Monday, February 1, 2010

Jessica Officially Homeward Bound (....and Some Images of New and Old Dubai)

Hello Everyone,

I can't believe how quickly Jess has reached midway up the Atlantic, or is it just the days passing by quickly? It just occurred to me that at the very start of Jessica's adventure, I knew next to nothing about sailing, although I was always fascinated by it. Talk about flying and you can't stop me ! After meeting some of you experts, I now have a rudimentary understanding of what its all about.

It is such a pleasure to see how well organised we are and how nicely the trip is taking shape.

By the looks of it, Jessica will be back in Sydney early to mid May so nailing down accommodation and flight bookings looks like being a moving target until possibly March. Any thoughts on how best to get an ETA window?


PS : Here are some images of new and old Dubai. The picture showing the Burj Khalifa, the worlds tallest building is against other buildings about a mile in front of the BK. These buildings are about the height of the Rialto or Eureka Tower in Melbourne so that gives you some perspective. The BK is about 2,800 ft tall ! The other pics are taken in a historic section of Dubai showing the original desert architecture.


  1. Just popping in quickly.Evereything seems to be coming together nicely.

    I'll be away tonight my daughter is having a nose op tomorrow and I'll be taking her to the hospital early so will stay at her place tonight. She'll be kept in overnight but I'll come home tomorrow night and go pick her up at 8.00am Wednesday.

    Thanks for the Dubai photos Jonathon, fascinating place, although I hear it isn't doing too well financially these days

  2. Hi Johnathon

    I was in Istanbul last year..loved the old city..

  3. 02-01-10 @ 03:03
    Welcome back Jonathon,
    Hope you had a good time, great pictures. The Burj Khalifa is so modern looking it almost looks like something out of a futuristic movie.
    I like the older buildings, they tend to tell a story. Not that I hear anything, but the older buildings have more history to them. They are good pictures though. I can't make out what that is in the foreground.

    Below is a copy of a forecast by Ben Larsson of Sweden (a blogger) I don’t have any idea how accurate he is on this, but I figure you would understand it much better than I. I just cut this off and sent you the most recent figures.
    I was going to go back through the earlier posts and see where she was on those dates to see how close he is.

    17-jan Falklands 51°40S 57°50W 10300 nm
    09-feb Longitude zero 40°S 0° 2450/13100 nm
    18-feb CapeGoodHope 34°21S 18°28E 945/14200 nm
    22-mar Longitude ninety 40°S 90°E 3350/17700 nm
    03-apr Cape Leeuwin 34°22S 115°08E 1250/19100 nm
    18-apr Hobart 42°54S 147°18E 1590/20900 nm
    24-apr Sydney 33°51S 151°12E 580/21600 nm

    Ben Larsson, Sweden January 21, 2010 6:51 PM
    As for myself, I found out that you have to have a specific date and it would have to be in within two (2) weeks of departure time or the price gets higher.
    If I have to take a chance I can always spend a few extra days before Jessica arrives. It’s going to work!!!
    Take care Jonathon,

  4. Hi all,

    Jonathan your pictures of Dubai are great. You are very fortunate to have had the time to wander around and visit both old and new sectors of the city.

    Michael, thanks for providing the time of arrival estimates posted by Ben Larsson about 10 days ago. I read them at the time and thought he was being extremely optimistic. I think he based his calculations on EPL maintaining about 110nm per day,at an average of about 4.6 knots speed (over the ground), which she often does.

    At that time she was about 1,500nm ahead of her expected position but since then she has had light winds and her recent report of hanging out the washing and having a 'holiday' suggested she was not making great progress. She could face more light wind and even calms with no wind in both the Atlantic and the Indian Ocean - which might knock her back closer to her planned schedule.

    I think that is a likely possibilty and I suspect that when her course was plotted and discussed with Bob, her meteorologist, they 'built in' that possibility in planning to arrive sometime in mid May - desirably the day before her birthday, I think, is what Jessica is hoping for.

    I asked Chris (Polaris owner) what he thought and he said that when she begins to head north after sailing past the southern coast of Tassie she will have to sail against the current which flows from north to south along the East Coast. That current assists the Sydney-Hobart boats by about 2knots when they travel south and travelling north it reduces speed over the ground by about the same. Chris also said the current flows faster in May than in January so it may put the brakes on EPL even more.

    I doubt that we will have any real idea until she reaches Matsuker Island (southern tip of Tasie) and I expect we will certainly know then because she will probably be close enough for News Helicopters to take photos etc. etc. She will then be about 7 or 8 days out from Sydney and the weather and the current at the time will determine her progress home.

    That would give us a weeks notice and at this stage that is all I can offer. I hope that is of some help - really we will have an increasingly more accurate idea the closer she gets. I think we have to live with that in mind.

    It's great that we are becoming such a chatty group. Keep in touch.

    Tony L (Mt Martha VIC)

  5. How do you do Mark Watland, it's nice to meet you, out there on the other side of my computer screen. So far and yet so close. :-))

    I'm sorry to hear about your brother's prognosis. It's good that you're able to share some quality time together. I hope time passed gently and peacefully for you both and may you draw stength from the certainty that we will carry you on board Polaris with us in spirit.

    Take care and bye for now.

    Sincerely, Sam

  6. 02-01-10 @14:40
    Hi Tony,
    Thanks for the response, planning something that’s taking place almost 10,000 miles away has me a little (lot) ‘antsie’. For me, there’s a lot at stake here, and I would be devastated if I were to miss this gathering. So, I appreciate all that you have explained to me, and what I need to do is practice a little patience.
    I think as Jessica gets to within a week of Matsuker Island, that should be time enough to order my tickets. Hopefully giving me a two (2) to three (3) day cushion on the arrival date.

    I did a lot of flying (within the U.S.) when I worked for Jeffrey Mining Machinery Inc. and never worried about the cost, they were footing the bill, and would usually call me at the last minute. Now it’s a little different situation and I have learned how quickly and radically the prices can change. Aaaaaahaaha, when the shoe was on the other foot.

    SaltyDog, that was an interesting story, it shows that you understand ‘paying the price’ to get what you want. I’m sure there were many sacrifices on your part, while in High School, to achieve that goal.
    Your brother and yourself are in my prayers. Hang in there Mark.

    Collette, my sentiments exactly, I have thought this many times but never put it in print: (a little plagiarism, Collette, thank you)
    “This (group, blog, Sydney, yacht) is indeed an unexpected turn in my life...I have NEVER spoken to anybody on the computer prior to Jesse's departure. But I feel entirely comfortable with it all...thanks everyone.”

    Not radically, but it seems as though my life has changed since Oct.18 ’09.
    Sailing was never a major interest in my life, and I don’t know what prompted me to read an article about Jessica, but when I did I was hooked, big time, Thank God for that. It was like she was instantly ‘my little girl’.
    So now, I’m her Great Grandpa, lol…..

    Tony, I thought that model was a great idea, how’s it coming and is there any way I can contribute towards it? If we were closer I would offer to do a lot of the sanding for you.
    So long for now,

  7. To all Jessaholics,

    Thank you, thank you, and thank you to ALL of you for your kind words. Sam, you're a great asset to your profession. I’ll try to keep my idle chatter off of the “I’m a Jess-a-holic” blog, but I’ll probably do a little ”eves dropping” occasionally to see how your plans for Sydney are coming. I guess I feel like all of the regulars who have been on Jessica’s blog for so long are kind of like college roommates. Even though we will all go our own ways, I’ll always feel a connection.

    Thanks again.
    With warm regards.


    PS: Fascinating pictures of Dubai, Jonathan. In November, quite a few unlimited hydroplane teams from my area held a race in Doha, Qatar for the first time. It was real interesting to follow their story and learn a bit more about that part of the world. Thanks for the pics.

  8. I posted earlier today, but my post is now missing.

    If anything i wrote offended anyone, I sincerely apologise. I can think of nothing I wrote that would be deemed offensive, but since my post is missing now, I do wonder?

    If it's because I must [publicly at least] remain anonymous, I had asked for understanding on this. However, if for whatever reason this is unacceptable, then I'll understand and wish you all every happiness and success in your quest to gather together to welcome Jessica home.

    Cheers from Soldier's Mum in SA.

  9. Hi Soldier's Mum

    There is a Post from you at the end of the previous group of Posts dated 2 January. I think this may be the post you are referring to. You have chosen to join this group so stick with us. You have given some valuable insight in some of your comments and I am sure everyone in the group is prepared to resoect your situation.
    Tony L (MT Martha VIC)

  10. Hi Soldiers Mum,

    I second Tony L in saying that you are already part of this group and we look forward to hearing from you frequently.

    I administrate this blog and at no time did I or will I screen and/or delete any post made by anyone. I reckon we are a great bunch on this group (yourself included) and we have developed a mutual trust and enjoy each others company.

    Again, please feel free to chat with us at any time and send out that missing post again.


  11. Hi Mark,

    I'm glad you liked to pics.....more coming that will knock your socks off. Yes....I was up in the Burj Khalifa (thanks to my wife) at about 2000 ft (just over 600m) and the view is breathtaking.

    I'm also glad you are sounding positive.

    Stay strong

  12. 02-02-10 @ 01:56
    Hi Soldiers Mum from SA,
    I would also like to say that I have read numerous posts by you and always enjoyed them. Never saw anything to complain about, you strike me as a fine sensible, mature Mum, and I do understand you're situation. So please keep posting so I can learn and laugh (you've got a sense of humour). lol…. Personally I don't think you have it in your heart to offend anyone.
    I regret that I won’t get to meet you at Sydney.

  13. Hi fellow Jessaholics,

    What an amazing entry by Jessica today! She certainly is having the time of her life out there, and for that I am eternally grateful to the Higher Power among us. Aside from that, Jesse continues inadvertantly to display her prowess. And in itself, is the very reason WE are all here.

    I lost an entire post earlier...darrrrrn it.

    Jonathan, where would we be now without this site you created? Major thanks to you once again.

    Soldiers Mum..I'm not sure of the conundrum, but I posted to you some days ago but cannot recall on which blog I planted it (it's on one of Jonathan's). Without sounding are one of 'us'.

    Michael, you must reassure your family that you have not been 'abducted by aliens'...rather, simply.. 'adopted by Australians' Some may argue the point, but believe me..there is a slight differnce !

    Mrs McGrath, I apologise for mis-spelling your name Jacquie.

    Speaking of's yours Sam!! Mauri! Thats a fantastic coincidence. An amazing history in your family I'm sure. Looking forward to going shopping girlfriend !!(must keep in mind it's not for shoes) hehehe..

    Tony, in response to your request,
    the big news of my day is that I have designed and delegated the construction of a "CUPCAKE"
    stand, it's pink and white and to be continued.....(thought I might bake a giant "tough cookie",it will be fairly stale by May!)

    Anyhow, cheers to you all, and them whom are not mentioned. we could not do 'it' without you.


  14. G'day all,
    Thanks for your kind words and acceptance, greatly appreciated.

    My "missing" post is as Tony said, on the other thread! LOL Don't know how it got there, coz I'm sure I posted it here! lol

    Uh oh! don't tell me "old timers" is settling in already! I'm in my 60th year this year, so anything's possible! :)

    Glad I'm welcome and I thank you for your understanding. :)

    Great to read today's blog by Jesse,she's certainly one amazing and inspirational young Aussie.

    We're off to Sydney on thursday, so will catch up after we return!

    Continued good luck with the planning and enjoy your blogging! :)

    Cheers from Soldier's Mum in SA.

  15. Hi all Jess-a-holics

    I've just come home from a couple of weeks hospital and haven't caught up with this blog yet but I can tell you I'm very sleep deprived from trying to get through Jessica's blogs and all the comments.

    Just thought I'd do a quick post to let you know that Jessica is well ahead of her scheduled and estimated position of where they thought she'd be.

    I've found out from a reliable source that at the pace she's going, Jessica would be coming through the Sydney heads between the 19th and 21st of April.

    That's going to throw out all homecoming plans and the major sponsor may require her to slow down to arrive near the planned day in May.

    I'm not sure of all the details that the major sponsor requires for her arrival date yet but as soon as I'm told I'll let you all know.

    I'm off for a lay down now and I'll go through all the jess-a-holic posts when I rise to see how planning is going for our trip.

    Cheers for now
    Barry Clements
    Bribie Island

  16. 02-02-10 @ 20:43
    Hi Fellow Jessaholics,
    Oh, I don’t mind being adopted by Australians, at least they wouldn’t perform any weird experimental research operations on me. At least I hope not. But shhhhhh, don’t let them know, but there is no immediate family, then the Aliens might get me. Haahaaaa!!

    Ailsa, my first love of music was Bluegrass, second was good Jazz, and through the years I would drift away from it, but I always came back. I played Banjo (I tried) for awhile but I am not a musician, although in my next life I’m going to sign up to come back as a musician, or I won’t come back until there’s an opening. Lol…. Boy I wish it was that easy, wouldn’t that be nice? What instrument do you play?

    Soldiers Mum, I couldn’t laugh at you for the ‘old timers’ moment since I’ve had one or two of those moments myself...I think it was one or two… lol…

    Barry, my name is Michael Howard, we haven’t met yet, but I’ve enjoyed reading your posts. Glad to see your back from the hospital, and hope everything went well, recuperating can be a hard stretch, but good luck to you.

    Cheers to all,

  17. Hi All,

    Barry, I agree Jessica is ahead of her schedule – she stated this a few weeks ago.
    On reading your post, above, I searched for a calculator that would give me estimated distances in nautical miles and found
    www. This site enabled me to select a starting port and a finishing port and ask it to calculate the distance between the two.

    The results I obtained were as follows:
    Cape Town to Perth = 4,773nm
    Perth to Hobart = 1,803nm
    Hobart to Sydney = 586nm
    That totals 7162nm to which should be added the 1,800nm from her current approximate position to Cape Town (based on Jessica’s statement of 2,000nm to Cape Town on Sunday 31 January). Thus the total distance to go is 8,962nm – say 9,000nm).

    At an average of 110nm per day it would take almost 82 days, which would give a calculated arrival on 26 April 26.

    The point I made was that “she could face more light wind and even calms with no wind in both the Atlantic and the Indian Ocean - which might knock her back closer to her planned schedule”. And at the moment, or at least for the last two days, she has been sailing rapidly on a ‘bad tack’ in a northerly direction instead of east taking her away from some bad weather and at the same time away from proximity to the great circle route which would give her the shortest distance home.

    So, I am suspicious of how much earlier some people estimate she may arrive until she is much closer to home. When she is south of Albany in Western Australia I think we will have a much better idea of her progress, and her meteorologist will then be in a much better position to accurately guess at when she will arrive. I say guess because forecasting weather is more often a calculated guess than an accurate science.

    I’m not greatly affected by the timing of her arrival – retiree with campervan – but a number of this group are, or may be, so if you are able to access information that would benefit the plans of the members of the group then please advise us. It will be important to all who need to plan holidays, and of special interest to Michael who will come from the USA.

    I hope your hospitalization has not knocked you around too much. Thanks for your contribution to the blog. Incidently, I first learned to fish during a holiday at Woody Point, at age 7, and from a canoe, and first heard of Bribie Island then.

    Tony L (Mt Martha VIC)

  18. Hello everyone,

    Jonathan, many thanks for the photos of Dubai.

    Tony, many thanks for the detailed update on Jessica's journey. Much appreciated and certainly very interesting. I hope she will be OK without her wind instruments operating. I suppose it is the projected forcasts that are more important and she would receive these from her support crew. I find it all so amazing. We go about our day to day life and there, in the middle of the ocean, is young Jessica dealing with the elements.

    Michael, I too play banjo .. I should say, try to play banjo - 5 string Earl Scruggs three finger style. The American bluegrass musicians who come out to our festivals are fascinated by the fact that here in Australia there is a group of dedicated bluegrass followers and certainly some excellent musicians. But our American guests .. they are brilliant. One day I'll wander over to Kentucky or West Virginia and attend some bluegrass festivals.


  19. 02-07-10 @20:22
    Hello Fellow Jessaholics,
    I have seen estimates of Jessica's arrival range from 4/19 to 5/17 so I'm going to practice a little patience, (as I said before) and wait until Jessica gets closer and you navigational people, who are much more qualified than I can set a date and time. As you say the variation in the wind can make such a difference, plus the sponsors input on this is also a factor. So therefore I will leave it in your capable hands.
    Ailsa, I don't want to mislead you, as far as my playing the Banjo, that was about thirty (30) years ago. So, I probably couldn't hit a flat E today. lol... I hope you'll bring your Banjo with you...Yes???


  20. Hi everyone,

    Jonathan, your trip sounds amazing, would love to visit Dubai one day, not only to see the development there but to visit the old part as you have done.

    I must apologise if I don't comment straight away but I do 12hr shifts day/night and I'm a bit of a vegetable when I finally finish them. It takes me a couple of days to catch up with everything including this blog.

    It's so nice to read everyone's comments and realise how supportive people are. Like others have mentioned before I too have never spoken to anyone via computer, yet it feels very comfortable since we have all come together via Jesse.
    I didn't know a thing about sailing (still don't) but I love the ocean and it's ever changing mood. It's quite funny really, I went to the library and got another 6 sailing books yesterday. Altogether read about 12 now.

    Also Mark, no offence taken with the spelling of my name. More importantly I hope you're coping with your brother being so unwell.

    Tony, hopefully your dates are close, one of my daughters turns 30 on the 14th May, can you imagine if I didn't turn up for her celebration because Jesse is arriving home. I would be the worst mother ever!!

    Chat soon,


  21. I have just read Abby Sunderland's Blog and note her team have carried out repairs to her boat. Plus they fitted extra equipment, like additional radar warning her of other ships etc. Abby is lucky as I feel she enjoys the fruits of greater sponsorship, but at the end of the day, that does not matter as its guts and skill that will bring either or both of these gutsy girls home. Come Jess-a-holics lets get behind our girl and bring her home, safe and sound.

    Ps- I have devoted my blog written under the pseudoymn of max oppy to our Jess.

  22. Hi all,

    Tonight, Monday 8 February, ABC1 (Channel 2 and 20) is broadcasting "Talking Heads" at 6.30pm Eastern Daylight Saving time. This episode will be a chat between Peter Thompson and Jesse Martin about Jesse's next adventure.

    As you are no doubt aware Jesse's book "Lionheart" was read to Jessica when she was 11 by her mother to enable her "to access a world she couldn’t reach”. And the rest, as they say, is history.

    Specifically, Jesse's story became the inspiration for Jessica's journey, so it makes good sense to read what he had to say about his own journey in 1999.

    Reading "Lionheart" makes me aware of, in my opinion, how very much better Jessica has made herself and her boat prepared for the journey, and it also provides a worthwhile account of the conditions he faced in his journey and how he faced up to them. In comparison I think Jessica has a much more positive outlook on life and a greater ability to solve problems and difficulties encountered at sea, albeit with a better shore team of people chosen by her to provide support and advice.

    As evidence of her positivity she has now stated clearly that the wind instruments at the mast head were destroyed in the knock-down episodes so she must 'Jess-timate' wind speed etc. There is amore critical side to this. It also means she cannot use her autopilot in its 'steer to wind (direction)' mode which means she now only has Parker to steer in accordance with the wind direction or the alternative of hand-steering which I imagine would be difficult for long periods of time in any but the lightest weather. Her autopilot will still hold her on a set course and steer the boat along a compass direction but in shifting wind conditions that may mean making more frequent sail adjustments, and she can probably still steer the boat using the autopilot as she did when she went to the top of the mast.

    Some people faced with this loss would be heading for Cape Town and repairs, but there is no way Jessica would consider doing that for more than a micro-second. She is far too determined and resourceful and she will fulfill her aim to bring Ella into Sydney solo, non-stop and unassisted.

    I hope that encourages you to read 'Lionheart' if you haven't done so already. I think you can still buy it, second hand on internet if not a new copy from a bookshop.

    Tony L (Mt Martha VIC)

  23. Tony L,

    That was good timing, I would have been sorry if I read your post a day later. Will definately tune into ABC tonight to watch the show. "Lionheart" was the first sailing book I read when I became interested in Jesse's journey. I agree, she is far more prepared in every way.

    Thanks again for the tip.



  24. Hi everyone, I hope you're all well, as I am.

    I have a couple of bits of information to pass on from Andrew...

    1) Re: Jessica's ETA

    Hi Sam

    It’s impossible to predict the exact, but here is some info which may be useful for the bloggers planning to head to Sydney.

    She has currently done 12,900nm. We envisage a further 8,700. Based on her average speed of 112nm per day, that equates to another 77 days which would be around weekend of 24-25 April.

    Feel free to share this with the troops Sam. Hope this helps.

    Cheers, Andrew

    2) Re: Site upgrade

    Hi Sam

    We are just moving the site from Blogspot over to Jessica’s website.

    We are doing this so as we can host everything & to ensure that we can never lose the data – there is so much precious information on that blog now that we were not prepared to take the risk in losing it, plus we want users to be going via Jess’ website, not via a blog spot.

    Just give it an hour or 2 & it should be up & running. You may want to notify your fellow bloggers as the look & feel of the new site will be much more user-friendly & in line with everything else on Jess’ website.

    Cheers, Andrew

    Take care everyone and have a great day.

    Kind regards,


  25. Hi Sam, nice to hear from you and thanks for passing on that valuable info.

    Golly everyone....April! Must up the ante somewhat and seriously begin fine-tuning Sydney plans...(well, me anyway).

    Tony, missed the story on ABC but thanks to you as well for sharing the info.

    Warm regards Jessaholics.

  26. 02-09-10 @ 02:44
    Hi Sam,
    I just pulled up Jessica's site and I realize it has changed, but the comments show disabled at the side. Will we not be able to comment any longer or do we go somewhere else for that.

    Thank you,

  27. 02-09-10 @ 04:06
    Hi Sam,
    I found the site but now they won't let me in for some reason. Very frustrating!!! I have to work it out.


  28. Michael

    The 'Comments section' is disabled, and has been for at least five hours. My guess is that it will remain that way through our night until Andrew and Co complete the revamp of Jessica's website.

    They began this proces this afternoon and for a short time the comments for Sunday, Monday and Tuesday (today for us) were accessible and amounted to 321, but the facility for making any more comments was blocked at that time.

    We will all have to be patient until they get the system running properly. Andrew and Co are probably just as frustrated as we are. According to Sam's information from Andrew, given above, they expected the process to take only a few hours.

    That's computers for you - marvellous when they work and hell to fix when something goes wrong.

    Hopefully it will be sorted when Jessica makes her next report.

    Tony L (Mt Martha VIC)

  29. Greetings all ..... back from Sydney!

    Enjoyed the Military Tattoo enormously. It rained all during our stay, but didn't prevent us from getting out and about. As we rode the Manly ferry I pictured Jesse sailing in through the heads and tried to imagine what it'll be like and how I wish I could be there.

    Watched the ABC show last night. Jesse Martin's mother mortgaged her house to enable him to be able to make that trip. What us Mum's do for our kids! lol

    Just visited Jessica's site and also discovered you can't read the comments. Wonder why? I wanted to post a G'day to her.

    If Jessica arrives home on the 25th April, that's ANZAC DAY! How appropriate! The day we remember and honour our diggers, sailors, and airmen. Perfect for honouring our brave sailor girl and to welcome her home!

    Warm wishes to all from Soldiers Mum in hot hot hot SA!.... it reached 39c today!

  30. Hi Tony ... we were posting in close proximity. Thanks for the explanation re Jessica's site. -
    I'm no computer whizz by any means, so I can only but try and imagine what's involved in upgrading, changing, improving the site!

    Goodnight again! :)

  31. 02-09-10 @ 05:05
    Hi Tony,
    Thanks for the come back, I thought I had it under control but I just seemed to be running around in circles. I'll try a bucket of patience and hope that works, I’m just getting panicky thinking that I'm out of the loop. They are talking of stuff that's a way over my head. You know K.I.S.S.(Keep it Simple Stupid) That's the way I like it.
    When I got this message I got concerned.
    Comments on this blog are restricted to team members.
    You're currently logged in as hezakiah299. You may not comment with this account.
    But I'll take your advice and be patient, even if it hurts. lol.....


  32. Soldiers Mum says ...........

    Thanks also to you Sam for the information you posted! :)

  33. Hahaha ....... Michael!

    Didn't you know .... patience IS a virtue mate! :)

    Cheers from Down under!

    Soldiers Mum in SA.

  34. Bengt from Sweden who is a yachtsman has been tracking Jessica from day 1 using a Excel spread sheet is also predicting a April 24 arrival at Sydney.

    Bruce Watt

  35. 02-09-10 @05:56
    Hi Soldiers Mum in SA.,
    I've heard that before, but it doesn't seem to be one of my attributes, lol...I should work harder at it. I'll just be happy when Jessica's home, and I have been to Australia, then things will settle down somewhat.

    Cheers Soldiers Mum,

  36. The Jessaholics are freaking out!

    I'm sure the comments being disabled has to do with the switch over. What I would like to know is if the new arrangement will allow a search function of the content of all the comments ever posted. It would be great to be able to search by a blogger and read just their archived comments if you wanted to. Consolidating the blog to the main website would allow it to be set up that way if they wanted to.( Andrew?) Example: I would like to see all of Brumby's poems. If it were set up with a global search feature, you would enter Brumby, and then all Brumbys comments would show up, with the relevant post link above it so that you would know the context that the comment was made in.

    Richard W

  37. Michael hezakiah299

    It sounds like you are trying to access the old blog.

    If they (Andrew) get the new set-up to work the comments page will have a new URL so you will have to click the blog link on the website to get there.

    I was able to get in before they disabled the page and it was very, very, slow. You could not collapse the comments. All the comments (321) were on the same page. Peoples avatars had disappeared.

    Seems like a step backwards?