Wednesday, February 10, 2010

There's No Stopping the Jess-a-holics (and some more Dubai Pics) !

Hello All,

I arrived late last night from Dubai and its great to be home to the Land of the Blue Skies and Puffy White Clouds !

I got stuck into work today and had no time at all until I got home to find that things have changed on Jess' site. After looking at all the comms from Andrew, I believe that the "blackout" is only technical and that it will be fixed by tomorrow our time (or today if some of us read this the next day) and that all will be well.

Its incredible how close all of us are to this wonderful young lady and like most worrying parents, aunties and uncles, a day of no communication gets our heart rates up and our worry hats on.

So to get us into a more relaxed frame of mind (vertigo sufferers excluded !), please indulge me while I post a few more pictures of Dubai, this time taken from the "Burj Khalifa", the worlds tallest building. We were only 2/3 up at about 600m (~2000ft) at the observation deck.

Some of us have been communicating with each other as well as writing on this blog and its good to know that there are bonds of friendship crystalising and if not anything else, we certainly are enjoying each others company.



  1. Michael hezakiah299

    It sounds like you are trying to access the old blog.

    If they (Andrew) get the new set-up to work the comments page will have a new URL so you will have to click the blog link on the website to get there.

    I was able to get in before they disabled the page and it was very, very, slow. You could not collapse the comments. All the comments (321) were on the same page. Peoples avatars had disappeared.

    Seems like a step backwards?

  2. Fellow Jessaholics,
    I’ve seen people battle with various addictions and at times go through withdrawals. But with the strength that they get from their support groups, they make through. It’s early morning in my part of the world and I’m getting ready to go to work. With a strong cup of coffee, a couple of Tim Tams and knowing that I have the support of all of the Jessaholics, I know that I’ll be O.K. until I get my next fix of Jess. LOL :-)

    Now seriously, thanks, Sam, Tony, Bruce, Richard, Michael and all of you for the info regarding Jessica’s blog. I’m sure it will be up and running soon. And thanks for the outstanding new pics, Jonathon. Take care, everyone.


  3. Hello everyone, I hope you're all well.

    Andrew sent me this email this afternoon while I was at work. I've literally just walked in the door, it's 2230hrs in Perth.

    FYI below just to keep you in the loop. We will sort it all out this evening.

    We are aware there are some preliminary issues with the JW site this afternoon. The amount of comments on Jessica's blog has caused a global issue on Adobe's Australasian servers that is affecting hundreds of sites all over the world. We are communicating with Adobe at present to resolve the issue and are doing our best for a speedy outcome. In the meantime we needto keep comments disabled. We will not lose any content.

    Please accept our apologies for any inconvenience but we are doing our best.


    So there you have it, hopefully all will be restored tomorrow and we can breath easy again.

    Jonathan...welcome back and thanks for sharing your wonderful pics, they're excellent! Only 2/3 of the way up, you say...Man! I felt light headed just looking at the photos. Amazing!!!

    Hello Michael, are you well? Be patient mate or you'll end up one :-))
    Soldier's Mum in SA (hello) says patience is a virtue. I say patience is not a virtue, it's a rare gift.
    Of course you must know by now that I'm just kidding around, right? :-))

    Take care everyone and bye for now...Sam

  4. "Global Issues"

    Who knew a young girl in a little pink boat could cause such a ruckus!

    I hope she gets a real giggle out of this.

    She truly is a Bloody Legend.

  5. 02-09-10 @ 11:30
    Hello Fellow Sufferers,
    I was hoping that I wasn't being a P.I.T.A. about this disruption, and now I see that everyone is suffering as well. Thanks to Tony, Sam, Soldiers Mum, SaltyDog, Andrew and Anonymous I am relieved. Sorry for being such a pest but.............
    Yeah Sam, I'm OK looking for an excuse to become a patient so you could take care of me...LoL...
    It makes me wonder, what kind of a flood will there be when the system comes on line, or are they allowing for that???
    Jonathan, those pictures are terrific, it looks like you were flying your plane when you took them. Thank you.

    Cheers to all,

  6. Hi All

    Last night, Tuesday, Jonathan and I had a lengthy conversation over the phone and he asked me to convey to you some of the ideas we discussed.

    We should aim to make an arrangement with 5 Oceans Media (Jessica’s Media Company) to organize a meeting with Jessica as a group of Jeesaholics at an appropriate time so Jacquie and Jim McGrath can make a presentation to her of the ‘McGrath’ Banner and I can present her with the model of Ella’s Pink Lady, which will have plates engraved with the names of the members of this group on its base.

    Jonathan visits Sydney for work purposes from time to time and he has suggested that when the model is finished (my target is to finish it by end of March) he will take some photos of it and arrange to meet personally with Andrew of 5 Oceans Media to express our request. Perhaps it will be possible for the McGraths to have something by then which could be photographed as well, and we should also have a T Shirt to show Andrew. We both think taking a personal approach in this way through one person will be the best line of attack, and that these projects will strengthen our case.

    We also discussed an idea which we think worth suggesting for the Victorian members of the group – namely, to arrange to get together sometime soon, perhaps end of February, for lunch somewhere or something like that. Since we all seem to live around the bay from Geelong to Rosebud it may be best to choose an accessible City location. Jonathan and I will be starters. please advise us of your interest and we will then set a date and take it from there.

    Sam, I’ll drop this idea on you. How about making a presentation booklet of your Voyage Art that you could personally present to Jessica. It would be another presentation item thing that would strengthen our case to meet Jessica as a group.

    I hope you are all being patient with Andrew and his team doing battle with Jessica’s website. It sounds, and probably is, a major headache for them at the moment. In the meantime think what life must be like for Jessica – hopefully flying along Jess-timating her windspeed and getting Bob and Bruce into fits of laughter at her sometimes vague descriptions. Whatever she gets she has to sail in so to her its probably not a big deal but they want some indication so they can check what she is experiencing with what they expect her to be getting according to the weather forecast ‘models’ have access to. I’m sure we all wish her well.

    Tony L (Mt Martha VIC)

  7. Tony,
    Fantastic pictures from Dubai!

    I think it is great that you are building a ship model for Jesse. When I heard that, I thought of you, and how you would really love the museum at the US Naval Academy in Annapolis Maryland. The model ships are great, especially the ones made out of soup bones by prisoners of war. Here is a link to a slide show of some of the models they have. What makes the models unique is they were built before the ships that they model. The actual lines to make the ships were taken off the models and scaled up for use in the shipyards hundreds of years ago.

    Richard Weills

  8. Hello everyone,
    Thanks for the additional photos Jonathan. Great shots.

    Tony, great idea for Victorians to catch up. I look forward to that.

    Michael, it depends how I travel to Sydney if I take the banjo - and how long I stay. This will depend when we head to Sydney. If I drive up I will take the banjo. If not, you won't be missing too much!

    Cheers for now.

  9. New Post from Jesse about rubbish & fishing...

  10. Richard,

    The website you mentioned certainly shows some very highly detailed old models.

    When I was in the USA in 1985 with the Australian Little Americas Cup team we went to Mystic Seaport and saw a large collection of half models which I think were copies of the models made by Nathaniel Herreshoff for the boats built in his ship-building yard in Boston. Herreshoff began his design process by building a model - eye-balling the shape - and then accurately scaled up to full size using the model as his guide.

    Design is very different these days. I used a mathematical approach in designing the hull shape for the LAC catamarans and used a computer spread sheet to give me volumes and the shape of each cross-section. I then made the mould, and you can see a photo of one of the moulds on my blog page, and some photos of the cats in action.

    Friends of mine have been to Herreshoffs Museum and seen the collection of his models there - and they remijnd me every second time I see them that they have been there. Its not on my bucket list - too much of Australia to see!

    Hope thats of interest to you.

    Tony L (Mt Martha VIC)

  11. Great photos Jonathon!

    Plans sound good although I'll feel a fraud if my name goes on anything and I can't make it. Jesse's projected late April arrival dates doesn't look good for me as I said I'm locked in from 29th April-2nd May to another committment that I can neither change nor "get out" of... + will be another month before I'm sure of my $$ situation.

    Take care everyone

  12. G'day all!

    GREAT pics, Jonathon! Hell would freeze over before you'd ever get me up in that building! I may fly across that vast body of water, the Pacific Ocean, in a Qantas jet,-(2006 & 2008)-but go up in that tall building ... No way!! lol

    I just read Jesse's blog and noted her comment about plastic and how she'll refuse plastic bags in future. Here in SA plastic shopping bags have been "outlawed". I think SA is the first state to do so. You have to take your own "green" bags to the supermarket now.

    Sam ... I'm unable to post (anonymously)on your site, so want to commend you again for the artwork, it's fun and your posts are always well written, thanks. :) Added thanks also for the sharing of the email from Andrew re Jessica's site.

    The idea for the Vic's -(Victorians for the uninitiated!... Michael et al) :)- to meet and greet over a lunch, is a fine idea. ENJOY!

    I think the gesture of the model boat, the "McGraths" banner etc is both generous and thoughtful. I'm sure Jesse will treasure those gifts always.

    Cheers to all! ........
    Soldier's Mum in SA. :)

  13. Hi Tony

    agree with lunch maybe Doyles Restaurant, Bridge Hotel, Mordialloc, maybe worthy of consideration.

    Bruce Watt
    Rosebud (Vic)

  14. 02-10-10 @ 05:11
    Hi Fellow Jessaholics,
    I have to ask, what are “The Victorians” not that I was planning on flying down to Sydney for lunch. Lol.. Just curious.
    Looks like all the plans are running along pretty smooth, good luck.
    Ailsa, you know I’ll be broken hearted, I was hoping I’d get you to serenade me, lol….
    Jonathon, I really enjoyed all the pictures, when I clicked on them they enlarged and I was able to copy them and put them in a file. Enlarged they are fantastic, would you happen to have the names of the different buildings??

    Cheers to all,

  15. G'day Michael,
    By "The Victorian's" means people who live in and/or come from the state of Victoria. Alternatively .... "The Vics". :)

    Hope this helps you understand more of our Aussie lingo/slang. :)

    Sam for instance, coming from Western Australia is called a "Sandgroper".
    Me, from South Australia ... a "Croweater".

    Just nicknames we use for people from the various states. :)

    Cheers from Soldier's Mum in SA.

  16. Hi everyone, warmest possible regards to all of you...gosh I'm soooo pushed for tome, so this will be short.

    Thanks so much Johnathan for your piccies, they are awesome.

    Sam, again thanks for sharing your info, you must be very busy with this, that and the other..

    Tony, yes...I'm in Geelong but visit Dromana and Hastins often so most glad to go with the flow.

    Saturday 27th I am working until 4pm...the one Saturday I have to work all year !!

    I have forwarded Johnathan's Jessaholics site to two lovely people...'Mary of Maine' and Richard Lathrop, a sailor/teacher from Conneticut USA.

    Thank heavens I still have you guys while the transition takes place. Addictions are bad things ....hehehehehe

    Cheerio for now, Collette

  17. Hello All,

    Tony, many thanks, very well written and it sums up our conversation concisely and succinctly.

    Richard (Weills), I agree. Although I have not been to the Naval Academy in Annapolis, I have had the privilege of visiting the Smithsonian as well as the Udvar-Hazy Aeronautical Museum just outside Dulles. I can tell you it was arguably one of my best experiences standing right next to a real live space shuttle ! I visit my sister in Virginia every other year so had these opportunities.

    Soldiers Mum, I just sense you have this quiet (or not?) sense of humour - strangely, it was quite a calming experience up there 600m high, away from the hustle and bustle of the street. On the topic of shopping bags, I started using re-usable canvas bags for supermarket and other shopping about a year ago and as time passes, I see an increasing number of people following suit. The awareness is permeating but at a very slow pace. Maybe we need a similar law for the rest of the country.

    Michael, quite simply us Vic's are the ones in this network that live in the state of Victoria and love it. Most of us live in the Greater Melbourne area but some of us are further afield. We are a small-ish state but with an amazing culture and lifestyle. Personally, I have lived in other parts of Australia but am very partial to Victoria, especially provincial Victoria.

    Sam, sad we can't meet in Perth tomorrow. Normally, I overnight but I am one person short in my business (she is on leave) and I can only manage a day trip.


  18. 02-10-10 @ 07:11
    Hi Everybody,
    Jonathan, I just read in the that the Burj Khalifa was shut down for a period of time. Not sure exactly what happened but there was a small explosion and then smoke was entering into an elevator.
    Soldiers Mum, Thanks for the breakdown on the Aussie slang, it takes a while to catch on to all the different words, but I’ll get there. It's just like up here, different parts of the states the people are called by different names.
    Thanks to all,

  19. Victorians are sometimes called "Mexicans" because they live "south of the border".

    New South Welshman are called "Cockies" (Cockroaches)

    Jesse is a "Banana Bender"

  20. Hi Jonathan! Nice pics! I had wanted to come here for a while, but didn't find where I had written down the URL.
    Hi everybody! Do you survive? I think I'm starving.
    Andrew keeps saying that Jessica is fine (the most important point), and her last blog is lovely as ever, but the comments are still off.
    In case I wouldn't survive to my deep withdrawal syndrom, I wish my ashes to be spread on the Roman Forum, Roma, Italy...

  21. Hello everbody :-)) I hope you're all well.

    Wow! When it rains, it pours! It's been nearly a week since we got together here then, Whammo! It's a hive of activity once again. Not hard to tell Jessica's blog is still disabled.

    G'day Michael, I'm glad you're ok, had me worried there for a bit.

    Hello Collette, yes I have been pretty busy lately...bit of this, bit of that, not much of the other 'though...hehehe! :-)) Just kidding!

    Soldier's Mum in SA, you Croweater, you! :-))Thankyou so much for being so kind. I wasn't aware that you couldn't comment Anonymously on my blog so now you can. Thanks.

    Hi Tony, great idea about the presentation booklet, thanks. The only problem is that it won't be ready on time because the last one will hoepfully be inspired by Jessica and EPL crossing the finish line.

    Hello Richard, nice to see you here. I enjoyed the slide show of the model boats, especially model number 39 because of it's detail as well as the way the image itself has been captured.
    Great stuff! Thanks. :-))

    Take care everyone and have a great day...Sam

  22. Hello Jessoholics,
    Just an idea.
    One way to deal with withdrawal might be to compose a comment as a response to Jesse's latest post and save it in notepad, so that when comments are re enabled, it could be posted.

    On another subject. JT mentioned going to the Smithsonian Air and Space museum, and that got me thinking on something that has become a pet project. Does anyone have any connection to Australia's space program, NASA, or know Dr. Philip Kenyon Chapman, Paul Desmond Scully-Power, or Andy Thomas? (Aussie Astronauts) What I am angling at is how do we get an astronaut to give Jesse a call from the International Space Station? The ISS just got Internet connectivity for the first time two weeks ago, and one of the astronauts, TJ Creamer of Maryland has been tweeting from space. They also had any educational program for school kids from space. It would seem to me, as part of inspiring young people to go into scientific careers, exploration, etc, NASA would like the opportunity to draw a parallel between the space mission and our young adventurer down below. I think it would be a win-win situation for everyone. NASA needs publicity in the current political environment, and the call would make more people in the world aware of the extraordinary feat that Jesse is attempting. (And of course a huge morale boost to Jesse, which is the main objective) I think a call from space to Jesse would be incredible!

    Richard Weills

  23. You or Jesse could just tweet TJ Creamer @Astro_TJ or try @NASA

    TJ seems very chatty

    I never realised they had to worry about "the bends"

    I regularly watch the ISS pass overhead. Brighter than any planet!

    If you use the "Input" tab you can enter lat-long & time zone. S & W is (-ve)

  24. Also @NASA_Astronauts

    As I type this I am watching the NASA TV feed & the ISS & Shuttle Endeavor is passing Cape Horn on its way to pass right over EPL.

  25. 02-10-10 @ 19:17
    Hello all you Vic’s, (AKA Mexicans) Cockies, Banana Benders, Sandgropers, and Croweaters, hope I didn’t miss anyone,
    Geez I feel like Bilbo Baggins. I just had to try that one time though, lol…

    Richard, so far I have five (5) letters waiting in the wings, I’ll just have to modify them to suit the situation and they’ll be ready to go, but not all at once. It helps.
    I think the bit about NASA contacting Jessica is outstanding, and why not, it would be a boost for NASA as well. If we could get all of Jessica’s fans to drop an e-mail to NASA then they might get the message. They can waste time and money on some idiotic things, this is a worthwhile cause, it‘s not just about Jessica, but youth in general. Worth a try. What say you???

    G'day Sam, Now Sam, don’t you worry your pretty little head about me, (nice thought though) I shall survive and make it to Sydney….Yes!! It’s nice to have a goal.
    I thought everyone had left town, I don’t know how many days went by without a comment and then, Whammo, (as you said) a flood. But everyone is pretty busy doing their own thing.
    I hope I’m not going to miss some of you people at the homecoming, it sounds like some of you have other commitments that you won’t be able to break. Sad

    Cheers to all,

  26. Nice little vid from Jesse.

    I like "no comments"... seem to be getting more info streaming in from EPL. Even the map gets updated.

  27. Hello All,

    I really don't want to do this again ! I mean Melbourne to Perth and back to Melbourne all in one day. Woke up at 3:30am for a flight at 6:00am, worked all day in Perth and took the 6:00pm flight from Perth back to Melbourne and here I am, at 3:00am posting a comment ! Once bitten, twice shy.

    To compound matters, while I was away in Perth, my warehouse in Melbourne got flooded with todays deluge. So tomorrow its shorts and thongs (.....Michael et al, thats flip flops), mop and modified dustpan in hand scooping up the water into a bucket.

    But honestly, all this pales in comparison to what Jess has experienced out there and taken in stride. Just thinking about it makes me and I am sure, the rest of you, very proud.

    Sam, you don't have to finish the booklet. It can be shown as a work in progress.

    Richard, what an outstanding idea ! Getting an astronaut to call Jess ! Lets move forward with this and chat some more this weekend about our approach.

    Good morning, good night or good afternoon to all of you ! In 2 minutes I will be history.


  28. Hi everyone!
    First, I decided to give you my Excel chart with forecasts on Jessicas and Abbys voyage. It is not a commercial or national secret, so here you get it, if you can interpret it.

    And, since we can't publish comments, and I can't wait to publish the list below I made, so I publish it here:

    Dilip Donde has published a list of how different wind conditions feels for him. Also Dilip likes to joke with himself, joking with his worries. It's a good way of handling tough situations, laugh a little.

    I have compiled a list how Jessica has characterised different wind conditions, in her actual words she has used in earlier blogs. She is known for her understatements, enjoy them.

    Dilip Dondes psychological Beaufort scale.
    Beaufort value (wind speed in knots) Interpretation
    1 (0-2) Boredom
    2 (3-6) Mild pleasure
    3 (7-10) Pleasure
    4 (11-15) Great Pleasure
    5 (16-20) Delight
    6 (21-26) Delight tinged with anxiety
    7 (27-33) Anxiety tinged with fear
    8 (34-40) Fear tinged with terror
    9 (41-47) Great terror
    10 (48-55) Panic
    11 (56-62) I want my mummy

    Jessicas psychological Beaufort scale.
    1 (0-2) Reading books (Jan 11)
    2 (3-6) Not much in the way of wind (Nov 10)
    3 (7-10) Moving slowly (Jan 7)
    4 (11-15) EPL pushing along nicely (Jan 11)
    5 (16-20) Great, love it (Feb 2)
    6 (21-26) Good trade wind sailing (Nov 7)
    7 (27-33) Really surfing (Jan 13)
    8 (34-40) Pretty routine (Feb 7)
    9 (41-47) Pretty interesting (Jan 16)
    10 (48-55) Sea rising fast (Jan 23)
    11 (56-62) Very big and nasty waves (Jan 24)
    12 (64+) Hard to maintain my positive thoughts (Jan 24)

    I wrote the date she published the text, so you can read the context.

    /Ben Larsson, Sweden

  29. 02-11-10 @ 14:36
    Hi Everyone,
    Jonathan, you really have your hands full with traveling and your flooded warehouse, sorry to hear about that. (I’m with you on the thongs) Did it damage much equipment? We're getting plenty of snow up here, there's so many different estimates I don't know which one to believe, but it's a lot.
    I’m practicing lots of patience, but does anyone have any new information on Jessica’s blog?? I’m feel like I’m starting to go into a deep depression and my hands are starting to shake, I walk around my apartment typing imaginary letters in the air, it’s very difficult when I try eating, dangerous too,…lol….
    Yes, Soldiers Mum, that was a nice video and also the pictures.

    Take care everyone, see you soon,


  30. Hi Ben
    You have produced an excellent spreadsheet, and now note that your Sydney forecast arrival date has only varied by 1 day in 2 weeks. Thus if this is maintained the arrival date could vary by one 1 week. But if she encounters good sailing winds the 25 April date is either maintained if not improved. I asked Andrew if Bruce's weather forecast for Jessica could be published, but this request was denied on the basis of the forecast being inclement it may cause panic among some of Jessica's army of admirers.:) Well done Ben I hope you it up.

    Bruce Watt
    Rosebud (Vic)

  31. Hi everyone,
    Jonathan, sorry to hear about the flooding.
    Michael, we are certainly thinking of you all over there with the cold conditions.

    Linking Jessica with the astronauts ... great idea. My husband was a broadcaster with the ABC (Radio Australia - the overseas section) and he did a programme linking the children from the School of the Air with the scientists in the Antarctic. I always thought this was one of his best programmes. Michael, the School of the Air provides education for children in outback Australia. They communicate with the teacher and other children from their own homes. I'm sure with today's technology and webcams this is different from the School of the Air of years gone by.
    Cheers for now.

  32. Hi all,

    The Victorian get-together idea has met with support from all the Vics - I've not heard us referred to as Mexicans, but the term Bushrangers, presumably after Ned Kelly,is the name of the Victorian Sheffield Shield Cricket Team. Anyway, Ailsa, Collette, Bruce, Jonathan and I have all confirmed interst so I will have a chat with Jonathan and we will arrange a suggested time and place. My guess is we can all get to the City by train so our decisiopn will probably be influenced by that.

    Jonathan - see what happens when you leave home. Water everywhere. I went sailing on Westernport during the afternoon in dull but beautiful conditions - actually "moving slowly" according to Ben Larsson's Jessometer -until the sky blackened to the West and then the rain came and bucketted down all the way home. We pulled the sails down to keep them dry and motored back. The boat was a Carter 33 footer similar in design to Jess's S&S 34. Well Jonathan, at least the warehouse didn't suffer a knockdown.

    Sam, Jonathan's idea of presenting your book as a work in progress is a good one. I don't think I mentioned this previously - I think the document should contain your written descriptions as well as your art work. Your descriptions are part of the whole, worth reading, and should be included.

    Ben, thanks for providing your guestimated schedule for Jess's progress. Spreadsheets take a long time to compile and your schedules must have taken a lot of work to set up. My own view is that guessing the estimated time of arrival for a yacht is the ultimate quest of an armchair sailor, and while it may be good fun to do so readers should be cautioned that a yacht's progress towards its destination is affected by the strength of the wind, the state of the sea, the presence of ocean currents which help or hinder progress, and the direction it is able to sail in those conditions.

    Andrew and Co must be having a real battle to sort out Jessica's website but at least we know from her photos that Jess seems to have had good conditons during the last few days and hopefully the website will function as desired in the very near future.

    Tony L (Mt Martha VIC)

  33. 02-11-10 @ 00:22
    Hello Everybody,
    I hope I'm bringing good news;
    I just opened up the comment section on Jessica's blog and the construction was different, so I entered a post and it went through. This message appeared under the comment section. (Comment moderation has been enabled. All comments must be approved by the blog author). It accepted it as it usually does with the verification word. Hopefully it's back in operation. Any comments????


  34. G'day all,

    Just to clarify ... the other "anonymous" poster is not me. I always have and always will sign my "signature".

    Bad luck about the flooding, Jonathan. We could do with some of that water here in SA!
    Just not all at once though! lol

    Enjoy your weekend everyone!

    Cheers from Soldier's Mum in SA.

  35. A generous hearty hello to you all,

    Ben, fantastic...thankyou so much. Your description is not only (probably) is very entertaining. Plus gives us landlubbers some sort of idea what's goin' on out there!

    Of most importance, Jesse is travelling she not? No words in my vocablary can describe my admiration and respect for her. In some ways, my participation in 'the voyage blogging' is a contradiction in comparison to my predictable, professional life. But one must go with one's heart. And I am indeed!!

    No more monotomy in my life, thanks to you Jessica Watson !!

    To 'the Vics', Dromana Hotel is fabulous, can stay the whole day eating, chatting...chardie anyone?.... as well as 'Piccasos' in or around Brighton, (Hampton Rd I think). My bud from Qld runs that one.

    To be honest, I feel like a kid and can hardly wait to meet you all.

    How's hezakiah's form? He's COMING TO OZ!!
    And he writes so absolutely gorgeously.

    (Micheal, you are already a treasure in my mind. To meet you will be like meeting the Queen to me. A little like 'Beatlemania of the '60s.....already luv ya)!

    Ailsa, I can and will help if need be.'s things! We're thinking of you and yours. Love hurts man...

    Johnathan, Tony, Bruce..thanks again..

    Cheerio til next time,

  36. Hi All,

    Given wretched Murphy was relentlessly unmerciful yesterday, today was not all that bad. I did get up on the roof of the warehouse and cleared what I believe to be about 35-40 kg of leaves ! The entire drainage was blocked solid !

    Ben, your Jessica and Dilip Beaufort scales are gems. Great work. We look forward to hearing from you regularly.

    Tony, I will attempt to connect Saturday PM.

    Michael, thats good news about the comments section of Jessica's blog. I'm sure that as much as we are in a state of depression, Jess is also missing our chatter. All should be well soon !

    There's one thing we are not short of in Victoria is a good place to eat. Its going to be an interesting and lively discussion and we might wind up drawing virtual straws as to the venue of the Vic get together !

    Well, I'm looking forward to this weekend and a bit of R&R. Going flying tomorrow and probably will go and see Avatar with my two girls.

    Have a wonderful weekend one and all.


  37. 02-11-10 @ 09:13
    Hello Fellow Jessaholics,
    It sure is nice to be back on line with Jessica, Andrew and his crew did a fine job getting it all straightened out. I’ll bet they could use a good vacation right about now. Thank you Andrew and crew!!!!!
    Collette, Please don’t be so generous with your compliments, now I’ll have to live up to them and that scares me.
    How’s my form…??? Well Collette, I’m a 75 year old armchair sailor, navigator, meteorologist, Hockey Coach and NASCAR Crew Chief and every six (6) months I have to go to the hospital to get the armchair cut off my butt…… How’s that for form??????…

    Soldier's Mum, I was curious about that and should have questioned it. I’m glad you mentioned it. How’s everything going out your way?

    Ailsa, Thanks for the concern, we’ve been down in the single digits (f) and the snow just keeps-a-coming.
    I don’t believe that I’m familiar with the ‘School of the Air ‘ but it would take something like that to cover the vastness of the Outback. But as you say with today’s technology it should be possible. It’s just a matter of getting enough dedicated people to go there and teach.
    I have two (2) movies that I like to watch, they are “Australia” and “Quigley Down Under”, I like the portions of the movies that show the vastness of the country, America has areas like that, but not as big, to my knowledge. Many years ago, a man named King owned over one million acres in Texas, near the town of Kingsville. But what is one million acres in the Outback……

    Cheers to all,

  38. I did watch that program on Jess Martin. While their was no doubting his honesty and sincerity; I dont I want him the skipper of any boat I am on. Maybe he has since matured, but without doubt our Jessica has more mental fortitude.

    Bruce Watt

  39. G’day everyone,

    I’m doing fantastic, Collette. You’re a sweetheart for asking. Boy, it really is like going through withdrawals when Jessica’s blog is down, but I’ve been checking here every day to keep updated. Andrew’s done such a great job with the blog, I hope that he knows how much we all appreciate his work.

    I’ll be heading for the deserts of Arizona in three weeks to see my brother and his wife and really looking forward to it. Major League baseball will be in full swing with their spring training. It just so happens that my brother lives near the Seattle Mariners spring training facilities so we will be going to a couple of exhibition games. We did that last spring and had to wheel my brother into the stadium in a wheel chair with his portable oxygen supply. I was afraid it might be too much for him to handle, but he had a great time, so we’ll try it again. Two years ago when I visited him, I was afraid that would be his last baseball game, but we’re going to make it again. There was a song in the late 60’s by the Hollies called “He Ain’t Heavy He’s My Brother.” You know, I understand that song a lot more now. I usually get a chance to meet a few players when I make it to spring training. The Seattle Mariners have a pitcher by the name of Ryan Roland-Smith who happens to be from Sydney, so if I get a chance to meet him, I will be sure to say “G’day” on behalf of Jessica’s followers.

    Tony, you have an interesting story to tell. I really enjoyed reading about your involvement with the Little Americas Cup. And what a great tribute to Jess the model will be. Very nice.

    Jonathon, I hope you didn’t have too much damage at your warehouse in Melbourne. Sounds like a big headache at the very least.

    Ben, your spreadsheet is great. Thanks for sharing it with all of us. And your Beaufort scale was very entertaining.

    Sam, even if you aren’t able to have a Voyage Art booklet ready to present to Jess when she arrives in Sydney I think it would be great to present it to her at a later date. Coming from a supporter who has been as devoted as you would really mean a lot to her.

    Michael, my friend, I hope you’re coping with that fierce winter weather. Our part of the country has experienced just the opposite type of winter weather. Very mild temperatures. The Winter Olympics begin tonight just north of me in British Columbia, Canada and they have actually been trucking snow up the mountain for some venues. I bet you would like to truck some snow to them.

    It really is a pleasure to stay in touch with all of you. What a nice group of people brought together by an exceptional young lady. If Jess only knew how much of an affect she’s had on so many of us.

    Sorry, I got a little long winded. Take care all.


  40. Hello Mark, good to hear from you again. My thoughts have been with you and your brother and I'm happy to hear that he is going to be well enough for you to share such wonderul quality times. Try as you may, it might be difficult to keep him from getting too excited. I hope you have the most enjoyable time at the baseball.

    Thankyou for your support of my Voyage Art (new one, very dear to my heart, up now) and kind words of encouragement. I would very much like to give Jessica that gift from my heart as I am in such awe of her. However, at the risk of disappointing some people, I would much prefer to present her with the complete story. I feel sad enough that I don't have the beginnings and so am more determined to at least give her the endings.

    Has anyone heard Grant's new song, "Following you home"? It's beautiful. He's very talented.

    Kind regards to you and everyone...Sam

  41. Mark (S.D.)
    Don't worry about being long-winded. This is a blog in which we can afford to be more long-winded when necessary and through which we can 'talk' about things which would probably be of little or no interest to Jess.

    She has enough reading to last a month of Sundays on her website now, and I think there is much written there which could be described as unnecessary in that it has little to do with giving her encouragement in times of need or congratulations for her successes. I refer to some of the stuff which is writer-oriented more than it is Jessica-oriented.

    You sound almost relieved that you are planning to give your brother another opportunity to enjoy what might be special moments together for you both. I hope it all goes well.

    Tony L