Sunday, February 14, 2010

Jessica's EPL Immortalised !

Hello All,

I am very excited to share this picture with all of you. Tony passed it along and with his permission, I am posting it.

This picture shows you how far Tony has progressed with the EPL model. Notice how detailed it is. Tony has even made a tiny stove replica and he has said that although the cabin will be enclosed in the finished product, he will still complete the inside down to the last detail.

I can tell you that this model will be absolutely top class. It will be all the more meaningful given that Tony has built it from scratch (not a kit from a model store).

Re the Vics dinner, lets firm up a date. May I suggest the 6th of March. If everyone is agreeable, we can decide on a venue.



  1. 02-14-10 @ 08:15
    Hi Jonathan,
    Tony, you’re doing a great job, that looks like the work of a true craftsman.
    I’m anxious to see that when it’s completed, I see you’ve added a touch of pink already. Is that to keep you motivated, that’s just a joke Tony,…lol…
    There’s no doubt that this model will be top class, I can see right now the fine cut of the deck, the smooth rounded stern and the smooth running edges. That’s time and patience, well done Tony. Noticed that it was well laid out, and Jessica’s gonna love that stove!!!!

    Okey on the NM’s…understood.
    Be kind on the Aussie name, I don’t want to have to stand up and fight every time someone makes fun of it,… I think I’m past those days now…lol..

    Keep up the good work Tony, looking forward to the finished product.


  2. Jonathon, thanks for posting the picture of Tony’s model.

    Tony, I’m really envious of someone with your talent. It’s looking fantastic. I’m looking forward to seeing your finished product. I know Jessica will be blown away when she sees it. Well done.


  3. Looking good Tony,well done, cant wait to see it finished.

    Bruce Watt
    Rosebud (Vic)

  4. A work in progress but so far excellent progress! She'll be a beauty! :)

    G'day all! :)

    Soldier's Mum in SA.

  5. Woops, posted on Jonathan's previous blog by mistake...

    so this is a PS....March 6th is good for me!

    Cheerio for now