboard!

    I too was amazed when I first saw how tiny Jessica is and if you check her details inTrue Spirit,she was only 49 kg on return from the journey.
    The medical records show she didn't lose too much weight but lost muscle mass particularly in her legs as expected....many walks on beaches needed!!
    When we saw Jesse Martin in Melbourne with Jessica just after her return I was also surprised the he too is not much taller or stronger looking than Jessica.I don't think Mike is a big lad either .All you need is the right boat,lots of courage, knowledge of the sea,weather,rigging and heaps of experience and away you go!
    Not for me....but I love to watch the sea from the shore.
    Can't wait for Monday night documentary.

  29. Hi Guys
    I thought I had better tell you I am a speed reader like my son. Which comes in handy for my university studies. I hope Jessica does seriously think about bringing out a photographic coffee table book.
    I am at the moment playing hooky from my take home exam and trying every excuse to avoid it at the moment but I will buckle down this afternoon and try and get my first of three essays started.
    Clint you are not the only one who loves photography. I was lucky enough to do a course through Open University Australia on photography and loved it. I also did several creative writing courses.
    Well must find something else to avoid my essay. My shepherd has just delivered her ball to me so I am off to throw ball with her for a while.
    Cheers guys.
    Love and hugs

  30. Hi Folks,
    Just briefly, Jessica's Documentary tonight is screening only on the ONE HD not Channel 10...and AND it goes for 2 Hours!!! I suspect 90 min's with about 30 minutes of ad's!!

    Evie...I've had many camera over the years but right now I don't have anthing that's worth while...but the Camera that Jonathon has..wooo, now that's a Camera!...I forget right now its Brand/Model but she's a beauty!

    Cheers all....enjoy tonights Doco!


  31. Hi All,

    What a great doco ! Truly amazing ! You watch the DVD sales going through the roof. I reckon the DVD will have even more.

    We all know what Jess went through in terms of the weather, the knockdowns etc but while we suspected that it would have some impact on her, today we actually saw some really raw moments.

    Each time she was down, she picked herself up and moved on and I found that extraordinary because there were times her very life was under threat and to recover from that situation quickly requires incredible mental strength. What tugged at my heartstrings during one of Jess' low moments was her desperately wanting a hug from someone.

    Sir Richards narration was superb.

    Thanks Clint. Its a Canon 5D Mark II DSLR with 22MP resolution. While its got one of the best full frame CMOS sensors in the market, its really the lens that makes the difference. You can have the best camera in the world but if you have an ordinary lens, that can take away up to 50% picture quality.


  32. Hi Everyone!!!

    It's great to 'see' you all here, it feels like old times.

    Welcome Evie, it's lovely to have you join us...would you like to join us for lunch on 28th August as well? It's always great fun to be surrounded by like-minded Jessaholics! Even my Pete is hooked!

    Carol, Janell, Fay and Nutralady,Soldiersmum.. I'm really happy to hear from you all again, and glad you keep in touch here. Same of course to Mark, Bill, Tony and's been a while I guess since we had the pleasure of your input.

    Yep, the documentary is a beautie...and I'm sure even the amazing footage still does not do justice to the size of that swell and 'liquid mountains'. Simply riveting.

    And as for Jessica's shore team....what a fortunate young lady she is to have had their kindness and expertise.


    Toodles for now, see you on 28th,

  33. This comment has been removed by the author.

  34. Hi everyone...

    Made a few mistakes in the last post so will try again.

    Welcome aboard Evie, glad you made it, so good to have you join us. You will have a great time here, but don’t forget those assignments.

    Jessica’s doco was fantastic. That girl certainly did it tougher than she made out in her blogs, but I think we all knew that. Some of the video of the water mountains were just frightening from our warm lounge chairs, imagine what they would be like in a tiny boat in freezing conditions in the middle of the ocean by yourself, at night.

    Jonathan took a photo of our granddaughter and myself at Jessica’s book signing, and it would be the clearest, sharpest photo we have ever seen. Zoom in as far as you like and it is still perfect.

    Enough for now, stay warm and safe,

    Cheers from Faye and Max.

  35. Hi all, and WELCOME Evie! :)

    Wish I could join you all on the 28th, but alas, it's not exactly just around the corner! LOL

    Wasn't the documentary just super terrific?!
    I'm keen to buy the DVD and re-watch it.

    I can't even begin to imagine being out there as Jess was, in those conditions, alone. Especially during the thunderstorms with the lightning etc! Oh my!

    I do hope our American friend's get to see her and soon have the book to read.

    I was unaware how much the Silver Yang had damaged Pink Lady, knew about the mast, but not the other damage. Full credit to those folks who volunteered to get her repaired and back into tip top sailing condition!

    To the lovely Jessaholic mates to whom I "owe" emails, please bear with me, I'm slowly catching up on my correspondence! :)

    Wishing everyone a safe, happy and healthy rest of the week!:)

    Cheers . . . Soldier's Mum

  36. Hi Guys
    Thankyou for the warm welcome from every one. I also have to let you know I am sorry to say I wont be able to join you for the get together down at Mornington it is just too far for me to travel.
    I have sent in my nomination form nominating Jessica as young Australian of the year as I told Max and Faye about. Got everything crossed she achieves that special award as she is certainly well deserving. Jessica has not only been an incredible ambassador for Australia, Australian youth but for Australianism itself.
    Well must get back to the assignments there is no lovely sunshine to distract me today.
    Love and hugs to you all.

  37. Hey Guys...just checked with JB Hi Fi...they already have copyies of Jessica True Spirit available...15 copies at the Dandenong Store!!

    You know where I'm going after work!!



  38. Beautiful Pictures!

    I have made a page for Baby EPL at

    and posted some pics of the model

    Tony sent me a few video links that show the moment Jesse first saw baby EPL!

    (Now she has two EPLs !)