Saturday, February 13, 2010

Jessica's Drive Through Car Wash - Entry Price? Two Bluefins !

Hello Everyone,

I thoroughly enjoyed Jessica's blog today and had a chuckle at her car wash analogy.

I'm guessing that prevailing winds are slowing her down somewhat and at a leisurely 3 kt ground speed, she travels 30-40 kts less than her average 112 kts per day. Additionally, she's a bit off track, so really, its still hard to get a decent ETA.

I was flying over Westernport Bay this morning and was fascinated with the mirror calm water. You could actually see a very clear and detailed reflection of the sky (or in this case, clouds). I know Jess experienced something similar near the Equator. Of course, this area is protected by that large chunk of rock called French Island ! French Island is actually quite pretty and if you ever want to have some alone time, thats where you go. The resident population is said to be less than 100 people.

I'm looking forward to the Vics get together.

Cheers (and beers)


  1. 02-13-10 @ 11:58
    Hello Fellow Jess-a-holics,

    Hi Jonathan, Not to pick you apart but I’m sure you meant 112nms…yes??? (30-40 kts less than her average 112 kts per day).
    I was totally confused by that, and it took me a while to figure it out. lol…
    How did you make out with all the excess water?
    No fear, I won’t try to escape, I’m really looking forward to seeing Australia, who knows, you may not be able to get rid of me. I’m due for a change in demographics!!!!

    As Sam said "Following you home" by Grant is great, have you heard it yet?
    Hey SaltyDog, isn’t it ironic that they have to truck snow in for the ‘Winter Olympics’ and they’re trucking it to the rivers in NYC. I hope you and your brother will have a good time at the game.
    Collette, why don’t you call in on the 27th and tell them that you have a bad case of Jess-a-holic-itis, you don’t want to miss this.

    Cheers to all,


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  3. Hi Tony L,

    I beleive if you look back through Jessica's comments, she has laid out quite clearly in a very kind way..."don't organise anything for me" as family and hot a shower will be her priority when she docks.

    She will have Media contracts in place?? There will proviso's for that? Who is to say there won't be a journo in the Blog Family? I just don't think you will meet her.

    Hate to burst a bubble. Best of Luck with that though. The mission she will accomplish will far out weigh meeting the Blog Family. That is why I was so excited about the Boat meet and greet and the t'shirts. And I did not get a seat on the boat anyway !! What happened there Jon? Fair Dinkum...

    I have been told to contact Oceans Media and they will lay out plans of what is happening on the day. They did say there will be surprises they will talk about, and some they probably won't?? An appearance by Jesse?? Who knows.
    So, we as Blog family will need to roll with that.

    Jesse will be the star on the day, certainly not Blog family. Putting argument forward to meet her, is a long shot? Especially when you read her own comments and let them sink in. I could be wrong.

    Amazedbyou. Paula

  4. Good morning and a very Happy Valentines to you all!!

    Lovely comments Jonathan, I forever will think of drive-through carwashes in a different light as well!

    Michael, and everbody for that matter... my colleagues are already labelling me as 'obsessive' and leering at me sideways! I love them all, and wouldn't let them down even though they already know I often only have half my mind on the job these days! They cannot wait until Jesse arrives home either!

    So just a short explanation... On the 27th our city is host to 'Pakofesta", the largerst celebration of multiculturaism in Australia. (Pako because the magnificent parade is in Pakington St). My workplace and training rooms are situated in Pakington Street, so the day brings valuable exposure to our 'not for profit' organisation. We have been featured on ABC TV's 7.30 Report twice, and SBS made a documentarty of our work with adults with disabilities.

    Anyhow, back to what we are really here for...Vic's, (indeed, Queenslanders call us Mexicans)how about we begin planning our get-together as time is slipping by quickly?

    How about the Saturday evening, or the Sunday 28th for lunch? Otherwise it will have to be next weekend, or into March. I'm easy guys and gals.

    Paula, I acknowedge your angst but for once I don't know what to say. Time will tell, but I don't believe anyone is being too pushy.

    Cheerio to all til next time

  5. Hello Everyone,

    Michael, I tend to view technical jargon in aviation terms so kts is indeed nautical miles or knots (generally knots refer to speed in nautical miles but in aviation it can also be used when referring to linear distance). So yes, mate, kts are nautical miles. Now given that you have succumbed to the inevitable "change in demographics", we have to find an Aussie name for you! Ideas anyone?

    Collette, I might drop in for Pakofesta. Good on you for the work you are doing with adults with disabilities. I believe that it requires very special qualities in a person to do what you are doing. My sister in America is a specialist with autistic children and she tells me that it is very rewarding but at the same time exhausting.


  6. 02-14-10 @21:36
    Hi Collette,
    I hope I didn’t say the wrong thing in a previous post, I can appreciate your dedication to your patients, and when I suggested you take a day off, it was in jest only. Take care and have a good day.


  7. Tony, your model is looking brilliant! We are lucky to have many talented folk among us on Jonathan's site.

    It would be fabulous to see you at Pakofesta Jonathan! The parade is fantastic, and the aroma of all the different cuisines is just so mmmmmmm.....

    My job is enormously rewarding because my staff WANT to be there. And yes, it can be exhausting at times. I was once a kindergarten teacher and the two jobs can be very similar! I'm also raising an autistic stepson.

    As for hezakiah299's Aussie name, perhaps something "Jessica-ish", (Parker is the driver in the Thunderbirds). Or 'scallywag' itself sounds very Oz. But I must admit I keep thinking of John Denver's "Country Roads.....West Virginia".

    Michael, Michael, Michael...I'm sure you could never possibly say anything wrong! I knew precisely what you meant. By the way, your explanation of your 'form' was absolutely hilarious! Your humour always has me smiling.

    Til next time friends, take care,